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Select List With Cross Browser Compatibility

Saurabh Dhariwal

Saurabh Dhariwal

Adding image to select list with cross browser compatibility

Here we’re going to discuss how to add an image into HTML select tag. Select Tag is among the most commonly used features in websites, it allows you to create a drop-down list.


Now, many a time it’s required to add a specific image with respect to a specific value in the drop-down menu, default select tag does not allow you to add an image, here I have made a simple jQuery tweak with which you can embed an image into the drop-down menu with cross-browser compatibility.


I will now explain the procedure step-by-step.

1) Construct the html structure as follows:

<div class="drop-down">    
	   <select name="options">     
	   <option class="en" value="en" 
	   <option class="fr" value="fr"
	   <option class="nl" value="nl"


 2) Use following js to convert select list to ul-li structure:

jQuery().ready(function() {  
/* Custom select design */    
jQuery('.drop-down').append('<div class="button"></div>');    
jQuery('.drop-down').append('<ul class="select-list"></ul>');    
jQuery('.drop-down select option').each(function() {  
var bg = jQuery(this).css('background-image');    
jQuery('.select-list').append('<li class="clsAnchor"><span value="' + jQuery(this).val() + '" class="' + jQuery(this).attr('class') + '" style=background-image:' + bg + '>' + jQuery(this).text() + '</span></li>');   
jQuery('.drop-down .button').html('<span style=background-image:' + jQuery('.drop-down select').find(':selected').css('background-image') + '>' + jQuery('.drop-down select').find(':selected').text() + '</span>' + '<a href="javascript:void(0);" class="select-list-link">Arrow</a>');   
jQuery('.drop-down ul li').each(function() {   
if (jQuery(this).find('span').text() == jQuery('.drop-down select').find(':selected').text()) {  
jQuery('.drop-down .select-list span').on('click', function()
var dd_text = jQuery(this).text();  
var dd_img = jQuery(this).css('background-image'); 
var dd_val = jQuery(this).attr('value');   
jQuery('.drop-down .button').html('<span style=background-image:' + dd_img + '>' + dd_text + '</span>' + '<a href="javascript:void(0);" class="select-list-link">Arrow</a>');      
jQuery('.drop-down .select-list span').parent().removeClass('active');    
$('.drop-down select[name=options]').val( dd_val ); 
$('.drop-down .select-list li').slideUp();     
jQuery('.drop-down .button').on('click','', function()
jQuery('.drop-down ul li').slideToggle();  
/* End */       


3) Use the following css to hide the select box, & make the option list work on ul-li. Also style the dropdown:

.drop-down { 
 position: relative;  
 display: inline-block;    
 width: auto;       
 margin-top: 0;   
 font-family: verdana;    
 .drop-down select {   
 display: none;    
 .drop-down .select-list {   
 position: absolute;     
 top: 0;      
 left: 0;     
 z-index: 1;    
 margin-top: 40px;    
 padding: 0;         
 background-color: #595959;      
 .drop-down .select-list li {   
 display: none;      
 .drop-down .select-list li span {  
 display: inline-block;      
 min-height: 40px;        
 min-width: 280px;      
 width: 100%;        
 padding: 5px 15px 5px 35px;     
 background-color: #595959;     
 background-position: left 10px center;   
 background-repeat: no-repeat;       
 font-size: 16px;       
 text-align: left;       
 color: #FFF;        
 opacity: 0.7;      
 box-sizing: border-box;     
 .drop-down .select-list li span:hover,  
 .drop-down .select-list li span:focus {     
 opacity: 1;     


Final result

Adding image to select list with cross browser compatibility
Adding image to select list with cross browser compatibility

Hope this blog is quickly and easily guide for cross-browser compatibility. thanks, For Best Web Design Services, contact us now!!