React Native Apps: 6 Mistakes and Tips

React native has undoubtedly changed mobile app development forever. When everyone was developing iOS and Android apps separately, React Native let developers create a single app that rendered natively on different platforms.

It was a huge moment for brands and the mobile app community. Thanks to the impressive benefits that react native brought to the table, 32% of developers used React Native in 2022 to develop apps, says Statista.

However, businesses still make mistakes when developing apps with React Native, and we discuss the top common mistakes in this blog and how to avoid them.

Why Developers Love React Native

The advantages of using React Native are numerous. And these advantages are what make mobile app developers love the framework.

Let’s understand each of these benefits here.

It has a shorter learning curve

React Native is based on JavaScript, which is what most app developers start their careers with. Hence, they are already familiar with React Native when they start using it.

As such, React Native has a very short learning curve for those who are familiar with JavaScript already.

This makes mobile app developers prefer React Native over other frameworks.

Build native apps with RN

Unlike hybrid development, where developers use WebView to create apps, React Native lets developers make native apps. They can use native features, capabilities, and hardware functionalities to make the app run.

This enables developers to work as if they are developing a native app.

A simple installation process

No developer likes complicated installation processes. React Native is simple to install. Use the Node Package Manager, and the installation is quick and simple.

The package manager is also easy to use for those who are familiar with JavaScript.

Enhanced productivity

Developers love to work on frameworks that are easier to use. This directly affects their productivity. React Native, with its easy interface and syntax, promotes productivity of developers.

In addition, it also offers the live reload feature and the ability to utilize any text editor or IDE, as preferred by the developers.

An excellent community

React Native has an excellent community to support the developers and users of the framework. They work on improving the framework and support others by posting tutorials, guides, etc.

This enables new developers to improve their skills and capabilities with the help of the community.

6 Most Common React Native App Development Mistakes

6 Most Common React Native App Development Mistakes

As React Native app development has become the go-to solution for businesses looking to develop apps for iOS and Android, the chances of many new developers making mistakes are also high.

Here are the top 6 mistakes that we have identified from our experience as a React Native development company.

Mistake #1: Inaccurate redux store planning

Many developers, when given a project, spend a lot of time planning the layout of the app instead of thinking about handling data.

This is where redux can help them. It helps store data efficiently so that it can be used quickly to debug app states. However, failing to plan the same can lead to challenging situations during the project.

Further, it is also not suited for small projects as it would require the developers to create lengthy codes, which aren’t ideal for small apps.

Mistake #2: Failing to read the code of external modules

Developers often use external modules during project development to save time and effort. Further, it also makes the entire project faster, especially as it helps with documentation, as well.

However, the chances of these modules breaking are high, and it can happen often. Therefore, it is important for developers to read the module’s code to understand what’s wrong with it.

This will also help them understand how to fix it when something goes wrong.

Mistake #3: Leaving ‘console.log’ statements in the app

Console log statements play a huge role in the app development process. They help developers debug the app execution accurately and efficiently. However, many developers leave the statements within the app, which can cause bottlenecks in the app.

Leaving the statements in the app is a serious issue, especially if you keep the render logics and methods within the app. And if they are asynchronous, the statements can directly affect the performance of the React Native application.

And this causes the app to become slower.

Mistake #4: Failing to optimize images in React Native apps

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Optimizing images within the app is a crucial task that must be carried out without fail. As you need the app to perform better and faster, it is imperative to optimize the images.

When the images are optimized, it helps locally resize the images before uploading them to the preferred cloud storage like the S3 server.

Optimizing images helps make them load faster which directly affects the performance of the application.

Mistake #5: Ignoring the protocols

Failing to comply with the fundamental protocols of React Native development can lead to huge complications during the project. These protocols are established and communicated for a purpose, and they need to be followed without fail.

The best practices given by the React Native framework enable the developers to create a high-performing app and quickly use efficient code. Failing to adhere to these protocols can affect the entire project and its progress.

As such, all protocols must be followed to ensure the performance and an efficient app development process.

Mistake #6: Ignoring the structure of the app

Another common mistake that many React Native developers make is to ignore the structure of the app. Ideally, they must spend a lot of time learning and understanding the structure of the app as it can help plan the app and its interactions more effectively.

Therefore, always organize the development framework of the project and React Native offers options to integrate excellent project structures.

These structures contribute to faster, more efficient, and streamlined project execution and a high-performing app at the end.

How to Avoid React Native App Development Mistakes?

There are two great ways to avoid these mistakes. Let’s discuss each of these strategies here.

1. Upskilling developers

From our experience as a React Native development company, we believe that these mistakes happen due to limited skills and experience. Hence, the best way to address these concerns is to upskill the developers.

There are diverse courses and self-help tutorials online that beginner and intermediate React Native developers can undergo to improve their skills.

These courses can not only help these developers understand the reasons behind the mistakes but also the industry expectations from a project.

2. Working with established service providers

When you work with an experienced React Development company, these issues do not arise. As they would have experienced professionals who have already worked on numerous projects like these.

Hence, the chances of them making these mistakes are very low. On the other hand, if any of these issues creep into the project at all, they will have systems in place to discover it quickly and take care of it.

We have similar mechanisms in place at AddWeb Solution when offering React Native development services. We use agile project management methodology, which helps us always evaluate the project as it progresses and addresses any lapses in quality in real-time.

Why Hire React Native Developers from AddWeb Solution?

There are diverse reasons to hire AddWeb Solution as your React Native development company for your next project. But here are the most crucial reasons.

Experience in the field

With over a decade of hands-on experience in the industry, AddWeb Solution brings unrivaled insights into every single project to make them top-notch and value-adding for all.

Timely service delivery

At AddWeb, we never miss our deadlines. It is one thing that we always take care of. We value our clients’ time so much that we have dedicated systems to ensure a project’s timely completion.

Team of trained developers

You can hire the best React Native developers from AddWeb Solution. We have a constantly trained team with years of experience in RN development. Hence, no matter what you need, we can deliver them.

Custom development services

Different businesses have different project requirements when developing React Native apps. We respond to these requirements exactly as needed by them, every single time offering custom React Native development services. This ensures value for money, time, and resources.

Advanced tech infrastructure

We love to use the best technology infrastructure to develop React Native apps for our clients. As new technologies emerge, release, and update, we add them to our infrastructure. And this ensures you impeccable results every time with our services.


While creating an app with React Native, it is common for mistakes to happen. As developers learn and grow, these mistakes can be avoided. However, as a business, you need to be careful with these mistakes as they can put you on the back foot. Mistakes can stretch your project timeline, expand cost, and lead to a long time to market. Therefore, you must avoid these mistakes, and AddWeb Solution can help you here with our React Native development services.

Having already worked on numerous React Native app development projects, we know the framework in and out. Hence, the chances of making these mistakes, or any other, are very low. Our developers are the best when it comes to creating React Native mobile app development.

Hence, if you are looking for value for your time and money and a shorter time to market, hire React Native developers from us.

Speak to us about React Native mobile app development.

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