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By 2027, the total annual revenue of the eCommerce industry will reach a staggering USD 5.56 trillion. To put that into perspective, it is more than the GDP of the UK. And that will grow as more people prefer to buy products and services online.

This has encouraged small and large businesses to actively participate in doing more commerce business. We know this because we have worked on many eCommerce app development projects. One of the most common questions is about the eCommerce mobile app development cost.


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‘How much is it to develop an eCommerce mobile app?’

We will answer it in this post and a few essential factors you need to know about before hiring eCommerce app developers.

Factors That Influence eCommerce App Costs

Let’s look at the factors that decide the cost of eCommerce app development in 2023.

How complex the app is.

Developing an eCommerce app like Amazon or Flipkart is a massive task as it involves extensive work and development. And the app is highly complex due to a variety of features.

A few of the elements that make the app complex are:

  • User account creation.
  • Payment gateways.
  • Product catalogues.
  • The check-out process.
  • Rewards systems.
  • EMI payment options.

The more complex the app is, the more expensive the development process is. If you are a small business looking to sell your products, that will cost you less.

Platforms the app is being developed for.

If you want to develop the app natively for iOS and Android, that will cost you a lot. It will take a lot of time, and you also need to hire different production teams to work on different app iterations.

This is also going to cost you more money.

The best way to avoid such issues is to do the required market research and create an app that caters to your target audience.

Using a cross-platform app development approach is also highly recommended.

Integration and use of third-party APIs.

Creating features natively for your app can increase the overall cost of development, as a developer needs to spend time on it. And that will take more time and money out of your pocket.

Instead, you can integrate third-party APIs to bring all the capabilities and functionalities to your site.

Since they already have working features, you don’t need to worry about their performance.

Whether you want maintenance.

Other factors to consider when building an eCommerce app are regular updates and maintenance. You can enter an AMC contract with the eCommerce development company you are working with if needed.

That’s going to cost you extra. However, you can also do that if you want to have an AMC outside of the existing contract.

Either way, maintenance is a crucial element of any app. And the more complex the app is, the more it will cost you.

Customization and design requirements.

Suppose you want a highly customized eCommerce mobile app with an impeccably unique design that will take time and cost you more. Developing customized apps right from the ground up is a time-intensive process.

Opting for that will save the time needed to complete the project, which naturally makes the app cost more.

The same thing happens with the design, too. You may use templates or themes available with a few edits. And that brings the cost down.

Where your development partner is located.

If you hire eCommerce app developers in the US or the UK, that’s going to cost a lot of money because they charge higher. On the other hand, choosing a partner from India or the Philippines can cost you a lot less money.

There are several reasons for this, and the biggest reason is that labour in India and the Philippines is more affordable.

Hence, you get impressive value for every dollar you invest in the project. And you can get all these without compromising on the quality.

The app development process.

Yes, that’s right. Depending on the development process, the cost can vary.

Let’s say you are developing a new eCommerce app right from scratch. It takes time to be ideated, planned, and executed meticulously.

This takes a lot of time.

Instead of that, you can build a clone of an existing app.

And that will cost a lot less as the idea is already there. You must clone the app to fit your products and brand preferences.

Payment gateways.

Payment gateways are essential for accepting online payments. But they will cost a lot as integrating them takes time and effort.

Depending on your business, these options change, such as:

  • Hosting payment gateway as needed into the app.
  • Integrating the API.
  • Setting up alternative payments.
  • Effectively embed the payment gateways into the app.
  • Integrating mobile wallets as per your needs.

The Cost of Developing eCommerce Apps

We hope you understand the factors affecting the cost of developing an eCommerce app. This is how we explain the cost to our clients. We educate our clients when they want to know about the project’s cost.

Here is a table with the approximate amount for developing a eCommerce app. 


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Benefits of Having an eCommerce App for Your Business

While developing an eCommerce app is a considerable investment, it has the potential to take your business to the next level.

