WordPress Optimisation - More of an investment than expense!

WordPress Optimisation - More of an investment than expense!

Imagine you visit a website an..d it… take...s dog’s y….ears to load. What would you do - bear with its slow-paced speed and stick by its side, no matter how much time does it demand to be load; or quickly close the tab and move out for finding a better and faster alternative. Well, now imagine the same situation by putting yourself in the place of that website owner’s position. It’s much more a worrisome situation than the former one, right! In the previous situation, the visitor merely loses on a couple of minutes but will eventually find an alternative to their search. But for a website owner, it’s about losing a potential customer who could have helped in bettering the ROI of his website. This is where the need of website optimisation comes in. And maybe hence, WordPress site optimisation is more of a need than a luxury, in today’s day and age! 


Today, WordPress is one of the most chosen platforms, whether it’s for small blogs or some heavily loaded website with high traffic. And no matter which type of WordPress site you have, the optimisation of the same is highly required. In fact, the WordPress site optimisation is what will help you to build a compelling connection with your visitor, which eventually can lead to better business opportunities for you. Let us share a handful of significant aspects that proves why WordPress site optimisation, in today’s age, is more of a need than a luxury! 


Why WordPress Site Optimisation?

  • The attention-span of a website visitor is way too little. They’ll not keep waiting if your site takes time to load. In fact, as per a study by Microsoft, the current digital era the attention-span of a human is lesser than that of a Goldfish. 
  • According to an experience shared by ManageWP, a 4-second load-time of on their WordPress website had decreased the traffic by 50%. And the only resolution to this is WordPress Site Optimisation. 
  • An optimised WordPress Site can also result in higher ranking and spider crawling on the search engine. 
  • Increased speed of your WordPress site leads to increased attention-span and improved experience of the visitor, which can eventually result in bettering the business numbers. 


How to Optimise a WordPress Site?
Given the extensive and wealthy library of the WordPress community, one of the most favorable and effective ways of optimising a WordPress site is - the WordPress Optimisation Plugins. They’re easily available on the WordPress dashboard and one needs no high-tech knowledge in order to implement it. Let us share a handful of highly used and recommended plugins for WordPress Optimisation:


W3 Total Cache
One of the most popular and highly used plugin for WordPress optimisation, W3 Total Cache is also one of the most easily implementable plugins. It comes loaded with a bundle of caching features, viz. Page Cache, Minify CSS & HTML, Object Cache, Database Cache, Browser Cache, CDN Integration, et al. 


WP Super Cache
Yet another easy to setup and favoured plugin for WordPress optimisation, WP Super Cache is immensely used caching plugin. This particular plugin is crafted to be able to categorised for both the users - beginners as well as the advanced ones. It comes loaded with some really wonderful features like Serve Static HTML Files, CDN Support, Cache Rebuild, Extra HomePage Checks, et al. 


WordPress Inspector
Meant for optimising and checking on performance, security, SEO and speed aspects of the website, WordPress Inspector scans the entire website like an inspector and filters out the probably broken themes and plugins. It comes loaded with some website performance elevating features like checking issues related to slow speed & SEO, Test Performance, Identify Broken Links & Themes, Testing Security Issues, et al.


WP Smush.it
Meant for automatically compressing the images of the website, WP Smush.it is a plugin that does so in order to eliminate the website loading-time issue occurred due to the images - without even affecting the quality of the image. It comes loaded with several effective features like Image Optimisation, Compressing the Older Images, Cropping Out Metadata from JPEGs, et al. 


There is a bundle of other such plugins available, in the library of WordPress community, that can be used in optimising the WordPress website with minimal/no technical assistance. In fact, the professional assistance taken for the same too turns out to be affordable and profitable in several other aspects. Because, as we said, WordPress Site Optimisation is not anymore a luxury but a need. For the matter of fact, it’s more of an investment than an expense. 


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