Exclusive real estate app ideas

Running a real estate enterprise can be challenging. It’s a growing sector, with the value of homes increasing by 7.2% in the US beginning in 2018.

According to reports from the US Census Bureau, about 74.4 percent of rentals in the US are owned by individual real property investors. According to Realty Biz, new households will exist by 2025. The number of real estate investors has grown by 50% over the past ten years.

The demand for smart home appliances has risen. A survey conducted by Ventureboat revealed that 60% of tenants are interested in smart home security, while 63% need intelligent home climate control. 58% are interested in smart lighting, and 56% ask for smart safety products like CO detectors.

Virtual tours are a popular feature for people looking to tour rental properties and many other properties, and this has been made possible through real property apps.

Suppose these data suggest one thing. In that case, it’s that, like all other areas of life being modernized by technology and innovation, the business of real estate mobile app development isn’t left out.

Why Use Real Estate Apps for a Real Estate Business?

Apps are a great way to increase your company’s effectiveness with less time and effort. With apps, your customers can effortlessly contact you with just a few taps of their phones.

Since realtors are increasingly embracing mobile technology to help them grow their businesses, it is essential for those businesses that still need to start using mobile apps to expand their businesses to do so. It is highly recommended that these firms create an app using high-quality and reliable cross-platform app development services.

Real estate agents can use real estate app to provide the best service to their clients. They can adapt to modern trends and remain profitable in today’s highly competitive market.

Your clients will require easy use when searching for a product or service. So, you can help them through your real estate app. Whether you are lending your home, leasing it, buying the property, or selling it, the applications are a one-stop solution to all your business requirements and will be more successful.

Must-Have Features of a Real Estate Mobile App

The principal goal behind developing a real estate application is to catch consumers’ attention and help make the selling or buying process easier.

Of course, you want to be something other than just another real estate app available in the stores that nobody downloads. So, it’s important to keep an eye on the most recent trends and features and incorporate them into your application.

Below, we’ll review the most basic and fashionable features that should be part of your real estate application.

User Onboarding (Signup/Login)

The user onboarding process is one of the primary elements of a real estate application, and it needs to be as easy as possible. There are three methods to accomplish this:

  • Social media authorization
  • Authorization via email
  • Phone verification

You may choose one of the methods above to allow users to sign up for your application, but combining the options above is an excellent idea. It can give users flexibility and convenience and make signing up even easier.

User Profiles (User, Sellers & Agents)

Users must be able to create profiles on the app to participate in different tasks within the application. There should be profiles for different groups of users.

For instance, the choices available for the buyer’s profile significantly differ from those for an agent’s. The buyer will have access to the house listings, save the most liked listings, browse the specific listings, make an inquiry, and so on. (We’ll be discussing these features in the coming days.)

In contrast, an agent can view his clients’ listings, schedules, lists of potential buyers, the number of views on each listing, advertising options, and other information.

There could be common elements also. Features, like messages and maps, may be available to everyone.

Listings and Database

Listing properties is another essential element of the real estate app. It’s important to present the available properties and include all necessary information within the listing.

Anyone who wants to rent or sell their home can add their listings without hassle.

You’ll need a large database because the number of properties listed and users will continue to grow. Users and, consequently, listing numbers will increase shortly, so ensure that your server or database is flexible enough to handle the increase in operations. A reliable database is essential in any real estate application.

Filters and Categories

Have you ever considered the most difficult aspect of looking for homes online? It’s getting the right property.

You’ll be required to offer advanced search options for users to ease the search process. Create categories and filters so that people can quickly locate properties that match their requirements.

Property Profiles

The profiles contain a wealth of information about the home, including descriptions, photographs, videos, rich media, prices, valuation propositions, details, the neighborhood, information about the owner, and more.

Over 80% of people decide to purchase an apartment or not by looking at the images and videos they have added.

Additionally, you may be required to include the contact information of the owner of the property or the agent in your property profile.

Favorites (Shortlisting)

Your app should let users save their preferred properties. This will make their decision-making process easier.

Users have access to their most-loved properties and all information in their profiles.


It’s hard to imagine a real estate application with this option. Integrating maps into your application can provide abundant information for the end-users.

In addition to showing the locations of your properties and their locations, you can also show the information and statistics for the property. On government websites, you will find information about the location, like the crime rate, the infrastructure, and the schools nearby, as well as the average income and the probability of natural catastrophes.

A seasoned developer of real estate apps like AddWeb Solution will help you obtain this data through government databases and display it on your application’s map.

