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There seems to be a mad race amongst the app developers to come out with apps that can prove be extremely dynamic, robust, and efficient. Many times, even the best of the app development companies struggle to stitch themselves to a right coding framework needed to create that excellent app. As such, the Laravel framework is extremely popular amongst the leading app developers for its state-of-the-art technology and features that it provides. Using the Laravel framework in itself is like a cakewalk for the best Laravel development company worldwide.

Laravel 6 PHP Framework

A daunting task for any business owner is to select the right kind of PHP framework for building a robust and powerful web application. Well! PHP frameworks might not be the recently discovered technologies, but Laravel is certainly a new kid on this block! It has immensely exploded in terms of popularity, and has gained great momentum within no time at all! Resultantly, Laravel development services are receiving great recognition if we try to compare with the contemporaries as such. Laravel 6 PHP framework is a popular PHP framework. Laravel is a very vital framework for PHP; & it also provides a standardized as well as a feature-laden platform for building very high-performing web apps. Laravel PHP framework is very young and it is a highly promising one, and it also makes use of many of the best practices a business owner would need for his/her business use. Below is the market share of Laravel PHP framework:

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Why Laravel 6 Is The Best Framework?

Well! Laravel is turning 8 this year, and the more it gets older, the more it is liked! This is not suggesting that we did not like it before! The Laravel framework is best supported by the Laravel ecosystem which has plenty to offer to the app developers. The Laravel ecosystem comprises of many useful yet extremely powerful tools to help app developers develop a dream app for their clients. These extremely powerful yet very efficient and user friendly tools can immediately strike a chord with the Laravel app developers’ brain due to their extremely high efficiencies and ease of use. Thus, you might be further interested in knowing more about the Laravel Ecosystem of which the most popular toolkit is as follows:-

  • Laravel Dusk: Laravel Dusk is one of the most preferred tool that lets you test your app from a users’ point of view before actually you take a call on distributing it. With its unique developer-friendly API capabilities, you can seamlessly perform automated browser testing.
  • Laravel Lumen: If you are not willing to take up the services of entire Laravel framework, then Laravel Lumen is a micro-framework available within the Laravel ecosystem to help you cut down the bootstrapping processes and make your app extremely fast and reliable.
  • Laravel Telescope: It is the best known debugger within Laravel ecosystem to debug your app code as it has its own standalone user interface hosting most of the supertools for easy debugging.
  • Laravel Homestead: It is well known for providing excellent development environment where you even do not need to install PHP or any other server side software or application on your local system. It has been packaged into a Vagrant box which can be easily removed, and if needed, rebuild quite easily.
  • Laravel Nova: To boost up the pace of your app development process, you can put to use the Laravel Nova admin panel to good effect. It is an extremely popular tool amongst the Laravel development companies due to its very user friendly UI and powerful UX capabilities.
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Good News for You – Laravel 6 Is Out!

Within a very short span of time of nearly 2 years, Laravel PHP framework has been able to spread its roots into the app development market like a rapid wildfire. It is now the most sought-after app development platform for companies who are seeking app development services. Now, that Laravel 6 is out, it can only deem to increase not only the popularity of Laravel amongst top app development companies, but also, there is going to be a mad race for giving the best user-experience to the end users who rely solely on technology nowadays. They need to be served the best, and they will be served the best for sure with Laravel 6 PHP framework out in the market.

Laravel 6

The Key Benefits of Using Laravel 6 PHP Framework for the Best App Development!

  • Increased Flexibility in Routing: Due to its increased flexibility in routing, it is extremely popular for building responsive apps.
  • Extremely Powerful ORM: It has easy to manage capabilities and works extremely well in tandem with SQLite, MySQL, SQL server, and Postgres for organizing and managing large volumes of user generated data.
  • Excellent for Documentation: Laravel is known for its documentation capabilities which are bound to be well in order and completely organized in order to increase the efficiency of access to data.
  • Laravel CLI, Artisan: You can use Laravel CLI, Artisan tool for easy seeding, database migration, and even cache clearance; and seems nothing is spared that you cannot do with it.
  • New-Age QC Testing: While testing and debugging your application on Laravel framework, you can be sure that any updates or changes that you implement do not break the application flow at any given point, thanks to the flexibility and design of the Laravel framework.

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