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in India and Getting Same Productivity

Ashish Jain

Ashish Jain

Remote Developers

The outbreak of Covid-19 drastically altered the entire job scenario almost overnight. Today, there is precisely no sector of the economy that is not affected by this dreadful calamity. There is no definite timeline for the anti-dote to be formed for it, and thus this global calamity is projected to have a very lasting impact on most economies of the world with murky corollaries.

Finding Remote Workers Is Ideal at This Time!

Not working at all under this condition is certainly not the way we should approach this time, but rather we should change our way of work to attain equal productivity levels somehow. Due to this condition prevailing everywhere, some segments of the economy would be benefitted, and the organizations and firms falling under that category will be the direct beneficiaries; their workers will reap the fruits eventually. However, there may be many other sectors of the economy, which may be harmed badly; and the companies falling under them would be at a loss and so will be their workforce. Also, as our governments are ordering the people to stay indoors to stop the further spreading of Coronavirus and to self-quarantine ourselves to combat the disease, many businesses may find the idea of hiring remote developers wherein they will outsource their development work, to achieve similar results even during this lockdown time. Many companies are on their front-foot to hire remote development teams.

Indeed, There Are Challenges Even with Remote Development Teams

  • Difficulty working through diversified global Time Zones.
  • Dealing with language barriers and issues with proper communication.
  • Cultural differences and mental silos that may impact understanding, interpretation, and proper communication.
  • Bearing the high cost of keeping a project manager.
  • Inability to meet stringent deadlines or the inability to deliver a quality product.
  • Lack of post-deployment product support, viability, and routine maintenance.


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Businesses Most Likely to Be High in Demand in 2020

High in Demand in 2020

E-commerce platforms, NFC payment modules, video gaming consoles, super-mart chains, channels for live video streaming, healthcare services and providers are all going to be high in demand in the year 2020, who will be more inclined to make their online entry as never before.

Many Anticipated Roles for Remote Employees!

It is important for people working remotely that they are self-starters, as at times, there won’t be anyone to delegate each and every detail to them. So, in a way, they have to self-manage and self-organize their tasks, and manage their tasks all by themselves, and also have to manage their time for the same. They need to be initiative-takers, who deal with any roadblocks all by themselves and manage their work with challenging clients whenever encountered. Additionally, besides covering the software languages, frameworks, as well as development tools, remote developers also will have to put on some sort of pseudocode approach for resolving the development issues.

Hiring Remote Developers in India

Hiring Remote Developers in India

Businesses have to have a defined set of protocols before you hire remote developers, as follows:


  • Organizations must define the project requirements in a clear and concise manner, and decide their expectations well in advance for the final product.
  • Ask the remote developers being selected to illustrate their approaches and processes that they will implement for finding solutions, and know it all from their choice of frameworks to the workflow so on and so forth.
  • Firms must make it simpler by having backup questions as well as programming exercises of different time durations as well as difficulty levels, which must be prepared well in advance.
  • Also, having a list of criteria, which deem fit into the organization’s idea of hiring remote developers is good enough.
  • Set some definitive expectations for the remote developers you are hiring, and assist them in working together for achieving certain project milestones.

Making the Selection!

Whether you hire remote developers for some part-time roles or you hire remote development teams on a full-time basis, or you hire a company having a team of developers, try analyzing their work over some pilot project, and then proceed, as this is going to be a win-win for both the remote developers and your company.

Set Guidelines to Report the Work Remotely

It is imperative to set certain guidelines before you hire dedicated developers for them to share daily and/or weekly and/or monthly work reports to you, wherein, they outline the work areas and even detail the websites referred to, and the time spent on each and every module in detail, along with the details about troubleshooting the bugs, testing the final product on any issues, and the leaks/breaks, if any and so on.


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Benefits of Offshore Outsourcing

Benefits of Offshore Outsourcing
  • Reduced employment costs
  • Reduced office infrastructure costs
  • Your organizational work being performed by the most flexible professionals who are ready to share ultimate solutions for your development projects
  • Selection of the best-in-class dedicated developers, who are foraying across the planet
  • Full-stack of dedicated developers consolidating solutions for your company’s development projects


It is not easy to hire dedicated developers who work for you remotely! The whole selection process involves many hassles. Companies spend months and months looking for the right candidates and test dozens in this process. Most of the companies usually rely on internal references for making the selection to prevent them from any type of fuss later. To top it all, it is a Herculean task to ensure that the persons hired are working on the projects each working day! AddWeb Solution takes pride in being a noted company with a team of dedicated developers, who will help in improving your organizational development processes with utmost precision!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I ensure the productivity of remote developers in India matches that of in-house teams?

Productivity can be ensured through clear communication, establishing expectations, providing necessary tools and resources, and implementing efficient project management and collaboration tools. Regular check-ins and fostering a positive work culture are also key.

What are the key challenges when managing remote developers in India?

Challenges may include time zone differences, cultural nuances, and potential communication barriers. Effective communication channels, scheduling overlap hours, and promoting open dialogue can help overcome these challenges.

How do I select the right remote developers in India for my project?

Thoroughly assess candidates based on their skills, experience, and cultural fit. Conduct virtual interviews, review portfolios, and consider previous remote work experience. Utilize platforms, referrals, and agencies to find reliable and skilled remote developers.

What tools and technologies can enhance collaboration with remote developers in India?

Utilize project management tools like Jira or Asana, communication tools such as Slack or Microsoft Teams, and version control systems like Git. Video conferencing tools like Zoom or Google Meet facilitate face-to-face communication, fostering a sense of connection.

What strategies can be employed to build a cohesive team with remote developers in India?

Organize virtual team-building activities, encourage open communication through regular video calls, and create a positive work environment by recognizing and celebrating achievements. Foster a sense of inclusivity and teamwork to enhance collaboration.

How do I ensure remote developers in India are aligned with the project goals and vision?

Clearly communicate project goals, expectations, and the overall vision. Regularly update the team on project milestones, provide feedback, and encourage questions. Building a shared understanding of the project's purpose fosters commitment and motivation.

How can I foster a positive remote work culture with developers in India?

Promote a healthy work-life balance, encourage social interactions through virtual channels, and provide opportunities for skill development. Recognize achievements, celebrate milestones, and cultivate a sense of belonging within the remote team to enhance overall job satisfaction and productivity.