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How You Can Use WooCommerce App Builder to Create an eCommerce App for Your Online Store?

We all are vigilant with the fact that eCommerce mobile apps play a vital role for online eCommerce stores these days.

  • At present, more than 50% of the traffic on the internet is coming from mobile.
  • A study shows that approximately 25% of all eCommerce transactions take place on mobile devices. And it will reach 44% by 2024.
  • 78% of the shoppers prefer to use a mobile app rather than a mobile website to access a store of their choice.
  • eCommerce mobile apps have 3 times higher conversion rates as compared to the conventional eCommerce store or a mobile website.

These are only a few indicators that show that the market of eCommerce mobile apps continues to outperform typical mobile websites or online stores. You probably would be thinking, “OK, so what? My online store works fine on mobile!” Well, that’s great! A responsive site or a mobile app is a non-negotiable piece.

But the question here is – “is it enough to help you stand out in the market and let the competitors behind you?”

The answer is no. You must need a mobile shopping app that works smoothly on multiple devices and operating systems. Today, you have plenty of options to build an eCommerce app for your store. And the easiest way is to use an eCommerce app builder like AddWeb Shop or WooCommerce mobile app builder.

eCommerce app builder enables you to take your online store and repackage it for your target audience and mobile devices. To help businesses build and launch eCommerce mobile apps with ease, WooCommerce app builders like AddWeb Shop are products that can help businesses convert their WooCommerce website to a mobile app. The main reason for such immense popularity of WooCommerce native app builders is the difficult app building process and the quality of mobile apps delivered.

WooCommerce app builders like AddWeb Shop help you with native apps that offer a much better user experience than traditional mobile websites. It can help you with a fully functional native-like app. So, how to build an eCommerce mobile app with a WooCommerce app builder like AddWeb Shop? Let’s dig in.


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Purchase the Source Code to Start Building an App for Your Online Store

First, you have to get the source code and license to use the readymade eCommerce app. Once you have the required license details, you can start converting your online store into a mobile app. You can link your WooCommerce online store. All you have to do is to provide your WooCommerce store URL. And that’s it! You are all set to begin your journey of creating an eCommerce mobile app using woocommerce app builder.

Authenticate your WooCommerce Store and Create a New Project

You’ve created your account, and now it is time to validate and connect your WooCommerce store. You can perform this action either using a plugin or manually. You can enter the mandatory details such as project ID, name, and so on. Once the details are filled out, AddWeb Shop will set up your project, and you can move ahead with the customization of your eCommerce app.

Modify Your App with Necessary Branding!

To create your eCommerce app using WooCommerce app builder, you can download a copy of an Android or an iOS app from the dashboard and test it in a testing environment. AddWeb Shop will help you get the necessary branding information for your online store on the go.

  • AddWeb Shop will help you customize your app based on your business brand and products. You can start it by uploading an icon, set a background for it, and text.
  • The next thing to do is to change your store’s launch screen. You can do so by uploading an image and using suitable colors and text.
  • Work on your eCommerce mobile app’s login and signup screens.
  • Think about modifying the app’s header, footer, buttons, and dashboard. Add the products you offer and relevant content along with the payment information.

Once you’re done with basic customization, you can move ahead with testing!

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Test your Android and iOS App

After customizing your eCommerce app, you can plan to test it on AddWeb Shop’s testing environment or your device. If you’ve installed the app on your device and later made any changes in the app, you will have to reinstall the app to change the effect.

Preview and Publish Your Ecommerce Mobile App

Now AddWeb Shop will enable you to preview the changes you have made and prepare for publishing them. All you require is to complete the necessary configurations from AddWeb Shop and publish your app, that’s it! You can submit your app to the Google Play Store and App Store.


Now that you know how to use a WooCommerce app builder like AddWeb Shop to create an eCommerce app for your online store, keep in mind a few basic things. Make sure you test your app before publishing it on the app stores. Once it is published, it is crucial to keep an eye on your app’s performance. Moreover, make sure you don’t use too many ads to provide a better user experience. Using an eCommerce app builder like AddWeb Shop, you can create an app within a few days without writing a single line of code. Want to know if AddWeb Shop can help get a ready-made eCommerce app? Drop us an email now!

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