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Every business, irrespective of its shape and size, needs some sort of online presence to establish its credibility among the target audience. Today, when there are more than 1.5 billion websites available, out of which roughly 200 million websites are active, it becomes crucial for the businesses to keep an eye on what’s going on in the web development industry and how to ditch the competitors and win the space.

Web app development is constantly evolving. With the rise of technological advances, improved tools, and dialects of developing websites over the most recent years, it has now gotten very tricky for the business to choose what to focus on or utilize to keep moving with their web development services.

This blog post will have identified key web development trends and web development stacks web developers and businesses should keep an eye on.

Key Web Development Trends of 2020

Key Web Development Trends of 2020

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Single Page Applications will be the most preferred web development trends in 2020!

There was a time when the server would have to reload the entire page when requested any user information, which results in heavy loading. Single-page applications came out as an answer to this. It never reloads the whole page and provides only requested information. Many tech giants and popular brands across the globe, such as Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Gmail, and more, have started using single-page web apps.

People love the concept of single-page web apps since they don’t like to rush for multiple pages to find the information. And in the near future, it is possible that the users may require to look at a web page and buy the products from themselves.

WebAssembly will be a game-changer in the Web Development world. Today, the majority of web applications are built on JavaScript. This greatly affects the performance of web applications. Using WebAssembly helps a web development company compile the code written in any language into a byte code. Moreover, it executes code faster than any JavaScript framework.

Do you know that, in a recent study, roughly 50% of today’s websites are using WebAssembly to fulfill their malicious deeds, like cryptocurrency mining and obfuscation of the malware code? In the future, the technology will be utilized more for web games, audio/video applications, mapping applications, and a lot more due to its impeccable features.

Accelerated mobile pages will gain more attention in 2020! There are approximately 700k domains publishing accelerated mobile pages. The Washington Post managed to achieve a rise of 23% in their mobile search users returning in less than 7 days. Accelerated mobile pages help organizations achieve 4x faster page loading. All these and other stats indicate Accelerated mobile pages greatly allows organizations to achieve excellent performance. The trend of using AMP is not going to slow down in near future.

Motion User Interfaces will be more important for businesses to deliver a better user experience to their audience! Today, online visitors expect simple yet engaging things over the web. A simple web app development without anything intuitive will not help the businesses survive in the years ahead. Motion UI will help businesses to differentiate from their competitors with animated charts, hovers, background graphics, and a lot more. It has become an important interface design approach, and the future, it will drive the entire user interface.

AI & Chatbots will revolutionize web interactions in the years ahead! Gartner predicted that roughly 85% of the customer interactions would be without any human intervention by 2020. This means Artificial Intelligence powered chatbots will collect data, analyze it, and perform multitasking on humans’ behalf. Chatbots powered by AI has been in the race since 2017 and it seems that the trend will gain momentum as the years’ pass.

Best Tech Stacks for Web Development in 2020

Simply following the web app development trends will not help you achieve the desired results. To make your move count, you must first choose the right web development stack. Here’re a few of the best web development technologies that will rule the future.

  • Angular.JS development is going to get accelerated. Angular.JS is one of the most popular web development frameworks so far. If we look at the StackOverflow survey conducted about the most used framework for web development, it is found that Angular.JS has been used by approximately 32.4% of developers.
  • ReactJS development will heat up. In terms of popularity, ReactJS is highly popular among the developers providing web development services. While many popular brands like Facebook, Twitter, and others are using ReactJS, soon, ReactJS will be the tech stack to keep an eye on in 2020 and ahead.
  • Vue JS is yet another JavaScript framework that will get stronger and popular in the years ahead. Being the easiest framework to learn, it has received a maximum number of stars on the GitHub repository as compared with other frameworks. Its popularity has increased so fast in the last couple of years and the trend is not going to slow down even in the future.
  • Flutter is considered the top-priority of cross-platforms at present. Since it helps businesses save a lot of time, provide a native-like app feeling, an animated user interface, and more, flutter app development will get recognized more in the future.

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Wrapping Up…

All of these and many other trends will continue to shine in 2020 and the year ahead. Be it web development trends or web development stack of technologies; it is a must that every business keeps an eye on the trends discussed in this post to get lucrative benefits for their online business.

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