eCommerce Customor Experience

Just imagine this:

“You are visiting your favorite retail outlet. You are greeted by a friendly salesperson who is passionate to help you pick up the best product. They have considered your budget, guided you to the best available product, and helped you solve your queries too. You felt overwhelmed by the gesture and decided to make a purchase and leave the store feeling special.”

The above scenario depicts a satisfying “customer experience.” A customer decides to purchase based on many factors in the eCommerce industry. But their experience with the eCommerce store plays a vital role. It doesn’t matter whether they have ordered something from you in the past or now; if they feel eCommerce customer experience lags, they will look for someone else.

As eCommerce stores continue to clutter, online retailers must think and act to improve the eCommerce customer experience. An excellent eCommerce customer experience can help improve conversion rates.

But the question is “How???”

The lack of understanding of customer experience in eCommerce is the main problem. Let’s first figure out what eCommerce customer experience is.

What Is Customer Experience?

In simple terms, customer experience is all about how your brand communicates with its customers throughout their buying journey. Today, eCommerce development is much cluttered. And online retailers must find a new way to make customers shop from them.

What Is Customer Experience

The eCommerce store owners need to engage and develop long-lasting relationships with the customers. However, it is not as easy as walking on a smooth surface. Of course, eCommerce development is fascinating, but the only limitation is that you cannot interact with customers face-to-face. Your goal should make customers confident in their shopping decisions and encourage them to purchase from your store.

So, let’s discover a few handy tricks that can boost the eCommerce customer experience.

5 Hand-picked Strategies to Uplift eCommerce Customer Experience

Personalization is key / Make it personal

Personalization is a crucial factor to drive customer loyalty. To increase customer retention you must have to give your eCommerce development venture a “personal” touch2. The first thing you can do is to analyze customer data to understand them better. You can add personalization to your online store by following a few simple things:

The benefits of Personalization

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  • You can start offering personal discounts on specific products that are preferred by the customer.
  • Start tracking the customer’s location and provide delivery information on that region.
  • You can analyze their purchase history and provide recommendations based on their preferences.
  • Moreover, you can even shoot birthday emails to make them feel special and give a personalized touch.

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Optimize your online store to make it mobile-friendly

Do you know 79% of smartphone users have purchased online using their mobile devices in the last 6 months? It means more and more customers are moving to mobile. It can be considered one of the most important eCommerce customer experience trends in 2022. Therefore, online retailers must optimize their stores for mobile devices.

Starting from product listings and images, online retailers must learn to bring a positive customer experience to attract mobile shoppers. Your online store must adjust to the user’s screen. You can take help from an eCommerce developer or professional eCommerce development services to help you in it.

Optimize your online store to make it mobile-friendly

AI Personalization makes Ecommerce outstanding

Online eCommerce development ventures based on AI personalization are much more versatile. Such eCommerce solutions are not just limited to product recommendations only. It is easy to optimize the online store for a better eCommerce customer experience by:

  • Categorize the products
  • Analyze reviews provided by customers
  • Design personalized content
  • Enable AI-powered chatbots
  • Introduce a voice-based personalized search
AI Personalization makes Ecommerce outstanding

With the help of professional eCommerce development services, you can easily offer authentic and customized product recommendation experiences that are relevant to the customer. Moreover, you can also enable product 3D view for the customers to make your online store more engaging.

Voice search is on the rise for online stores

Voice search is one of the fastest-growing eCommerce customer experience trends these days. It is something you cannot ignore. It helps you simplify digital shopping. Amazon, Apple, Samsung, and Microsoft are great companies using voice-based virtual assistants.

Voice search is on the rise for online stores

Voice search helps you bring a personalized shopping experience. Also, it is time-efficient and enables smart shopping in your online store.

Engage users with advanced searching facilities

With every passing day, eCommerce development is getting advanced using new technology. Today, online retailers are targeting advanced search technology on eCommerce sites. With the help of advanced technologies, such as machine learning, AI, and NLP, online retailers can take the conventional search functionality to the next level.

Engage users with advanced searching facilities

You can easily enable the auto-complete feature to let your online store predict the rest of a word a user is typing and display relevant products. Similarly, you can enhance the search experience by displaying a list of possible queries that your shoppers can select from. It will significantly strengthen the eCommerce customer experience. The backend of all such advanced search features is AI, ML, and NLP. You can get help from the eCommerce development company to help you incorporate such features.

Wrapping Up…

The cutthroat competition in the eCommerce industry has encouraged online retailers to focus more on bringing exceptional eCommerce customer experience. Customers are no longer satisfied or feel delighted by simply offering an exceptional product offering. You must think out-of-the-box for unique offerings that set you apart from the rest of the rivals. Uplifting the eCommerce customer experience is a sure-shot way to survive ahead in the future.

Need a Helping Hand?

Starting and managing an eCommerce business is more complex than ever. It might be tough to connect with potential customers this way if you interact with them face to face. But that doesn’t mean it is impossible. At AddWeb Solution, we’ve helped hundreds of clients optimize their online stores for a better customer experience.

Whether you’re looking for a means to transform the customer experience for mobile users or establish a connection with the typical online shoppers, our eCommerce experts can do wonders for you. Not just one, two, or three, we’ve worked on more than hundreds of digital transformation projects for clients all over the world.

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