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Mitigates Its Maintenance & IT Support Challenges with AddWeb Solution

My experience with AddWeb is quite good, so far. Fully satisfied with a quick response time, communication, and flexibility to scale up resources when needed. They listened to our problems, made recommendations, and helped us make our store more responsive and feature-rich.

Juan Carlos

Ecommerce & Customer Care Director

ABOUT Lladró

A Spanish brand is known for its eye-catchy and irresistible porcelain figurines and sculptures.

Lladró has been established for over 70 years in the design, manufacturing, and distribution of porcelain art creations business. Right from sculptures, home accessories, and jewellery to lighting, Lladró is a well-known brand for its contemporary, stylish, and exclusive artistic pieces of work. The upscale retailer operates in multiple geographic locations through its luxury handcrafted artwork to float its sculptures and figures. The Spanish artwork giant has more than 18K products available online and serves clients worldwide.


Industry: Ecommerce
Headquarters: Spain

The Business Needs / Challenges

For Lladró, with their increasing customer base and thousands of orders, providing uninterrupted services and excellent user experience become the need of the hour. Given the immediate nature of online consumers and fiercely competitive market, Lladró was facing the following challenges:


  • The client’s existing IT incumbent was underperforming to resolve their ad-hoc requirements and challenges.
  • The client spent too much time managing their ongoing conflicts between existing IT support and maintenance service providers.
  • The existing IT support and maintenance service provider wasn’t able to fulfil the client’s requests on time.
  • Productivity was being affected by ongoing issues, and frequent delays in the bug fixes or enhancements suggested by the client.


The client was not satisfied with their existing IT support and maintenance service provider. They were looking for a strategic IT support partner who was equally motivated towards providing application support and becoming a helping hand in their ongoing store enhancement activities. 


The Lladró team was looking for someone to offer more than support. They needed a managed service company to ensure the ongoing availability and development of the IT service and help maintain and develop and improve their existing Ecommerce website to broaden their reach.

The Solution

AddWeb Solution accepted the project on short notice. It employed an incremental expansion strategy to gradually support various operations of the Lladró Ecommerce website, including bug fixes, incremental changes on the user interfaces, introducing UX/UI changes, and more. AddWeb Solution employed a round-the-clock support model to help clients leverage offshore resources and reduce the overall website maintenance and support budget.


To address the challenges of Lladró, we began delivering services including application maintenance, major and minor enhancements, and production support services. Among the highlights:


  • Set up an offshore team to work closely with the client’s technical and business team.
  • Deployed a strong technical team to understand underlying code and deliver daily fixes with acceptable quality.
  • Cater application support, provide day-to-day operational support, and generate reports.
  • The established delivery process to move defects or enhancements to the QA or UAT environment before moving to the production.

Striking Features


Multiple Landing Pages

Designed landing pages for corporate gifts, plan the future, flower market, Japan news, and more to reach out to a broader audience and sell more.


Shipping Method

Putting an effective shipping strategy was the need of our client. We've helped with a custom feature to help clients manage out of stock products and their shipping effectively.


Customized Chat Options

Enriched Lladró's existing chat functionality to provide customers with multiple options to connect with Lladró's support team, i.e. WhatsApp, Email, or online chat.

A Few Stats About Project



Team Members


Man hours




Client Calls

Technology Stack

AddWeb Solution chooses latest tools, techniques and software platforms to design & maintain Lladro website.

Business Value Earned

Final Outcome

Milestones & Deliverables: 

Fulfilled ad-hoc requirements of clients to handle bug fixes, new enhancements, and improvements of the Ecommerce website within a defined SLAs.



Reduced the total number of critical incidents or tickets significantly.
Managed to reduce the average page load time of a website by 7.98%.
Significant UI/UX improvements and new enhancements have significantly reduced bounce rate (-2.70%).



We delivered all the necessary improvements and bug fixes successfully to the customer and provided a satisfactory level of maintenance & support.

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Awards and Achievement

These awards are another reflection of our commitment towards serving our clients with passion and delivering the quality offshore development..!!

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