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Increasing Organic Traffic on your Mobile App

Ashish Jain

Ashish Jain

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Once you have developed a mobile app for your business, you may be keeping an eye on the download rate. If the download rate of your app is low, you may be looking for ways to increase organic traffic on your mobile app.


The fact is that you cannot just submit your app on the App Stores and sit back and relax for the magic to happen. You should highlight your app to the people who may be interested in downloading your app.


There are different strategies you can implement to increase the download ratio of your app and gain more organic traffic. Figure out the best tactics that can help you increase the number of downloads for your app.

App Store Optimization (ASO)

The mobile app industry is getting competitive day by day. Only using paid marketing cannot help you do wonders for your app. It is essential to focus on higher customer acquisition rates to boost your app organic traffic. Just like search engine optimization (SEO) makes your website appear on the first pages of Google and other search engines, App Store Optimization (ASO) can boost the top results on App Stores. Mobile app developers or app owners should focus on optimizing the app’s page to improve the rankings.


Here are some ASO tips to help you:


  • Conduct Keyword Research - Find relevant keywords for your app description.
  • Use Organic keywords in the content – Once you finalize the keywords, use them in title and description.
  • Create Screenshots – Use the best images to show the best features for your app.
  • Update your app frequently – Keeping your app updated will help you increase the rankings.


Further, creating the right app icon or adding a preview video can help the users get more information about the app’s features.

Use the right keywords

When it comes to improving ASO, it is important to choose the right keywords. Ask yourself: “Which keywords are the best for my app?” or “What would the users search when searching for my products or services?” You can search for the keywords and try experimenting with a few combinations. Type the selected keywords on the search bar of the App Store and get suggestions for the keywords that can be used. Conduct competitor research to figure out the best suitable keywords for your app.


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Measure everything

It is important to keep a track on the data, such as a number of downloads, ratings, reviews, and others. Use the right tools to monitor and measure the performance of your mobile app. This will help you know whether your ASO strategy is working or not. Based on the analytics, you can make changes to your ASO plan.


  • How many users download your app?
  • What is the conversion rate?
  • What is the ROI of your marketing campaign?

Use social media marketing

You cannot rely on just App store optimization when you need to increase the organic traffic on your mobile app. You can leverage social media to increase the app installs and keep your users engaged. It is important to create relevant content and engage with your users on a regular basis. Once you have created profiles on social media networks, you should post content in the form of text, images, and videos to provide value to your users. Running contests on social media can also be a good idea to get tons of organic traffic to your app. Give away features in your app can also help you make your users happy.


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Encourage user reviews

Raising your app store visibility is one of the major aspects of improving downloads. Once the users come across your app, you will be able to convince them that your app is reliable. That’s where reviews come into the picture. Encourage your users to leave reviews for your app. Sending in-app messages can help you get more reviews online. Make sure that you do not send too many notifications to the users as it can irritate them. If the users leave feedback for your brand, be responsive to them, and this can help you gain customers’ trust.

Wrap Up

Generating traffic for your mobile app may not be an easy task. Plan the best marketing strategy for your app to increase organic traffic and you would see a big difference. ASO is a long-term strategy that requires a lot of efforts and patience. Once you hire the best mobile app development company, you’ll be able to achieve your business goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is increasing organic traffic important for a mobile app's success?

Increasing organic traffic is crucial for a mobile app's success as it indicates higher visibility, user engagement, and potential conversions. Organic traffic often leads to more genuine user interactions and contributes to sustainable growth.

What role does App Store Optimization (ASO) play in boosting organic traffic for mobile apps?

ASO involves optimizing app elements like titles, keywords, and descriptions to improve visibility in app store searches. A well-optimized app store presence increases the likelihood of discovery, leading to higher organic downloads.

How can content marketing contribute to increasing organic traffic for a mobile app?

Content marketing involves creating valuable, shareable content related to the app's niche. Blog posts, infographics, and videos can attract users interested in the app's offerings, driving organic traffic through search engines and social media.

Is social media marketing effective for increasing organic traffic to a mobile app?

Yes, social media is a powerful tool. Engaging posts, user testimonials, and promotions can attract users and encourage them to share the app. Social media platforms also contribute to building a community around the app, increasing organic reach.

Why is creating high-quality, shareable content within the app essential for organic traffic growth?

High-quality, shareable in-app content encourages users to share their experiences with others. This user-generated content acts as a valuable endorsement, attracting new users and contributing to increased organic traffic.

How does optimizing for local search impact the organic visibility of a mobile app?

Optimizing for local search, including location-specific keywords, can improve the app's visibility when users search for services or products in a specific location. This localization strategy enhances the chances of appearing in relevant search results, driving organic traffic.

Can continuous updates and improvements contribute to organic traffic growth for a mobile app?

Yes, regular updates signal to app stores that the app is actively maintained and improved. This can lead to better rankings and increased organic visibility. Additionally, updates can attract users back to the app and encourage word-of-mouth referrals, contributing to organic growth.