Drupal Is the Ideal Platform for Building Sports Websites

There is a close connection between all the sports/games and competition, both of which go literally hand-in-hand. The entire proposition of all the athletic competitions is to beat the opponents by being stronger, better, and much faster. However, off the fields too, these positive traits are still needed to perform well in the competitions for grabbing the attention of your supporters. Just like any sports need to amalgamate beauty with strength in many other aspects, online websites and webpages to need both, the functionality as well as flair. So, for the first-place finish in the online digital world of today, so that the viewers’ get the best web experiences, most of the sports organizations are turning to the Drupal platform, owing to its speed, flexibility and scalability; so as to provide an edge to their online face. This validates the growing popularity of Drupal development services.

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Drupal for Setting the Sports Fields Online

Following are some of the examples where Drupal development for the best web experiences in the world of sports has been both very beautiful as well as highly practical.

Olympic Game Week

In the ecosphere of sports, till date, there has been no bigger showground than the “Olympics” itself. The biggest athletes of all time gather here from all across the world and compete amongst themselves for gold, silver, and bronze medals. During this time, NBCOlympics.com had become a sort of hub for over 100 million fans of different sports where users stream many billion minutes of content. The website has been handling a bulky amount of online traffic, providing real-time sports updates and content for fans to keep track of the races by offering live streaming of each and every sports event. However, beyond this, the website is rich in content and highly engaging to watch. It is also very easy for the users to go down below in the rabbit hole of sports content, which is available here; it includes opening ceremony replays, athlete features, event schedule as well as multimedia about the favorite sports of users or the ones that they want to be familiar with.

New England Patriots
England Patriots

As the Patriots fan or as the New Englander fan, it will be a kind of remiss for you for recapping the sports teams with the help of the Drupal platform without the regurgitation of your own home team. As a sports organization knowing about these sports championships, the Patriots had formulated the winning modus operandi for rallying their fans’ support all the year-round. All through the entire football season, the website, Patriots.com, has been the ideal stop for gathering the latest news about teams and players, highlights of the game and much more. And also in the off-seasons, Patriots.com provides plenty of rich sports content to its users to keep them engaged with their favorite teams. The website showcases exclusive interviews of players/coaches; they also show photos provided by fans of their pets, which have been decked out in the Pats’ attires.

Kentucky Derby
Kentucky Derby

On the 1st Sat in May every year, for around 2 mins, millions of users get glued to their screens to watch the of race 20 3-years-old thoroughbred horses at around 1.25 miles around the dirt-tracks at the Churchill Downs. Being one of the best digital homes for a speedy sports event through the continents, the website, KentuckyDerby.com, draws in the viewers and gathers user engagement for these 2 mins. Well! Not only the websites built on the Drupal platform are well-scalable for supporting the massive inflow of traffic on the Derby day, but Drupal is also very flexible in supporting the many different types of digital content that fans seek, whether this data be related to the videos of the races happening or the mint julep recipe (s) or even the hard-to-obtain ticket information. Right from the race history to the tips about party-hosting to even the expert opinions about which horse should be betted upon, this website provides almost everything one needs to become a part of this Derby show, no matter the users are in Lucerne, Louisiana or Louisville.

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Drupal Happens to Be the Best Platform for Sports Websites

In any of the sports whatsoever, the prime goal is victory, and to win your fans. With great websites built using the Drupal platform, the sports organizations of the world can stay thoroughly competitive for their viewers’ attention and can keep their supporters fully engaged and let them cling on to their online space in the digital world for a very long tenure.

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