Push Notifications

Push notifications can be a very effective marketing strategy. You must incorporate this feature into your real estate application to achieve long-term success.

Push notifications let you keep at the top of the client’s mind. This is also useful for efficiently promoting your products.

Use push notifications to contact potential customers or periodically send them industry updates. You can also notify customers when the price changes or an additional property is built in a specific area.

However, messages must be personalized to maximize the benefits of push notifications. Only send valuable messages to the users who are the final recipients.

Property Cost Calculators

Price calculators are an excellent addition to your mobile real estate application. Developers can request to incorporate a custom cost estimation option, which will give users an idea of the property’s price.

Check that the calculator is accurate enough. It should let users determine the amount to be paid, which depends on various variables, such as the beginning payment timeframe, tax, loan interest, and loan repayment timetable.


The calendar may seem appealing, but it’s a great tool for agents and buyers.

If buyers want to schedule an appointment with an agent or the seller, they can easily search for available dates and then schedule an appointment within the application. The calendar will issue reminders to each party at the agreed-upon time.

Call or Direct Messaging

Giving users in-depth details on the property is just one aspect. You must take customers to the next step on the sale funnel by incorporating the direct messaging or call feature.

There are many ways to bring buyers and agents together:

  • Direct Call
  • Callback option
  • Chat on the internet
  • Book a consultation

If buyers are interested in a particular type of property and in a particular property, they must be able to contact the owner or the dealer for more information.


Analytics is among the most important characteristics of any mobile app.

You may want to develop a real estate market that allows customers to purchase or rent property or create an app exclusive to your company; you need to know how users interact with your application.

Analytics can provide valuable insight into your app’s performance and what should be improved to boost it. You can gain valuable data about your users’ behavior and in-app actions, including their time on a particular screen. This information can assist you in making better decisions about your app.

To maximize your data, you should sort your users according to their behavior and incorporate them into marketing campaigns.

Virtual Tour

Last but not least, virtual tours or 3D walkthroughs can be an amazing method of giving buyers an experience of the house they want to buy in real-time. According to the study, 70% of first-time homebuyers think a virtual 3D tour of homes for sale is as crucial as an open home.

Top Perks of Real Estate Apps

Here are the top benefits of having a mobile real estate application to run your business.

Higher Engagement

Mobile apps can help you create a more enjoyable sales process for your customers and give them a stunning impact, allowing you to stand out from your competitors and boost your sales.

Enhanced Productivity

Mobile apps can access data quicker and allow communications more quickly and easily by allowing you to use your mobile device regardless of location. This is how you will save time savings and earn extra income.

Better Communications

Mobile applications allow for better and faster communication with customers, ensuring they can access us whenever needed, thus providing them with an unbeatable and unforgettable customer experience.

Top Real Estate App Ideas for 2024

2024 was a year that brought many opportunities for realtors because house prices increased. Homeowners have numerous options because of the rapid evolution of infra, but they will find them all at one location.

This is where you can seize the opportunity through an app for real estate development that uses innovative concepts to provide the desired solution. Here are some of the best web app ideas as well as mobile app ideas to develop real estate apps:

Locality Review App

There are many reasons why an app development company utilizes the ease of localization services. Regarding the real estate market, a great location is just as important for a high-quality property.

A locality review application allows anyone to rate the location. The location is rated on various aspects, such as schooling, climate, distance to the town, amenities, living, and more.

Combining these elements will result in an overall star rating or basic score of the localities. Additionally, this application helps customers find the best area for them. It allows them to choose which real estate property they should invest in.

Property Listing App

According to the National Association of Realtors, more than 50% of buyers are searching for properties online, and this number is likely to increase soon. So, it’s the responsibility of the real estate agent to post their properties on the Internet through an agency for web application development, which is accessible to clients via either a mobile or website application.

Therefore, a property listing app is ideal for real estate companies to categorize properties, beginning with rental properties, commercial space, and homes to sell.

It is crucial to establish an authentic-looking website to build trust with customers and provide the convenience of allowing customers to communicate with the property owner to negotiate an agreement. You could earn a commission on all deals completed through your application.

Buying and Renting Info App

Renting or buying a home is often challenging because it requires much research and documentation. To make the process feasible and straightforward for your customers, you must provide an avenue to gather all the information in one place that is easy to access with paperless applications. Access to all data at a single location can assist the customers in choosing the best solution while giving an enjoyable and memorable experience for their customers.