Here are a few advantages of using ecommerce apps.

Ease of use.

It enables your users to buy products and services more conveniently. They can buy your products anywhere—while travelling, from their office, or at home.

And that can make your business more user-friendly, improving your sales.

Customer experience.

Having an ecommerce app improves the overall customer experience. The convenience they can enjoy is unparalleled. And this will positively influence your business.

Brand awareness.

People will use it more when your business has an excellent eCommerce app. And they will talk about it in their community, friend circles, etc. This is great for your business as it can expand your brand awareness.

A competitive edge.

You can trump your competition with a high-performing and intuitive mobile app to sell your products. As you offer a more convenient way, you can also attract users from your competition.

Improved sales.

Selling products and services at the store and from your eCommerce app leads to more sales. And you can also reach more people than you could not previously.

How to Develop an eCommerce App on a Budget?

An intelligent approach and expert eCommerce app development company like AddWeb Solution can help you build an eCommerce app on a budget.

Here is what you can do.

Step 1

Don’t release the app with all the features at first. Develop only the most important factors first and add more features later if your users need them.

Step 2

Shopify, WooCommerce, etc., offer many pre-built eCommerce platforms. Use this to save time and money.

Step 3

You must work with an agency that can offer you affordable services. AddWeb Solution in India is an excellent option to do that.

Step 4

Instead of using proprietary software programs, develop the app using open-source platforms and technologies. Some of the open-source technologies are even better than their paid counterparts.

Step 5

You can also reuse the code from your previous app. If you can use some parts of the code, it would reduce the overall development cost for sure.

Step 6

Many eCommerce app development companies offer multiple engagement options. Opt for a fixed-price agreement option, which ensures more value for your project and reduces costs.

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Why Choose Us for eCommerce App Development?

When hiring eCommerce app developers, you must hire a reliable eCommerce mobile app design and development company like us.

And if you are wondering why AddWeb Solution is unique, here are a few reasons.

Our expertise in the industry.

AddWeb Solution is among the most respected agencies offering eCommerce app development services. We have earned that image by working on diverse projects from large and small businesses during the last decade.

This expertise enables us to work on diverse eCommerce app projects innovatively and deliver the best service at all times.

Trained and skilled developers.

You can hire eCommerce app developers confidently from AddWeb Solution. They have the experience and qualifications to do what they are doing. Our practice is to train each of our developers in the latest technologies and frameworks as they are released.

So, you never have to worry about the talent working on your project when you choose AddWeb Solution’s eCommerce app development services.

Streamlined development process.

Imagine if you have not planned your app development. The result is a waste of resources in terms of money, time, talent, etc. But that does not happen at AddWeb Solution.

We plan every single project we undertake, eCommerce app development or not.

This helps us deliver the project on time, ensure value to the client’s investment, and make it easier for them to quickly take their product to the market.

Advanced eCommerce apps.

We believe in creating apps that help your business grow. And technology plays a massive role in that. Having realized this, our team of expert eCommerce app developers always leverage the latest technologies to make your app.

This empowers your app with all the features and advanced functionalities you need to impress your existing and prospective customers.

Multiple QA processes.

Quality means the world to us as an eCommerce development company in India. We have multiple quality assessment processes and tests to keep the apps we develop at the highest echelon of quality.

Regardless of your industry, your app will always comply with industry standards and often exceed the benchmarks of global quality expectations. Son, you don’t need to worry about the quality of our apps.


eCommerce apps help sell your products and services and reach more users easily. Most people worldwide use a smartphone, so you can make your app available to them to encourage them to buy from you. This is a marketing strategy that many businesses have used and has proven highly effective. However, when developing an eCommerce mobile app for your business, you must hire eCommerce app developers who can deliver value and quality. And that’s something we can offer you aplenty.

We have served numerous businesses looking to expand their reach and sales through dedicated eCommerce mobile apps. We have always served tailored eCommerce development services that exceeded their expectations.

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