Custom Zoom

Google map theming and configuration with custom zoom controls, please follow the below details:

Styling google map allows us to change standard google map style and customize maps visual display like road, water, park and etc.

To make changes in standard google map style, we can use json array as per below:

Below is the example of google style:

Before style applied:


After style applying:


Google Maps provides ease level of customization.

We can make changes as per our needs easily. I have provided an example to configure zoom, scroll, street view and etc options to change default google map.

To Add a Custom zoom bar:

To add a custom zoom bar on the map we can add a custom element and use this element we can handle zoom controls.

I have added example code to add custom zoom controls.

Zoom bar will be displayed as per below screenshot:


Hope this helps you. Feel free to share your feedback and need any assistance regarding web development service.

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