CakePHP Over Other Web Frameworks

PHP powers over 70% of websites today. As an all-purpose scripting language for web and app development projects, its versatile features facilitate numerous app and website projects. Furthermore, its mature frameworks make building powerful web apps quicker with features targeted explicitly toward business needs.

CakePHP is one of the leading PHP web application frameworks, featuring an MVC architecture with built-in validation, unit testing capabilities, and other development aids that simplify development for small- and large-scale apps. However, why choose CakePHP when other MVC frameworks provide similar functions?

CakePHP goes far beyond code architecture to offer various features essential to CakePHP development services. Web developers can build secure applications using CakePHP as a PHP web framework to produce bug-free applications with this framework.

Brief Introduction to the CakePHP Framework

CakePHP is an open-source PHP framework that helps you build web-based applications more efficiently. In addition, it can simplify the process by reducing the requirement to create your app entirely from scratch.

When the developer has finished mastering a few basic guidelines, such as calling an object in a particular manner or ending an entry in a foreign field within the table by “_id,” the framework’s backend will create everything itself and makes the code more efficient, faster and tastier, as the website claims.

The CakePHP model’s strengths and popularity have allowed it to gain the community’s support, with more than 8300 stars and over 3500+ forks on GitHub, as well as forums and official and non-official documentation. Thanks to this support, CakePHP developers get motivated to put in the effort and create the latest CakePHP version to keep pace with the ever-changing PHP web development community.

Key Feature of CakePHP Framework

Key Feature of CakePHP Framework

These are just a few of the CakePHP’s most important features.

Conventions on Configuration

CakePHP is a part of the “convention over configuration” philosophy that says that the framework derives information about configuration by analyzing name conventions. Ultimately, a less specific setting is needed to speed up and streamline development.

Model-View-Controller (MVC) Architecture

CakePHP follows the Model-View-Controller (MVC) architectural paradigm, dividing application logic into controllers, views, and models. This aids in code maintenance, organization, and reuse.

Built-in ORM (Object-Relational Mapping)

A powerful and user-friendly ORM framework part of CakePHP makes database interactions easier. It allows object-oriented terminology for database interactions, resulting in more easily understood and expressive code for database-related functions.


Scaffolding is an automated code-generation method provided by CakePHP. It is less boilerplate code since it allows developers to build their own models’ capability of CRUD swiftly (create, read, update, and delete) capability.

Integrated Security Capabilities

CakePHP has built-in security capabilities that help developers avoid common security vulnerabilities within online apps. This allows safe authentication of inputs, password hashing, and CSRF protection features.

Why Use Cake PHP?

The framework’s MVC (model view controller) structure is an open tool for developers.

  • The business logic can be designed and developed separately due to the MVC structure.
  • Cake PHP has a variety of built-in security-focused options.
  • The development team is in total control over the database settings for web application development.
  • The more advanced framework has integrated support for unit tests.
  • You can utilize CakePHP as a CakePHP framework to create websites and applications using various PHP versions.
  • It helps create user-friendly URLs.
  • Cake PHP has an in-built validation tool that allows you to verify the legitimacy of the project’s software.

Developers can use the power of object-relational mapping using a CakePHP web-based framework. Object-relational mapping offers the ability to build an interface between object-oriented software and relational databases.

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Functioning of CakePHP Framework

For the Cake PHP developers out there, here is the section for you! The CakePHP framework comes with an entire request cycle that includes various components. Every request goes through the following processes:

  • The rule will be redirection to index.php.
  • The system runs the autoloader as well as the bootstrap files.
  • The dispatch filter takes care of requests and will also help create responses.
  • The next step is the controller calling out and communicating with the model and components.
  • The view section is now put to life, generating responses from the header and body using Helper and Cells.
  • The response is now forwarded directly to clients.
  • The controller works with views and models to respond to users’ desired responses.
  • The process starts by displaying a page requested by the user that is followed by concurrent requests each other, moving one after the other.
  • The dispatcher processes the client’s requests. After the filtering procedure, the dispatcher activates the controlled action, picks the dynamic data, and interfaces it to the database model. The dispatcher then takes the elements and transmits feedback to the user by communicating with the database model. Following this, the request is displayed in the browser.

This framework’s systematic operation makes it perfect for use with PHP, an object-oriented language for programming.

