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“ More than 5 years and our work relationship is getting stronger as time passes by. Truly an asset to our project, helping us at every stage of the project from ideation to inception. It was very nice working with the AddWeb team. They have well set-up processes and open communication channels. And with clear instructions, it is a pleasure working with them. Definitely recommended. ”

We help CEO’s and heads of businesses truly understand and polish their Business Strategy

Sageflow is a consulting company that builds business and improve organizational capacity. It provides strategic solutions for changing markets and developing organizations and individuals to realize potential and improve performance.

We had to deliver a fully tested QUALITY website in a tight timeframe of 3 months.

Country: Australia

Industry: IT Consultant

Sageflow client was clear in their vision and expectations from the new website. They wanted increased user engagement, usability, discoverability while providing modern user experience (UX).

The architecture of the website needed to be scalable, cut costs and be flexible while following GDPR guidelines. We helped set up Aquia migration and DevOps CI CD pipeline to improve deployment times.


Main Page

AddWeb developers redeveloped the whole landing page and focused on making it responsive and convincing. The redeveloped landing page was able to define the vision and mission to the users, which lead to an easy understanding of Sageflow to the potential clients. Our UI/UX experts increased user engagement and improvised the user experience for Sageflow. The users can also research more about Sageflow from their social media, as the direct links are being availed on the home page.

Case Study

Sageflow is a consulting organization, hence AddWeb created a whole page where they can share their client stories which can help in building trust among clients, which further provided them with a strong community and market place. The impressive client stories say that they have been experiencing a comfortable platform where they can get mentors for their problems.

Sageflow case study
Sageflow mobile

Client Mentoring

AddWeb developed a mentoring page where users can sign up and get a membership with Sageflow, and experience easy, effective, and comfortable consulting. After joining with Sageflow users can easily pay for their mentorship with the coins, credits, and other payment gateways options. It is very important for the company to know if they are communicating with their customers in comfortable timings. For ensuring they do so, AddWeb helped with the time zone as this can showcase timings as per the location of the user.


Client Calls


Man Hours




Coffee Consumed


Team Members


Line of Code

Technology Stack

AddWeb Solution chooses latest tools, techniques and software platforms to develop SageFlow website.

We launched a fully-tested and operational site for Sageflow. Sageflow now experienced speed and increased user engagement. Now Sageflow was possible to handle the traffic. The site got amazing reviews which proved our word of commitment for our work.

The responsive platform developed for Sageflow boosted their conversion rates to 150%, and also helped them to create a strong community and marketplace of their own.

AddWeb helped Sageflow by providing them with a comfortable and relying platform. Our UI/UX developers did a great job of improvising the user experience. We created whole role-based access and relationship, which makes this site is accessible via membership. Users can now pay easily with coins, credits, and other payment gateway options.

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Jigish Chauhan

Ravi Maniyar

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Pooja Upadhyay

Ashutosh Kumar

Ankur Sharma

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