This app includes a way to communicate with your customers so they can contact you anytime they require it.

House Buying and Renting Information App

Renting or buying a home is often challenging because it requires extensive research and document filing. Making it simple and easy for your customers and helping them choose the best solution provides them with the best possible customer experience. Apps can help you incorporate fundamental information regarding buying and renting.

It answers your clients’ most frequently asked queries and provides them with an easy experience. This application is a great way to offer it to your customers as an added service. It can be used to provide advice at the earliest opportunity or to demonstrate the process at meetings.

Furthermore, the app could integrate a communication channel between your customers and you so they can contact you anytime.

Real Estate AR/VR App

Showing properties through AR/VR technology is among the most popular real estate business concepts in 2020. AR/VR technology in the real estate market will be $2.6 billion in 2025. AR and VR technology can reduce the time and money consumers spend checking out the properties of different owners.

These technology solutions allow users to access properties anytime and from any location. Real estate companies using these techniques can close deals earlier than traditional property displays. With AR/VR, you don’t need a staging process to showcase the property.

Since AR/VR can show the entire interior of a property, buyers can imagine an apartment’s layout. Additionally, they can buy the interiors and view a virtual tour of a house.

Property Investment App

Create an application that will inform investors or assist them in making an investment decision in the property market. The real estate app should have a chat area where users can ask questions about any difficulties they face during a real estate investment.

Additionally, the app should include an in-house expert who is knowledgeable and experienced in the real estate market. The expert should be able to respond to all users’ questions, providing solutions to their concerns and the best investment options. The specialist should describe where investors can get the best returns if they buy property.

The real estate market is not stationary and constantly changes in demand and supply. The specialist section must provide data regarding this. This will allow you to determine when investors should purchase or sell their properties to reap the highest yields.

A smart app for real estate provides a thorough assessment of a property on a tiny screen. Just tap the screen, and you’ll get a thorough analysis of the relevant information about the property regarding the property in question. The data could include the price trends for a particular area, the mortgage value of the property within that area, the supply-demand situation during the period, and so on.

This comprehensive analysis will give the user a complete picture of the real estate market they’ll need to make the best choice about investing in real property.

Lead Generation App

An app for Lead generation can help you generate leads by allowing people to contact the property with their private information.

The user’s information is stored within the CRM system and can be used to create buyer profiles and improve sales actions. Businesses can also monitor how customers use their applications and interact with others through programs such as Google Analytics.

Property Listing App

Do you know that 93% of potential buyers start by exploring online listings? Can you list your property sale?

  • Just for rental
  • to rent or sell
  • Just to be sold

A property listing platform allows homeowners to sign up and list their properties and permits buyers or renters to search for and buy homes based on their requirements.

Document Library App

Selling or lending money involves a lot of paperwork; sometimes, it’s difficult to ensure all documents are accessible immediately.

A software program helps you collect all of the essential documents in one place and organize them according to your client’s needs to simplify their use. Using smartphones, you can easily show documents to your participants during meetings.

Clients may need to sign documents directly on their smartphones using e-verified signatures, which reduces the effort of recording and scanning the documents. The documents could then be sent to clients easily and printed at the point of need.

Property Rental App

The rental industry is a rapidly growing business. People are constantly moving from one area to the next, which leads to a need for leasing stays. Therefore, to avoid wasting your time, start by implementing this strategy to start your real estate company.

Create a brokerage model to run your rental business online. You have two options: either start renting your property or create an online marketplace where homeowners can sign up to rent the properties they own.

The digital rental industry is extremely beneficial for the real estate industry. It’s much simpler than traditional renting. Renters can pay rent on the internet. They can discuss all questions online should they have any questions. It is possible to contact numerous property owners looking to leave their homes. Through the platform, the property owners can advertise their properties, and on every booking, you’ll receive a flat commission fee from them, too.

The Key Takeaway

In today’s competitive and technologically driven world, people want to be able to access everything they need. Since they only have time to explore some properties, they are drawn to online platforms. With these platforms, they can find properties and even visit them personally.

Buyers are comfortable using online platforms for real estate, so now is the best time to develop an online platform to promote your real estate business. Choose the most effective app concept and let the Real Estate app development company take care of the rest.

Suppose you’re an expert in real estate and want to propel your business to a new level. In that case, you should partner with an experienced mobile application development company such as AddWeb Solution. The experts will help you implement the concept and customize it to become an app for real estate. This is the most efficient method for businesses to benefit from the most advanced technology.

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