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Offering more advanced and meaningful digital experiences, Drupal keeps moving ahead each year. Drupal 9 was released last year with some significant improvements long-awaited by the Drupal development community. But migrating or upgrading to the latest version is not automatic!

Upgrading to the latest version requires some time and consideration to avoid unforeseen circumstances. You must install and upgrade to Drupal 8 to 9 with the help of a Drupal development company. Whether you’re in the middle of a Drupal upgrade or you’re thinking about starting migration of your old Drupal website to the new one, you must have a robust strategy in place to avoid any blunders with your live website. This post will explain all things that site owners should keep in mind as part of their web development strategy to enjoy hassle-free Drupal 9 development.

  • So, what web development strategy should follow for the Drupal 9 upgrade?

What things should be considered as a part of web development strategy to keep your live site intact from any unforeseen scenarios? Let’s figure it out!

strategy should follow

Make sure to have a pre-defined flow or sequence of activities for the web development framework. Whenever you plan for any platform shifting, you must have everything planned. Having a big goal of re-platforming, you must pay attention to the following things:

Pre-plan the release cycle.

Make sure you always schedule updates ahead of time to avoid any unnecessary glitches or lack of support for your existing website’s features.

Plan and think about something new and exciting for Drupal 9 development.

The world of the web is changing continuously, and what was relevant yesterday has become not-so-required today. Therefore, before getting into Drupal upgrade, you must think about what you want to achieve through the upgrade. If you feel your existing Drupal website needs something new in terms of digital experience, you can get in touch with the Drupal web development company and move ahead with the upgrade. However, it is important to plan out and prioritize any new features. For the same, try to schedule regular meetings with stakeholders and domain experts.

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Schedule usability tests

To ensure that you have a robust web development strategy in place, you must conduct usability testing to find potential improvements.

Conduct a detailed site audit to figure out technical debts

Over time, your website codebase tends to get dirty by inappropriate code practices and temporary fixes applied without paying attention to the performance and security. One of the best web development strategies is to start making a list of all such codebase improvements and clean-up activities and set a goal to finish it before moving ahead with Drupal 9 development.

Allocate and engage the right kind of resources

You have validated all the possible scenarios, conducted a detailed audit, and decided on the migration approach too. Now the next thing you have to think about is prioritizing and allocating various resources to ensure the upgrade process goes smoothly. You can also hire a Drupal development company to carry out the migration process for you.

Don’t forget to revisit your website architecture

As a part of migration activity, many website owners schedule a review of their existing website architecture since content migration is not a kid’s toy. It requires one to validate a website’s underlying architecture as a part of a web development strategy. But when it comes to the Drupal 8 to Drupal 9 upgrade, you don’t have to worry about content migration. However, organizations must cadence for underlying architecture and strategy, which is like creating a whole pattern for web development.

Never hesitate to take help

Migrating your production set up from the old version to the new takes a lot of effort and technical expertise. You might not possess all the necessary skills required for a smooth upgrade or shift your existing website to a new platform. Thus, you can hire Drupal developers to take care of the Drupal 9 upgrade’s technicality. They can bring out-of-the-box support for the entire activity while filling necessary knowledge gaps for you.

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Gearing up for Drupal 9 web development!

Successfully upgrading to the latest Drupal version is a significant relief, specifically when you have a strong strategy in place. Starting from initial website audits, pre-installation audits, and updating Drupal modules/themes/core to testing, you have to take many things. Take the help of a professional Drupal development company to upgrade your Drupal website to the latest version.

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