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“ Pleasure working with the AddWeb team on an in-house Event Project for Web-based on Drupal 8 and Mobile in React-Native. ”

About The Project

Our mission is to make education smarter and our communities stronger

The USA based company EAB works to help schools – support students from enrollment to graduations and beyond. They are rooted in research with the advantage of scale aiming to deliver results. The company partners with education leaders, practitioners, and staff to accelerate the progress and drive some of the best results. 

Our role in this website was colossal, we helped them build an informative learning website so that they can provide strategic guidance for different institutes, student success management, enrollment for students, etc. We provided a platform so that visitors can scroll country-wise through different courses, different universities, colleges, etc. Various other features were provided from our end which could help them grow their site and users can also have a comfortable user experience. 

Country: United States 

Industry: Education

EAB is a US-based client and its main concern was to get features’ development and add an expert’s portfolio. All of their specifications were addressed by mockups.


Home Page

EAB is an education-based website addressing a lot of information to the public. Hence we provided them with a newly modified home page where all the specification, features, and their offered products are listed. We also provided images on the home page, which could depict their functions in a detailed and explained way. Their scales are mentioned, which can help to build students’ trust. The colour theme and effects added from our side bring spark and life to the website making it attractive and appealing.

Operations And Strategy

For any academic career, proper guidance and strategy is provided at a must. We created a page wherein EAB can provide with all the operational or academic-related strategy what one needs. Now diagnosing institutional challenges can be made easier with EAB. It also helps to drive a data-informed decision. And with our added feature, they can lead and prepare students for further challenges. With their collaboratives, they can serve with the best institutes and offices. And also prepare the students with their specialized operation and strategy for the best coming up.


Research And Insights

EAB also wanted us to provide them with the whole new page where their experts can present their blogs and research work, which could benefit their students. Hence we created an all-new page that showcases their research work. This page guides the student somewhere in their career or is written for their awareness. A new section was created wherein they sort, search, and refine the students’ results and make new students report from their end. It benefits by alerting and appreciating students for their respective merits.




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Technology Stack

AddWeb Solution chooses latest tools, techniques and software platforms to develop EAB website.

It was a pleasure to make the education website grow as today’s child will become tomorrow’s future and bring new revolutions. The child needs to grow with proper operation and strategy; hence we developed a page which specifies the best strategy needed to be acquired by the child you can avail it once you enroll with EAB.

The experts of EAB can now publish their research and insights on the website in a specific section of research and insights, created from our end. This page takes the students closer to the verified and researched data. It helps them be familiar with the practical approach. We also focused on making the welcome page more expressive and descriptive, which mentions the vision and mission of EAB; it also describes all the features provided from their end.

One more page of “events” has also been made from our end where the students can know about the events which could help them improve their strategy and their vision. It also makes them familiar with the programs approaching so that they can enroll themselves and take the benefitted knowledge. It is always a pleasure to know that your client is satisfied and happy to jump up to their expectations. It was a pleasure to work for the development of society.

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