Building a React Native App

Youngsters are glued to their mobile phones almost all through their days, and this is the reality of today, so the demand for mobile app development services has skyrocketed. When we speak of volumes, in the year 2019 alone, almost 200 billion mobile apps had been published and downloaded. As such, more and more companies are dying to consult a React Native App Development Company that they can entrust upon to avail quality react native app development services.

Why Only React Native App Development?

As more and more start-ups are mushrooming like anything, more and more companies are thriving to move their business online. Connecting with their target audience and touching base with their potential customers is their primary aim. As such, they are developing a really robust, dynamic, and efficient mobile app, which is indeed the missing link between the companies and their customers. No doubt, quality mobile app development is not a child’s play. First things first, it is imperative to choose the best platform to develop the mobile app. Developed by Facebook, React Native is indeed an open-source platform that is deemed to be most suitable over the years for carrying out this uphill task of mobile app development with perfection. It has become the foremost choice for many quality app developers, who have mastered this art of react native app development as it provides all the necessary flexibility, features, and functionality that are needed to develop the most efficient mobile apps, both for Android and iOS systems.

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Top 5 Mistakes Developers Make while Developing a React Native App

Top 5 Mistakes Developers Make while Developing a React Native App

You should be careful about the following mistakes that usually happen while develops a React Native App:

  • Inaccurate Process Estimates: Many app developers tend to forget that iOS and Android layouts are pretty much different. Though a developer can use multiple components almost interchangeably for these platforms except for some specific components which cannot be used. During the initial days of app development, the developer can easily commit a mistake of underestimating the codes that he needs to write. Generally, a platform such as Cordova requires the writing of fewer codes to develop a hybrid app. Thus, this inaccurate estimation by the developer himself while developing a React Native app can land him into further trouble.
  • Use of Redux for React Native App Development: Redux is a very important tool to ensure effective and efficient management of the application data. A developer can efficiently manage the storage of collected data by the app itself. In general, heavy and complex apps are managed easily with Redux in the React Native platform as well. Thus, Redux store planning becomes all the more crucial for React Native App Development. Redux planning is especially necessary for bigger apps, and not suitable for smaller apps as it requires writing complex and long codes even for making minor changes. It is generally considered to be a mistake if a developer uses Redux for smaller apps.
  • Forgetting About Optimizing React Native Images: Many React Native App developers tend not to consider optimizing React Native Images as critical, and thus, miss this step completely. In fact, this is a big mistake that they can easily commit. Rather than completely forgetting about it, this task should be awarded high-priority during the React Native App development process.
  • Use of External Modules without Carefully Reading the Entire Code: Many app developers use external modules to save their effort. Indeed, this way they can certainly expedite the process, but most of the time they don’t care to read all the codes that came from the external module. This is a big mistake as many times the code may break or fail to perform the exact function that it was meant for. Committing this even by mistake will only add up to the workload of the developer thereby making the process inefficient. It is very important to read every single code before implementing it to the app being developed to identify and troubleshoot any errors that may exist in the external module itself.
  • Execution of App Along with Log Statements: It is a big mistake to leave the console log statements at the execution stage. It is a good practice to use console log statements while creating a React Native App to debug it before execution, but it must be mandatorily removed before final execution as the execution of Javascript can be impacted directly due to these console log statements and disrupt the app performance and increase the instance of lagging causing further slowness of application.

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