The Most Common Website Redesign Blunders You Should Avoid

Just imagine:

  • You’ve spent a ton of time redesigning your website.
  • You’ve hired the most professional web design company to do it for you.
  • You’re sure your visitors are going to love the revamped web design (and of course you!).

But you encountered the same problem again – not getting enough visitors! Even your redesigned website is not found on the top five or ten pages of Google.

Thinking about what went wrong this time??? Let’s figure it out!

A website redesign is not just about changing a theme, icons, and fonts. It is more of a complex project with a lot of moving parts. Everybody has their perception about how a website should look and feel. But most organizations fail to leverage web design services when it comes to redesigning their website. And the reasons could be anything. In this blog post, we will look at a few most common redesign blunders that may turn your web redesign project into a big success.

Fail to analyze existing site design

A thumb rule applicable to everything you do is: “You cannot solve a problem if you are not aware of what’s wrong.”

The same applies to website redesign. Before you hire a web designer to be redesigning, you must analyze your current website. Make a list of things that are working perfectly fine and design elements that are hurting your brand. Try to figure out how much traffic you are getting at present, the bounce rate, and the keywords or phrases ranking in the search results. Without any proper research and analysis of your website, you won’t be able to identify the exact root cause for your website’s poor performance. And end up redesigning the website for no such reason. Therefore, it is always advisable to analyze your existing website before hiring any web design agency and investing your time, effort, and money.

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Begin redesigning of a website without any clear scope of work or final goals.

Begin redesigning of a website without any clear scope of work or final goals.

Most of the time, organizations decide to redesign their website in a hurry without any clear scope of work or final goals. A website redesign is not just about using modern technologies and tools to make the website appealing. It is important to figure out why you invest your time, money, and efforts in redesigning. Without proper scope and goals in place, you might end up changing the entire web redesign strategy at the very last moment. Having a clear scope of work and goals in line will help you give a clear picture of how it will go on air, what will be different phases of work, and how much resources are invested.

Ignoring speed of page loads

It is observed that the web design agency focuses on the design aesthetics, visuals, and content. Of course, this is important for a web redesign, but page load speed is crucial. It is not only part of Google’s algorithm, but the mobile users heavily expect it. If we look at the statistics, it is found that 47% of users expect page loads in hardly 2 seconds or less. If a website fails to load within 2 seconds, 40% of the users abandon the site. Therefore, it is crucial to focus on the speed of page loads. Make sure you follow the best practices to improve the page load speeds, such as removing elements slowing down your site and use tools to optimize the website.

Still choosing a non-mobile-friendly website

Still choosing a non-mobile-friendly website

Have you ever met someone who told you that he or she is not using a smartphone in recent years? Well, it is not possible for sure! Everybody prefers mobile to perform every possible task. If you check the stats, you will find that mobile devices generate roughly 52% of web traffic. This means you must plan a mobile-friendly version of your website whenever going for a web redesign. If you fail to make your revamped website mobile-friendly, you will lose most of your traffic. So, avoid making this mistake and have a mobile-compatible website.

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Too many large images and media files still reside on your website!

Everyone loves decorating their website with alluring images and media files. We all love to do it, and nothing wrong with it. But it will heavily affect the performance of your website. If you don’t believe it, try and check your web page’s speed on Google’s PageSpeed Insights test. If you have used large image and media files while redesigning your site, it is time to either optimize them or remove them from your website.

People hate unnecessary pop-ups!

Yes, that’s a harsh reality. Of course, pop-ups can be a great way to improve the conversion rate, but if used correctly. But the problem with most websites is that they use too many pop-ups that annoy the visitors. During web redesign, make sure you ask the web design company to design pop-ups in a way that your audience loves to see.

Scroll, scroll, and scroll!!!

You must have seen websites where you scroll down, and new content keeps loaded every time you scroll. It is a great thing, and you are happy to redesign your website with such a feature. But there is a problem with this. Google bots can not scroll! It means your newly redesigned website will not be indexed. In the end, your website will not be in the top SERP! Therefore, make wise use of scrolling while redesigning your website.

What more do you have to rethink?

There are many other aspects you have to work around to make your website redesign project a huge success. Right from proper redirection links, optimized content, SEO best practices, and realistic budget to selecting the right web design agency, you have to work on every possible thing you can think of.

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