Why Choose CakePHP over Other Frameworks

Why Choose CakePHP over Other Frameworks

CakePHP provides a wealth of advantages for builders when over traditional PHP programming modules. The most important benefits, features, and advantages of CakePHP are:

MVC Pattern

CakePHP allows for models selected for sophistication; adding, updating, and deleting records in the database is possible.

The view sub-machine is responsible for rendering records on the screen while the controller’s strategies are implemented and react to actions, as well as making changes to records before engaging with models.

A machine like this allows for a smooth separation of the excellent judgment of the web application from the design, making development speedier for massive programs and complex websites.

Object-Relational Mapping

ORM is a process where data is transformed into compatible systems with the help of an object-oriented language. CakePHP comes with an inbuilt ORM. This is why using databases and CRUD functions is simpler than other platforms. Data is displayed as classes, which are used to define relationships. It is also possible to define callbacks in advance. Two versions are available – versions 2 and 3. Version 3 has support for PHP manager, whereas version 2 doesn’t have support for it.


The benefit of CakePHP design is the smallest effort the developer puts into setting up the system.

CakePHP-like custom scripts automatically detect each sub-listing and the information contained within the list.

The developer should install the database and connect to CakePHP while the framework covers the rest.


It’s a challenge that development projects typically have to confront. It can secure the user submission process quickly due to its security and CRUD features. Cake PHP has built-in protection and security. It provides greater security for applications than other platforms. It also comes with tools to guard against XSS, SQL injection, CSRF attacks, input validation, and the tampering of forms.

Built-in Libraries

CakePHP is a flexible framework with an array of amazing libraries and modules for developers to develop distinctive websites and web applications. The web application created using CakePHP is robust and adaptable. With the built-in modules and libraries, developers can develop solutions speedily to achieve the precise launch date and facilitate the agile development process.

Ajax Support

Modern internet applications frequently need to exchange data between the server and the client while the program runs on the browser.

Traditional PHP refreshes the website each time new data is received from the server. This is one of the significant drawbacks of expanding internet-based programs comprising phrase processors, spreadsheets, and email applications.

AJAX allows for synchronous record changes and has become an increasingly popular method for web developers to build rich and full-bodied web-based applications.

CakePHP natively works with AJAX and can be utilized in many ways, including forms or events and event-based courting.

No Pre-Configuration Required

It is optional to take time to set up Linux Apache MySQL PHP configuration. Cake PHP does this by automatically discovering all the settings that must be made. The Apache configuration isn’t required. It will save you time by taking care of the integrated validation tools into the system. Developers can create different validation rules. The only rule you have to follow is to consider setting up your database.

Class Inheritance

The appropriate class inheritance in PHP is easy to understand. Each project contains two primary folders: app-specific controllers and extensions of app controller classes that are undefined but could be easily extended using clever methods like specific essential functions and the main library. Similar is the case for models.

Code Testing

To ensure smooth performance, an application or website should be error-free. This is why CakePHP allows the developer to conduct simple tests to confirm the application’s functionality. While developing, there are a variety of factors to consider. Developers may have missed the mark during their work. Testing in real-time allows them to spot and analyze the mistakes and fix them while writing code for web apps and websites that are error-free and user-friendly.

Active Community

CakePHP has a large group that is active and keen to improve the framework. If you are stuck, you must ask the community for concerns. Experts and developers from across the globe will be happy to assist you. It’s an excellent platform for better understanding CakePHP and learning about the latest opportunities within web design. The community is focused on improving the frameworks and assisting others in formulating an opinion to determine the effectiveness of what works and what does not.

CRUD Platform

CRUD is a term that means Create, Read, Update, and delete. It is a crucial feature that is required in any Cake PHP development services. The development process is easier and more organized. By a single word of code, you’ll be able to detect the first changes you will make to your application. It allows developers to understand the relevant laws and apply new rules to build attractive websites.

Easily Readable

Cake PHP lets you create reusable parts of code that can be reused in many different projects. Instead of adding new libraries, the functionality can be transferred to helpers, behavior, plugins, and components. CakeForge is a website with plugin components and helpers, saving the hassle of typing all the time.

Drawbacks of the CakePHP Framework

Despite these limitations, cake PHP can still complement the most current technologies regarding web design. It is a free, open-source program and is a viable option for businesses to develop a CakePHP web-based application. But, looking at the benefits and drawbacks of Cake PHP, it is a good choice to build your website.

