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Demand for SilverStripe Content Management System (CMS) has been growing day-in, day-out. This intuitive and advanced CMS is used for publishing content on websites and blogs. It has a flexible framework, and is being used & appreciated by the developers all around the globe. Many companies in India are providing services in SilverStripe technology. The flexibility and easy-to-use features imbibed in SilverStripe enables custom-made solutions, which is the current necessity of many organizations. Since there are a number of SilverStripe developers, hiring the right SilverStripe development services can be a challenging task.

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Steps for Hiring the Best of SilverStripe Developer

If you a B2B or a B2C person, who is looking to hire a SilverStripe Developer for projects as a Dedicated Developer or a Projects-Based Developer; then the below step-by-step guide will help you choose the best:

Step 1

Step 1

Step-1 has multiple small feats that need to be achieved before starting the hiring process.

  • Be a SilverStripe developer

To understand any technology, having the knowledge and hands-on experience is the ultimate trait. If you yourself know the tech, you can thus assess the candidate better for the skills.

  • Learn as much as you can

When you learn the technology well, your experience will help you weed out imposters, who pretend to know SilverStripe tech.

  • Make a list of things you need in SilverStripe developer

Finding the right individuals for the development of websites with exceptional knowledge and expertise of SilverStripe technology can be a challenge. But if you know what is required out of the candidates, you can do it well! This will be the first place to start. After identifying the requirement, listing the necessary qualities will be the next feat. The following can be some of the sample qualities in your choice of a SilverStripe developer:

  1. Strong PHP and MySQL knowledge.
  2. Demonstrated understanding of the SilverStripe framework.
  3. Understanding of HTML/CSS.
  4. Understanding of API integration.
  5. High coding standards.
  • Start the process by posting your requirements

After identifying your specific or rather exact requirements, it is time now to post the necessary qualities you need in your SilverStripe hire.

Step 2 (Shoot the Interview)

Step 2

In Step-2, you will get some insights about the candidates. The preparation for conducting an interview is what comes next. List all the technical questions, which you would want to ask the candidates during the interviews.

  • Knowledge & experience

Once the word is out, it is time now to quantify the knowledge and experience to see the level of understanding the candidates have about SilverStripe. Check what their knowledge on Front-End and Back-End is and if they have any experience in UX. Understanding of basic and advanced concepts should be the key. Problem-solving, analytical, and unbeatable debugging skills can be an added plus!

  • Site Activity and Community Involvement

Observe the candidate’s involvement in Forums and sites that deal with SilverStripe. This will give you a peek what a tech enthusiast he/she is.

  • Review their Code

Coding is the base; hence reviewing the codes is a must. When given a program, how the individual utilizes various libraries or features of SilverStripe will be displayed, which will elaborate his knowledge on the subject. Having good coding standards is a must.

Step 3

Step 3

Not everything can be technical; there are some traits which you will need to find.

  • Support and Maintenance

In any website, support and maintenance are very important. The developer you choose should be well able to support and maintain the site.

  • Effective Communication skills

Exceptional verbal and written skills are a must for SilverStripe developers because sometimes they have to interact with teams distributed in many parts of the world and share or express concerns. A qualified SilverStripe developer must communicate effectively.

  • Match up all your requirements with their personal/professional trait

Next, match the requirements against the candidate’s personal and professional traits.

  • Analyze the perfect one and move ahead

Going through these steps will help you to chart a plan for the hiring of talented and able SilverStripe Developer. That is why, by following the above steps aptly, you can choose the best!

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