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Communicating with the team was much easier than I anticipated. They were friendly and understood my requests and their English was fantastic. The team delivered a website component that exceeded my expectations, they even suggested and included helpful functionality that I had not considered. Addweb will be my first point of contact should I require external assistance again.

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About Project

How AddWeb Solution Helped A Christian Education Institute to Redefine the User Experience with Image & Video Gallery

Australian Christian College is an independent non-denominational Christian co-educational institute providing education to primary and secondary students in Australia. Starting from Year K to Year 12, the school offers a strong knowledge foundation to the students. The school’s vision is to help students positively impact the world while transforming them physically, spiritually, socially, and academically. Founded in 2007, the Australian Christian College has emerged as a leading non-government education institute offering distance learning to the students residing across New South Wales.


Country: Australia

Industry: Education

Problem Statement

Australian Christian College is involved in various activities and usually uses the Newsroom section of its website to help the media access facts, stories, information, photographs, and videos about the schools. Like a logo, photo, or video gallery, such information and multimedia content can be used by the media as a part of their coverage. However, the existing website’s multimedia gallery is posing a few challenges for ACC, such as:


Lack of proper image gallery to manage and view images/photos on the website.

Heavy images, videos, infographics, and logo content affect the performance of the website.

There are multiple images, videos, and infographic contents that are to be displayed across tons of different devices on the web and mobile without any categorization.

The ACC team couldn’t resize and optimize each image at this scale.


These problems have led to the search for a scalable and optimized solution to streamline the entire multimedia gallery workflow and revamp their existing multimedia gallery to incorporate a whole new image gallery section and enhance the user experience.


They approached AddWeb Solution to redesign the multimedia gallery and improve the performance of their existing website. The essential requirements were to change the back-end workflow to upload, manage, and display images by introducing a whole new image gallery section without affecting the existing website structure.

What We Did?

The old multimedia workflow involved a lot of mundane image resizing and display options. The AddWeb Solution team choose to redesign the entire media gallery module and introduce an image gallery component.


Considering the project requirements, the team has decided to empower the multimedia gallery component with ReatJS. ReactJS is ideal for image or multimedia content management since it has a Gatsby-image component specifically designed for image processing and loading. It can quickly help the client to overcome the problem of image optimization and improve site performance. Later, the team members identify and discuss basic requirements in detail.


We figured out that website performance could be further improved by hosting all the images, videos, and other multimedia content on a cloud-like platform. Therefore, we’ve decided to opt for DigitalOcean


To implement the new functionality, such as image gallery, video player, and GIF, our designers and developers have invested a tremendous amount of time making it user-friendly. Various components of ReactJS used to build these custom modules. Also, we’ve taken help from our integration experts to integrate Vimeo with the ACC website to upload the video file.


Designed Image Gallery

Now ACC team doesn’t have to worry about uploading, managing, and displaying photos related to their activities or events for the media reporters. The newsroom section redesigned to incorporate a whole new image gallery section to display images or pictures based on different categories. The media team or end-user can download images anytime, anywhere from the image gallery.


Manage & display videos!

Managing and displaying different activity videos was never easy for ACC management. We have simplified the entire process by allowing the ACC team to upload various videos directly from the website and display the same in Vimeo media player.


Improved website performance

One of the key objectives of revamping the existing multimedia gallery was to improve the site performance and media load time. Using DigitalOcean to host the media contents, we’ve helped the client improve the site performance up to a great extent. Moreover, all the images were optimized and loaded faster with the Gatsby-image component of ReactJS.

A Few Stats About Project


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Technology Stack

AddWeb Solution chooses latest tools, techniques and software platforms to develop ACC website.

What We Achieved?

We have revamped the existing multimedia gallery and made it responsive. We’ve helped our client enhance the current multimedia gallery by optimizing its performance and introducing different new sections such as image gallery, uploading and managing videos, and GIFs. Moreover, the responsive design and optimized multimedia content have helped Australian Christian College’s core audience of researchers, students, and college mentors by providing a lean user experience.

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