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Team for your next Web Development project?

Ashish Jain

Ashish Jain

Web Development

With the shortage of good, skilled programmers in Western countries, many companies fish in the small ponds to hire talented remote developers. AddWeb Solution helps clients extend their development teams by offering dedicated resources.

When to consider hiring a remote team?

There are several reasons why you may need to hire a remote development team. The difficulties of hiring in-house developers and the high costs associated with it may be some of the major reasons that you may need to hire a remote development team for your website or mobile app development requirements.


hiring a remote team


You lack the desired skill set in your team

The IT sector evolves at a rapid pace. Whether you want to develop new software from scratch or wish to revamp an existing eCommerce store, you would need developers with technical expertise and skills to help you gain a competitive advantage. Hire a remote development team that has huge experience in the industry and has worked on several projects.


You struggle with the high development cost

Hiring a full-time team of developers may involve a lot of costs such as salaries, human resources, overhead costs, and a lot more. Businesses can choose to outsource the project to an offshore development agency to save costs. SMEs can hire and manage remote developers to avoid the perils of paying exorbitant costs of developing websites and mobile apps.


You need complete control over your project

When you want to have complete control over your web development or mobile app development project, you can think of hiring remote developers from AddWeb Solution. This engagement model facilitates smooth communication between the clients and the hired resources. With transparent communication between you and the developers, the communication gap can be prevented, and you can get the solutions exactly as per your requirements and preferences.


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Factors to consider while hiring dedicated remote developers

Outline the requirements and discuss expectations clearly

Before hiring a remote development team, you should define your requirements. This will help you search for the best suitable resources. Identify your exact business requirements and highlight your expectations when you talk to the development company. Communicate your business goals clearly while discussing your project requirements with the offshore development company.


In-depth remote developer screening plan

When you need to hire remote developers, you should be able to interview the candidates and make the right decision. AddWeb Solution provides the resumes of the available resources and allows clients to conduct online interviews via Skype, phone calls, or other IMs. Make sure that you check the skills, expertise, and knowledge of the developers while evaluating the developers’ experience.


Streamlined communication

One of the major roadblocks in remote development is a glitch in communications. With different time zones, clients may have to struggle with smooth communication with the hired resources. At AddWeb Solution, we ensure smooth and transparent communication between clients and the developers. When you outsource web or mobile app development projects to us, you can be assured that the hired resources would be available during your time zone to ensure hassle-free communication.


Flexibility and scalability

The developers you hire should be flexible enough in the development approach. They should provide great innovative ideas and suggestions to the clients for helping them get the best solutions to make them achieve their business goals.

How to manage a remote team effectively?

remote team effectively

Now that you’ve hired remote developers for your next project, you should know how to manage them effectively.


1. Schedule Communications

As the remote developers would work from an offshore location, you need to make sure that the resources are available for discussions regularly. You should schedule communications with the hired remote developers as per your availability. Keeping up with the scheduled meeting helps you organize your workflow and prevents delayed project launch. Organize regular online meetings and provide adequate feedback for the tasks accomplished by the remote developers.


2. Define the project timelines

When working with an offshore development team, it becomes important to build a clear, detailed roadmap and milestones to define the timeline of the project. Discuss the project timelines with the stakeholders and plan the scope and timeline.


3. Offer constant feedback

The outcome of your project depends on how quick and extensive your feedback is. It is essential to provide constant feedback and minimize time gaps. Make sure that everyone is on the same page to help you get the right solutions matching your business requirements. Try to deliver your ideas and thoughts to prevent the instances of misinterpretations. Stay in contact with the hired developers and make them feel valued.


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Final Words

Successful product development begins with hiring remote developers who are passionate about building awesome products. Hire a developer who can meet your requirements and expectations you have set for them.


You can get an amazing product as long as you ensure that:


  • You set your expectations from day 1.
  • You communicate with the hired resources regularly.
  • You provide constant feedback to developers.
  • You maintain complete transparency with the hired resources.


All you need to do is focus on setting clear expectations and keep everyone aligned. Hire someone you are comfortable with to be able to achieve your business goals. When you hire a remote team that is productive and efficient, you can save a lot of time and money while ensuring business growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I consider hiring a remote team for my web development project?

Hiring a remote team offers access to a global talent pool, cost-effectiveness, flexibility, and the ability to work with experts regardless of geographical location. It provides a scalable solution for your web development needs.

What steps should I follow to hire a remote web development team?

Start by defining your project requirements, then research and shortlist potential remote teams. Conduct thorough interviews, assess their portfolios, check client reviews, and evaluate their communication and collaboration skills before making a decision.

How can I ensure effective communication with a remote web development team?

Establish clear communication channels using tools like video conferencing, messaging platforms, and project management tools. Set regular meetings, provide detailed project documentation, and encourage open communication to foster a collaborative environment.

What criteria should I consider when evaluating the expertise of a remote web development team?

Consider factors such as the team's technical skills, relevant experience, portfolio of past projects, industry knowledge, and the ability to adapt to different technologies: request case studies or references to validate their expertise.

How can I ensure the security of sensitive project information when working with a remote team?

Implement security measures, such as non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) and secure communication channels. Choose reputable platforms for file sharing and collaboration. Additionally, discuss and clarify security concerns with the remote team beforehand.

What are the benefits of hiring a dedicated remote development team compared to freelancers?

While freelancers are suitable for specific tasks, a dedicated remote development team provides a comprehensive solution. They offer diverse skill sets, team collaboration, and project management and can handle complex projects from start to finish.