Wonderful Features of WooCommerce

WooCommerce App Builder: The Plug-In That Can Do Marvellous Things!

WooCommerce is an online platform in the form of a plug-in, which provides service to online retailers to sell their products and reach out to more and more people. Though it provides creating e-commerce development sites for businesses, it is an open-source plug-in for WordPress, helping vendors run their small or large-sized businesses online. The features it provides are versatile and customizable for the website development needed for a business retailer.

Wonderful Features WooCommerce You May Not Be Aware Of

Following are the marvellous features of WooCommerce store app provided to the online store retailers:


WooCommerce store app

If you are selling the tickets for flight or train or providing booking services for the following: a hotel for a trip over a weekend, a ticket to a new movie, or anything else, plug-in helps you do it for you easily. WooCommerce allows your site visitors to place the booking by letting them pick a specific date and time in the calendar, and there the booking is made hassle-free. The plug-in is intelligent in preventing overbookings by permitting you to control the calendar features. It offers invoicing, assists in payment through payment gateways, etc.

Demo: The WC Resort & Spa

Plugin: WooCommerce Bookings



The recurring payment is allowed for subscriptions, which could be monthly or yearly. Any subscriptions you wish to sell, such as for newspapers, products, magazines, online access, etc. are administered by the plug-in. As said earlier, it synchs with different gateways for payments. So in case, the customer happens to cancel the subscription directly at the provider side, then the subscription is cancelled at your store automatically. The plug-in supports the bill as long as you are selling the product irrespective of whether it is online or physical selling or providing monthly or yearly subscriptions on the products. As long as you sell, the plug-in generates the bill for you.

Plugin: WooCommerce Subscriptions



Memberships are quite popular among the study groups and students these days. So once a new user pays for a membership, they get access to the premium content provided by the authors. So with the subscription author is sure of getting recurring income. The WordPress essential plug-in Group allows users to have different levels. This, combined with the WooCommerce plug-in, the seller can start offering paid memberships anytime. And with WooCommerce Subscriptions, vendors can sell the clubs.

Plugin: Groups for WooCommerce

Facebook Store

Facebook Store

With WooCommerce, it’s easier for online retailers to connect, advertise, and sell their products on Facebook. Through WooCommerce, the vendors can connect their online store with Facebook for business. Retailers can organize the store on their respective Facebook pages and coordinate and advertise the products in the store and on to the Facebook page. 

Demo: Facebook Store Demo

Plugin: Facebook Store



Auctions allow the retailers to execute multiple bids for the products at the store, and it records the bid history along with the countdown timer. The winners of the bid can pay the money and get access to the stuff. It also has a section forbidding parties to keep track of their bidding history called the “My Auctions” section. So equipping your WooCommerce site with this plug-in lets you host auctions anytime easily.

Demo: wpgenie’s WooCommerce Simple Auctions & Plugins Demo

Plugin: WooCommerce Simple Auctions



This plug-in helps in notifying the new orders for the companies/ stores that you are working for. This makes it easy for you to sell their products through your web store. Once the new order arrives, the company supplying the product is also notified through email. Also, it provides status updates and tracks the money you need to pay the supplying company.

Screenshots: WooCommerce Dropshippers

Plugin: WooCommerce Dropshippers

Affiliate Store

Affiliate Store

This feature is amazing as it lets the online retailers sell their products without having to maintain an inventory, and it’s free, which makes WooCommerce popular. If you are advertising someone else’s (different store/ company) product, then you can give the customers a feel of shopping by showcasing the affiliated products from different stores. It’s a built-in feature.

Plugin: WooCommerce (built-in)



This plug-in adds an option to the product listing page for the customer to quote a price when he places bulk orders at your store, this eliminates the unnecessary hassle of emailing or faxing the quotes for the product.

Demo: WooCommerce Request a Quote Demo

Plugin: WooCommerce Request a Quote



You can use Product vendors plug-in with WooCommerce to make up your market place acting as a middleman. The vendors can manage the stock, and you can get a commission for the sale that you make.

Screenshots: WooCommerce Product vendors

Plugin: Product vendors

Design Your Product

Design Your Product

The clients can be offered to use their ideas to prepare designs for products like T-shirts (single/ couple), mugs, which introduces product customization.

Demo: Fancy Product Designer
Plugin: Fancy Product Designer – WooCommerce WordPress

WooCommerce App Builder

WooCommerce App Builder

WooCommerce store sites can be mobile friendly in different ways to reach out to more and more people. The business owners can transform their WooCommerce online site into the WooCommerce Native app to stay up with the current trends of selling to target more and more customers. Sellers can also switch their desktop-based site into the WooCommerce React Native app or WooCommerce mobile app to help shoppers buy the products from their store conveniently using their mobiles on the go. With this, you can make WooCommerce, so using WooCommerce, you can sell your product online through the online store. WordPress web development has many features that let you create a website with your own requirements. There are many WordPress development companies that can help you with creating your online store up and running. WooCommerce powers about 99% of the e-commerce websites around the UK, Canada. 

Demo: AddWeb Shop – WooCommerce App using ReactNative

Plugin: AddWeb Shop 

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