Steep Learning Curve

CakePHP’s intricate conventions and customizable features could challenge novice developers. It can take time for them to comprehend the framework’s subtleties quickly.

Restricted Flexibility

Although the CakePHP standards encourage uniformity, developers who want greater freedom in their programming style may find them restrictive. Any modifications not within these guidelines require additional work and solutions.

Performance Issues

CakePHP sometimes performs slower than other PHP frameworks, especially when handling complex or large-scale projects. This could be a problem when achieving the highest performance is essential.

Restricted Community and Ecosystem

CakePHP has a small community and ecosystem compared to some different PHP frameworks. Fewer resources, such as extensions, third-party plugins, and support from the community, are accessible in the event of a smaller-sized community.

Use of Resources

There are times when CakePHP utilizes many resources, including server resources. Projects with limited resources or hosting on shared servers could have this issue. There are better options than a high use of resources for projects focused on cost-effectiveness and efficiency since it could increase hosting costs.

Less Modern and Trendy

In the constantly evolving web development field, some view CakePHP as needing to be more innovative and modern than the more modern frameworks. Other frameworks can attract developers who wish to utilize cutting-edge technology and methods.

Top Applications Developed Using CakePHP

Top Applications Developed Using CakePHP

After gaining a solid knowledge of the benefits as well as drawbacks of CakePHP, We will explore some of the top web applications built with CakePHP.


CakePHP powers the backend operation of SnappyTV, a real-time video-sharing and clipping platform. This allows for seamless processing of video and delivery of content. Due to its selection of the framework it uses, SnappyTV can provide customers with a smooth and responsive experience, making it the top method of sharing and streaming live-streamed video content.

Metro Bank

Utilizing CakePHP to run its online bank platform, Metro Bank, one of the most prestigious retailers in the UK, can allow customers to perform various banking transactions swiftly and safely. CakePHP’s strong foundation lets users quickly and safely complete various financial tasks.

Express Yourself

CakePHP is the engine behind the site of Express Yourself, a charitable charity that employs the artistic arts to inspire adolescents. It also assists in online fundraising, event planning, and sharing content. Due to the framework’s flexibility and reliability, Express Yourself may effectively utilize the power of the Internet to help promote charitable endeavors. The charity will be able to reach out to a broader population and greatly enhance the lives of teens because of CakePHP’s seamless integration.


Utilizing CakePHP to manage the user’s accounts, investment processes, and the management of projects. Crowdcube is an established equity crowdfunding site that provides an enjoyable experience to entrepreneurs and investors. CakePHP is the base of the Crowdcube platform, which handles everything from managing user accounts to investment procedures and managing projects.

When to Choose CakePHP for Web Development?

After a thorough discussion between CakePHP and Laravel, we will look at the situations where CakePHP is the best choice.

Rapid Development

CakePHP’s Convention over Configuration (CoC) method could benefit your project and require quick development without dealing with complex configurations. With its current standard naming conventions and easily accessible components, developers can focus on developing features rather than spending too much time setting up and configuring.

Budget Restrictions

CakePHP is a great choice for projects with a small budget. It is possible to create reliable applications with limited resources due to their ease of use and speedy development speed. As it usually results in cost savings, the shorter duration of development makes them an attractive option for small and start-up enterprises.

Small to Medium-Sized Projects

CakePHP is suitable for applications of a small or medium size in which the framework’s simplicity is compatible with the project’s needs.

The Key Takeaway

CakePHP is a strong framework that can make the development of your applications quick, secure, and easy to manage. It is the preferred option for commercial applications. It offers numerous advantages for both businesses and developers.

If you plan to create distinctive websites and applications using CakePHP and CakePHP X, you can hire Cake PHP development company to help you improve your project. Contact us to unlock the CakePHP framework’s full potential by working and working with industry-leading PHP developers.

In this article, we learned about the importance of CakePHP for real-world applications. We attempted to comprehend how CakePHP operates and how it is used for PHP Programming from various examples and categories.

We also learned about the knowledge needed and the requirements for CakePHP. The advantages and disadvantages provided us with a precise model of using Cake PHP. The Architectural diagram assists us in understanding the functions of Cake PHP clearly. From this article, we understand CakePHP and its use.


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