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For a Shift in User Expectations

For companies which are wondering whether to launch a mobile application or web application, choosing Progressive App Development is the best choice. Progressive Web Apps (PWA) are the future of applications which offers combined benefits of the web as well as mobile. In simple words, companies do not have to launch separate apps on separate platforms. 

AddWeb Solution is one of the best and trusted Progressive Web App development service providers in India with several successful project portfolio. Our team of progressive web application development services can enable your business to seamlessly grow to the next level. We have PWA developers’ team to offer you customized PWA as per your business requirements. With robust, flawless and 3x faster applications on board, you can stay a step ahead of the global competition. 

Our web applications are designed and developed using advanced technologies and platforms that offer high performance and instant results. Our solutions are future-proof, future-ready and easily extendible as and when required. There are several other benefits of progressive web application technology platforms.

Progressive Web Application Development Services

Building fast, reliable, & engaging PWA web applications

Benefits of Progressive Web App Technology

Leveraging the benefits of progressive development services, our team of PWA enables companies in maintaining their standalone position in the business curve through unparalleled conversions using intelligent apps and maximum user engagements. Some of the major benefits of PWA to be considered are:

Progressive Web Apps

The reason why PWAs are the futuristic apps of the coming decade because it can seamlessly work with any browser and run on any device enabling full features of web and mobile.

Re-engaging Web Apps

PWAs offers enhanced user experience with intelligent Push Notification features & functionalities. Coupled with intelligent and intuitive features of mobile and web, PWAs attract clients easily to your site.

Highly User Friendly

The reason why PWAs are instantly popular in the market because it is easy to install and accessible using even a URL. And it can be shared across different platforms enabling fast and secured access experience to users.

Faster User Engagement

Enabling background synch and offline working mode, PWAs enables advanced customization and better conversations.

Native App-Like

Another major advantage PWA is the mobile shell that it offers enabling the users to enjoy the benefits of web applications and mobile application both.

Highly Swift and Secured

PWAs are designed and developed using latest technology platforms which offers high speed performance and secured layers to protect your communications and transactions. Faster loading, better experience and reduced bounce rates are added benefits.

Our Progressive Web App Work

We serve all our clients even-handedly, irrespective of the size of their business, project or industry type. No wonder our portfolio today is wealthy enough to be boasted!



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Sune Vestergaard



Excellent communication and a very professional approach to make software projects succeed. Modern and flexible ways of working - driven by processes and best practices within software development.

Advance Technologies Need Advance Platforms

Progressive Web App development requires multiple designs and development so we use only the best ones that offer maximum performance and features.

Agile Methodology

Pragmatic, Artful and Transparent working Methodology is what differentiates us from others

Agile Development Workflow

Our Engagement Models

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is progressive web application and how does it work?

Mobile applications have to be installed to access them but with progressive web application you do need to install it. Users can browse the application even without installing.

How is PWA installed on mobile or desktop?

If you are using a PWA through browser then click on the browser menu and select the option to install the (AppName) option. Choose the click install button on prompt and the app will be installed.

Can PWA be used on all browsers?

Yes, the best thing about PWA is, it can be used across all the browsers including Firefox, Chrome, Opera, etc. It can also be used on all major mobile devices.

Can you customize the PWA menu as per our requirements?

Just like any other mobile applications or web applications, the PWAs can also be customized as per your business requirements. Be it a mega menu, hierarchical screens, sliding or be it any kind of menu that your business needs.

What would be approximate costing of developing a PWA?

There is no fixed cost of PWA. The costing of PWA completely depends on the requirements, complexities, integration, timeline, team size and development using native or hybrid apps.

Do you sign NDA process?

Yes of course! We being a business ourselves, we understand the importance of NDA so we sign legal contract with all our clients, regardless of the project size.