Content Management System: 10 Features Every CMS Absolutely Needs

Roughly, content management systems are as old as the internet! If you look at the statistics, the CMS market is valued at approximately $36 billion in 2018 and it is predicted that it will grow and reach to $123.5 billion by 2026. While WordPress hit the top with 34% of all the websites on the internet, Joomla, Drupal, and other CMS are holding their position in the market with necessary updates and features.

But did you ever notice that the majority of the market today is made up of content management systems having a mere presence in the market? This means that there is a lot of room for improvement when it comes to CMS. Moreover, not all the CMS offer desired features suitable for your business.

So, what all features you need to consider when choosing a CMS for your business? Let’s take a look at 10 key features that every business should expect from the CMS development company.

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Intuitive CMS Dashboard for the admins

Be it Drupal CMS development or WordPress CMS development, the dashboard is the heart of any CMS. It helps businesses to manage various tasks related to their website from the backend. Whether it is about managing the contents, installing modules or plugins, or measuring the performance of a website, Dashboard simplifies managing a website. Therefore, it is one of the most crucial features a CMS should offer.

Responsive Templates/Themes to achieve cross-device compatibility

While evaluating the CMS platforms, it is crucial to have a look at the themes or templates offered by them. In today’s mobility world, your website must be responsive. If CMS is not offering responsive themes or templates, it is always important to check if download or purchase of such themes or templates is available or not. Having such features will help you optimize your website for all devices.

Impactful Publishing Tool to support their marketing efforts

One of the core features of any CMS is a content editor. While choosing CMS for your website, make sure it offers an intuitive and rock-solid content editor where you can create and publish content of different types on the go. Moreover, it should allow you to add various multimedia such as images, videos, call to action, and more. In the case of Drupal CMS development, you can also leverage from WYSIWYG editor where you can modify a page without any HTML code and validate the changes in real-time.

Support for Multilingual

It is rare to find a country or market without any language barriers. Thus, to reach customers speaking different languages, you must need CMS that provides multilingual support. At present, many CMS are not offering multilingual support. To make sure your online business hits the right kind of audience without any language barrier, it is worth to spend time finding CMS or invest in WordPress CMS development.

In-built powerful SEO tools

With CMS having in-built SEO tools, it becomes easy for you to boost your marketing efforts by optimizing your content and other elements. Whenever you select any CMS, try to validate a few things such as whether it uses proper HTML markup, does it use SEO-friendly permalinks, or whether it uses responsive design elements or not. This way you can validate whether CMS is SEO-friendly or not. You can also get help from the CMS development company to help you choose the right CMS offering exceptional SEO tools.

Integration with Social Media

When it comes to improving your web presence, organic traffic is the only source that can help you do so. And integration with social media can help you drive referral traffic for your website. Today, the majority of the CMS platforms offer social media integration as a by default feature. However, it is mandatory to check if CMS allows you to schedule and publish posts on social media, how about adding social media sharing buttons or icons, what type of analytics provided, and so on.

Detailed and meaningful insights

In today’s fast-paced world, it is crucial to know where your target audience is moving and how they are using your website to fulfill their needs. And nothing is better than detailed insights about it. A well-crafted CMS should offer detailed analytics to measure the performance of your website. Many CMS often provide support for integrating Google Analytics or other popular analytical tools. Try to check what type of analytical features your CMS provides.

Support for Multisite

To survive in today’s highly competitive web world, having a single company website is no longer useful. Apart from the conventional website, you need to set up or have other sites for blogs, intranet portals, and microsites to support your main website with additional links and traffic. Therefore, an ideal CMS should support and offer the multisite feature.

Robust Security

With an increasing number of cybercrimes, maximizing the security of your website is crucial. CMS platform you choose should not only protect your data but also help you protect the data of your customers and products. While evaluating any CMS for your business, make sure you check what sort of in-built security features it offers and whether you need assistance from a CMS development company to achieve some security measures for your website. Also, make sure you check whether CMS provides support to CDN, SSL, Firewall, and other important parameters or not.

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Uninterrupted Support

Since the majority of the CMS platforms are open-source, it is hard to find dedicated support in the event of any issue. In such a scenario, it is worth having a look at the community of the CMS. Open-source communities may be a great help for your Drupal CMS development or WordPress CMS development. However, it is not always a feasible option since you might not have enough time to do so. Therefore, it is very important to check whether CMS provides any live support or not. It is a must-to-have feature for all CMS.

Finding the right CMS for your business…

Of course, every CMS is unique and brings a specific set of features considering its target audience. However, the features discussed here are the most basic ones that should be supported or provided by any kind of CMS you choose. Want to have customized features to fulfill your business needs? Get in touch with the best CMS development company to help you get the desired set of features available for your CMS investment.

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