Denkmalradar Revamped Its Monument Portal with Engaging Features Inspired by the Goal of Improving Customer Engagement

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ABOUT Denkmalradar

How we helped the largest monument portal of Central Germany to overcome their customer engagement challenges and optimize it by incorporating additional features with the power of October CMS.

Denkmalradar is an initiative of the Leipzig Monument Foundation to restrict the further loss of valuable historical building culture in Central Germany with civic engagement, sustainable concepts, and financial support and to promote sustainable cultural landscape structures. It also offers a complete package for the restoration of monuments. It allows individuals to register and add memorials to their vast database of threatened architecture monuments and contribute to their restoration.

Industry: Arts

Headquarter: Germany

The Business Needs / Challenges

For Denkmalradar, to spread awareness about their noble cause of maintaining architectural monuments, improving end-user engagement by optimizing existing portals with user-centric features became the need of the hour. Given the nature of the problem they were dealing Denkmalradar was facing the following challenges:

-The client’s main challenge was to optimize their web portal to improve user engagement. The existing web portal was lacking social media sharing and commenting features on their blog.

-The client was in need to find October CMS development experts to help them enhance their web portal considering the SEO aspect.

They were looking for the October CMS partner who can help them enhance their existing web portal with all the necessary changes required to make it more engaging and optimized in order to help them reach out to potential contributors.

The Solution

AddWeb Solution accepted the project on short notice and deployed October CMS experts to enhance operations of the Denkmalradar web portal, including adding new features of comments, maps, and more.

To address the challenges of Denkmalradar, we began by analyzing their existing web portal to understand the area of improvement. After synthesizing the portal, our offshore team started working closely with the client’s requirement in agile manner with the following features to the existing web portal:

Striking Features

Locate Monuments Easily With Google Map

The users of Denkmalradar can easily locate their favorite monuments right from the portal itself with Google Maps…

Advanced Search

Optimized search feature where the user can easily search their favorite monuments based on different search criteria, i.e. State, City, Zip Code, Team, and more…

Advanced search
Categorized Monuments

Categorized Monuments

Finding threatened, refurbished, or lost architectural monuments made easy with categorization…

A Few Stats About Project


Client Calls


Team Members


Man Hours



Technology Stack

AddWeb Solution chooses latest tools, techniques and software platforms to design & maintain Denkmalradar website.

Final Outcome

Milestones & Deliverables

Fulfilled requirements of clients to enhance their web portal using various features such as comments, revisions, google Maps, multilingual support, and more. We delivered all the necessary improvements and third-party integrations successfully to the customer with an acceptable satisfactory level. The client has provided positive feedback and shared the experience working with AddWeb Solution.


-Significant improvement in CONVERSIONS

We’ve helped Denkmalradar to leverage a better conversion rate. The enhancement challenge we took helped improve the conversion rate up to 38%.


Right customer engagement strategies and enhancements had a massive impact on the Denkmalradar business outcomes. OctoberCMS enhancements impacting 72% increase in customer engagement.

-Helped boosting WEBSITE TRAFFIC

Within a short time-span helped Denkmalradar to grab the attention of the potential customers and witnessed 109% increase in the website traffic before enhancements were taken from the AddWeb Solution team.

Meet the Magicians Who Work their magic Using these Props!

Saurabh Dhariwal

Rajeev Agarwal

Ashish Jain

Jigish Chauhan

Ravi Maniyar

Pooja Upadhyay

Pooja Upadhyay

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Ankur Sharma

Awards and Achievement

These awards are another reflection of our commitment towards serving our clients with passion and delivering the quality offshore development..!!

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Nasscom Certificate
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