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.Net framework does not need any introduction but it is one of the most constantly famous technology platforms for application development that is demanded by several clients. The framework is used for developing different types of business websites and applications. And undoubtedly, .Net is the second most preferred choice of developers as well as the clients for the seamless development tools, techniques, libraries, etc. available for delivering a flawless result.

.Net Developers

Everybody who starts the .Net Developers Hiring process soon understands that it is not only about screening the resumes based on the keywords. Unlike other software languages, the person who wants to hire .Net developers should know about the framework to make sure that they are choosing a highly-skilled candidate for their project. Whether you are choosing the candidate for your own company or hiring it through .Net software Development Company offering custom solutions for offshore clients.

There are millions and millions of .Net developers in the world and due to the framework’s popularity in the market, a large number of clients prefer to ‘Hire .Net Developers’ than actually hiring them in-house for long term. Hiring an experienced .Net developer requires certain screening and knowledge about the field so that you can ensure that the developer you are hiring for your project has the required skills or not. So why are ASP.Net developers required? What are the skills that you should look for in 2019? What are the steps that you can take to define the selection criteria? What should be the budget and model of payment?

So to answer all your queries and questions, below is the detailed explanation of skills, hiring process and pricing model that will be of use to you. If you are planning to hire .Net Developers then you can consider the same.

WHEN do you need Experienced and Expert .Net Developers?

.Net is like a common programming framework at almost all the companies in the world that is running their business on website development or web application development. Regardless of what segment you are doing your business, hiring .Net and ASP.Net can be always highly useful in developing automated applications for your company. So basically, if you are falling under the below scenarios, you need to hire .Net developer:

  • Build Data-Drive Web Application

If you want someone to build a data-driven application or you are working on such a data-driven application that requires the expertise of .Net then you should Hire.Net Developer to boost your project productivity. If you are looking for a customized web application for your business by which you can offer a personalized experience to your staff and other users, hiring .Net developers can be of major use. You can roll out of the applications faster than competitors and speed up the project results.

  • Secured Projects

If you are planning to build a secured application that is built on ASP.Net then you should hire .Net developers. Experienced .Net developers use open-source ASP.Net platform and build using .Net language. Although it is open-source, it is secured with the Windows confirmation so you need to be worried about your data. There are several configurations in the applications using different layers of security that can be added. 

  • Application for Mobile and Desktops

Regardless of you have a strong in-house .Net team of developers, you do not have to hesitate in giving life to your mobile or desktop application idea. You can choose the desired set of skilled .Net developers and create an offshore team that reports like your in-house team. Hiring and working with an experienced and mature team of .Net developers offshore also makes your life easier and gives life to the application idea that you want to launch. 

WHAT are the skills that you should look for while hiring an expert .NET Developer?

With the evolving technology, the requirements for hiring any .Net developer is also constantly evolving. The expectations that recruiters had in 2012 for .Net may not be the same as in 2019. So it is crystal clear that the developers in the current age should have brushed up skills and stone hard experience to get through the tough competition in the market. With the help of the skills mentioned below, you will be able to easily segregate the developers of your choice. 


If you observe the market closely then you will see that the ASP.NET MVC is gradually taking over the .NET web development market. Considering that web development is increasing at rocket speed, having AST.NET MVC skills is a need in today’s market. 
Having a strong knowledge of .Net is useful in building and managing .Net based web applications with ease and advantages. At the same time, ASP.NET MVC skills also helpful in unit testing as well as client-side web development technologies. 

  • Client-side Web Development Technologies

The .Net developer you are evaluating to hire should also be well versed with client-side web development technologies. This is highly useful in getting additional tasks to be aligned with the developer apart from .Net activities. 

If the developer is multi-skilled with knowledge of client-side web languages, your dependency on hiring another resource for another programming language will be reduced and you can save your time and money. Major client-side technologies that you can expect are: HTML/HTML5, CSS & Javascript, Jquery, and Bootstrap.

