Laravel vs NodeJS

Every core programming and scripting language, which is used for developing web or mobile apps, web services, or web APIs, have their own set of frameworks that developers can leverage. The built-in features of web frameworks minimize the development time, which results in a faster turnaround time to publish web applications.

While most of the developers and businesses rely on reviews and feedback from others to decide on the framework, most of them often ignore the important aspect – “Which framework is best for my business???”

There are a few frameworks available in the market when it comes to Web Development, and brainstorming on every single framework to decide upon which one is best would be impractical. Thus, in this blog post, we have tried to elaborate on two popular frameworks, Laravel and NodJS, to decide which one is more suitable for your business.

So, Laravel Framework or NodeJS – Which one is best for my business?

It all depends on what you are trying to build with it. Yes, that is the first thing you should be thinking about while deciding.

Let’s talk about Architecture

If you are looking for less complex and lightweight service architecture, then you should think about NodeJS. NodeJS development will help get web applications developed without the involvement of any heavy services and components.

However, if you want to leverage impeccable integration capabilities with the help of Model View Controller, Laravel Development would be much more needed for your business. It is fantastic when it comes to integrating with various front-end view libraries such as Vue or React.

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Discussing Community

When it comes to community support both NodeJS and Laravel have similar scores. Both these frameworks have a huge community on GitHub. This could be a great benefit for the businesses looking for a reliable framework for their web development since they can find support anytime through various contributors rigorously posting.

What about Performance?

In terms of scalability and performance, NodeJS is far ahead of Laravel, and that is the reason most organizations opt for NodeJS development. If you think your website is going to have huge traffic and you don’t want to hamper the performance, you should go for a NodeJS Development company to get your web development done.

I’m worried about Security!!!

Well, security is the utmost priority among businesses to safeguard their online business against all the possible odds. Here, Laravel is a clear winner since it is having robust security features that can help you intact your website or application from any possible security breaches. However, with NodeJS development, a business will have to rely on various third-party tools and Bcrypt hashing algorithms.

I am more concerned about Layout and Design!!!

Many businesses, specifically startups or SMEs, feel concerned about how their web application will be presented and designed since it is the first thing their target audience will notice. And Laravel development can be a great alternative as compared to other frameworks when it comes to template and design. It provides various templates that can help businesses design an engaging layout for their application. On the other hand, NodeJS doesn’t support built-in templating. This requires a business to invest in various third-party tools to design the layout of their website or application and may increase the overall cost of NodeJS development.

Talking Facts & Figures…

Talking Facts & Figures…

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Final Verdict

Laravel and NodeJS have their own set of features and capabilities. It totally depends on how and what you are expecting from your web development venture. If you don’t want to get into the hustle of third-party integration to get your security and design requirements, you can hire Laravel developers or get in touch with a Laravel development company to get things done. However, if you want to leverage lightweight, efficient, and performance-driven applications, then NodeJS development is an ideal choice for you. What’s your take on this? Looking for a NodeJS development company or Laravel development company? Hire NodeJS developers from us to know how we can help you out!

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