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swiftly and get a grip over your desired market

AddWeb did a great job of helping build out the project, by reviewing our layout, designs, and content architecture- they were able to put together a comprehensive project plan, identify milestones and timelines in a useful way for us and our client.

Nathan St.Clair

Managing Partner, Datafire Group

Drupal Performance Optimization

The web users expect the site to load within 2 seconds and abandon the one that takes more than 3 seconds to load. Drupal performance helps to end the recurring abandonment for your website, as Drupal has an inbuild caching system that helps to serve your page rapidly. It integrates Memcached or Redis to the server with pages from the main memory without launching a query. It will lead to cutting back on the loading speed of the website and will help the site to perform in a better way.


A responsive and speedy mobile site will affect your search engine rankings as the search engine looks at speed on board for both desktop and mobile sites. The presence of mobile sites can influence your search rankings. Reports from google also say that 50% of the users wouldn't recommend a poorly designed mobile site, and 40% of them will switch to a competitor after a bad experience. Hence to expose the potential of your business, we will help you to represent your business on a super responsive mobile site.

Performance affecting bounce rates and visitors holding

Page loading time is the core of a website user's experience. Many of the times, we overlook it for the design, newly added functionalities, or content. Unluckily the users tend to pay more attention to speed than to other factors combined on your website; hence each second shaved off from the load time will boost customer trust and confidence towards you. This will lead to a decrease in the abandonment rates, and users will feel convenient visiting you.

How our Expert Developer fix problem

Our developers use a methodology known as "Performance Budgeting" for development procedures. As with this, the Expected Load time, and Google Page Speed are maintained in the low-performance budget as it is the core of our continuous development process.

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Latest Technology Platform We Use

AddWeb Solution chooses latest tools, techniques and software platforms to develop your Drupal Commerce Website

Our Drupal Work

We serve all our clients even-handedly, irrespective of the size of their business, project or industry type. No wonder our portfolio today is wealthy enough to be boasted!

Wilhelm Foundation

Wilhelm Foundation

Wilhelm Foundation is a group of people who work towards the diagnosis of the diseases which are undiagnosed by medical science, and their causes are unknown.

Mikk Cederroth CTO at Qimtek AB
Mikk Cederroth


Qimtek AB

They did a deep dive into the existing code and started identifying the low hanging fruits to get better performance. We made a plan together what to implement and in what order. Then load tests were performed after each implementation and until a good performance was accomplished

Check Out Our Workflow using which we run the magic!

Our Workflow
Our Workflow