  • Different Types of Database

.Net framework has the capability to seamlessly work with every database in the market, but the ability to lay seamless communication between the two applications is the smartness of the .Net developer you hire. In order to setup communication between various databases using .Net applications, it is important the developer also has some SQL skills. 

If the developers have hands-on experience in SQL and Oracle then it will give your project a great boost. In the current market, most companies are using MongoDB and CouchDB which is a new trend and useful to know about it. 

  • Stronghold of C# or VB .Net 

Along with several other programming languages in the market, C# and VB.Net are two important frameworks that work closely with .Net. The developer that you choose to hire should also be aware of C# or VB.Net so that you can make the necessary additions or modifications using such languages. If the developer has hands-on experience in these two languages then you can filter them separately. 

  • Code Refactoring Skills 

If this is the first time you are planning to hire .Net developers then you need to understand that development is not one time activity. It is an ongoing task that requires dedicated efforts from the client and developer end, both. Any application that is developed today requires changes or extension in the future. 

There can be several profiles you must have gone through while choosing the list of resources, so instead of repeating the same process in the future, it is always suggested to choose the same .Net developer whenever you need an extension of the application. The developer should have the skills of code refactoring by which they can seamlessly reuse the existing codes and upgrade or extend the applications to the next level as per business requirements without any flaw. 

HOW to hire the expert .Net developer within your budget?

If you list the requirement of .Net developer online then you can find a million profiles online through .Net development companies as well as Hire .Net Developers on freelance websites. Considered that you have the selected company from whom you are planning to hire the .Net expert but you are running short of budget then what are the options that you can explore. Majority of companies offering the flexibility to hire highly experienced .Net developers provide such budget-friendly support.

  • Hiring .Net Developers for Short Term

If you have been looking for long-term/permanent /full-time .Net employees, you may want to change your requirements slightly. There are options to choose short-term employees ready to work on a contract basis for the specific projects as per your timings. There are several interns and Hire .Net developer companies offering their expert professionals to assist you with the projects. 

  • Project Pricing Vs Hourly Pricing

There are always options to choose .Net developers on hourly pricing or project pricing. Most of the freelancers if you see online charge on hourly prices and they have their set of reasons. Regardless of how much time the project might take, almost all the .Net development companies’ offer project-based pricing, and this could be beneficial for you compared to hourly pricing. As the amount is fixed on project-based, the .Net expert you have hired has to complete the project within a short span and deliver accurately. 

  • Milestone Based Payment Structure

If you want to speed up the process and keep the excitement on-going then you can also define the list of milestones to cover and based on the milestone you can make the payments. In this structure, it is important that you have the complete clarity of various milestones that you want to cover in the project. This model is highly useful when you are working with a team of .Net developers from the same team or different parts of the world. This leaves you with less liability and get on-time support for the project. 

BONUS Points to Consider While Hiring .Net Developers for Your Business

  • Choose Experienced Developers Only

Almost all the clients make the common mistake of choosing inexperienced and fresher .Net developers are cheaper rates and when they make silly mistakes, they feel their offshore experience is always spoiled. Always choose a standard company with an experienced team of .Net developers. Not all offshore and experienced .Net developers are costly.

  • Going Beyond Borders

Choosing offshore .Net developers than local developers, open up a completely new range of skills and expertise for your projects. The offshore .Net experts work with several international clients and they are exposed to several new features and functionalities of applications that you can leverage to implement in your project. So by hiring offshore .Net developers you not only leverage their experience but also expertise. 

  • Analytical Mindset of .Net Experts

One of the key qualities that you would like to have in the .Net developer that you hire is the analysis ability for every project that you offer. This skill comes with experience and talent learned over the period by working on various projects. And in any programming field, analytical skills are immensely essential. 

  • Soft Skills 

It is not a major requirement but an added advantage when it comes to working with offshore clients from different parts of the world. A small gap in communication can lead to major differences in your task and project results so it is always good if the soft skills and communication skills are sufficient enough so that you, as a client, clearly explain your idea and the developer is able to understand. 

These are some of the major points considering which you can choose and hire the best of the best .Net candidates for your project. If you have something to add or share your experience with us then keep us posted in the comments section. 

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