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Explore the latest trends in web design in 2024 with the experts of passionate and future designers. Consider the web design examples you’ve seen in the last few months. A few probably stood out due to their easy-to-use design and attractive interface. The same is true for websites that provide a poor user experience that sticks to you and could leave you with a negative impression of the company. In such a tricky situation, AddWeb Solution helps to identify flaws in the web design and revamp it according to modern trends. 

We have observed patterns after examining the latest website designs and doing our own UX research. In today’s massive and overcrowded online space, an outstanding user experience and a unique website design don’t have to be features to have. They’re essential for the success of websites. 

Look at websites with designs that are making an enormous impression online. In addition to showing eye-catching web designs, we’ve included some examples designed by experts in Web design and development teams that have won awards. Being a trusted company, the UI/UX design process involves analyzing the customer’s needs through deep research, custom design, iterative development, and extensive testing. This results in digital products that satisfy users’ requirements and business objectives. 

Let’s shed light on the inspiration for upcoming web design trends in 2024. 

Drag Interaction

The days are gone when users don’t have any control over their experience on your site. Drag-based interactions are created to simulate a real physical act. They allow users to move and pick up objects displayed on the screen. This kind of gesture-based interaction is growing in popularity on more sites. It’s a popular choice when you own an ecommerce or portfolio website.

Large Or Oversized Text

If you plan to build a minimal website that conveys all the information needed at first glance, consider adding large or massive text throughout every page. Apart from the headline, which is located above the fold, you could choose to use large and bold headlines to emphasize services, popular products, and contact details.

Plain text in sans serif fonts could enhance the website’s look. It looks fantastic to say more for less when you prefer to display your details in large, oversized text. This can also increase responsiveness. Websites can make the layout as simple as possible and eliminate large images on their pages.

This trend in web design is ideal for agencies, service-oriented businesses, or SaaS websites. The use of large fonts or big text draws attention to the primary USP (unique selling feature) and how the product will be able to fill the user gap.

Micro Animations

Although small animations aren’t new to modern web design, we expect this trend to increase by 2024. Small movements on websites help bring a site alive, giving visitors a longer-lasting experience. Google is taking notice of micro animations and has named the most current CWV metric interaction to the next paint (INP). This is the duration users wait until the next interaction is scheduled on a web page.

Micro-animations and designs can be fantastic ways to highlight the most important parts of a website and focus users’ attention on them. When our team of designers created a fresh web layout to support ASK Resource Center, an organization that supports families of children with special needs, we utilized micro animations on the homepage to show the communities they help.

Dark Mode and Low Light UX Design

Apple released a dark-mode version of its products some time ago, and several companies have started following this Design by creating dark-mode versions of their websites. The concept will only continue to grow as a component of the 2024 web design trends. Dark mode, night shift, and other low-light user interfaces provide users with a site or application that is easy to see in dim lighting.

A single UX design we studied is Apple’s website to promote Airpods Pro, which uses a dark background and white text so that there are the least amount of design distractions feasible so that the user’s focus is on their crisp photography. Our team believes that the growing popularity of dark mode on web pages could result in more black-and-white websites by 2024.

AI-generated designs

The emergence of generative digital art and AI for web-based Design is set to change the landscape of digital Design in 2024. Over the last two years, there has been rapid growth, accessibility, and acceptance of AI-generated designs, and this trend is expected to continue and further alter the world of Design and technology by 2024.

The capability to utilize AI to design customized graphics based on user data and design tools opens new possibilities for personalized user experiences. Instead of having every user access to the same content, websites now constantly offer changing and dynamic content according to individual preferences and provide design concepts that are distinctive and relevant to the particular user.

AI design tools help reduce the time and costs involved in designing. They also offer users customized and unique user experiences based on habits and preferences. AI design tools are an exciting new tool for people with big ideas who may need assistance executing their designs.


Motion is the word of the day in web design this year. Cinemagraphs are no different. Cinemagraphs are high-quality videos or GIFs that play on a smooth and continuous loop. They’ve become well-known for bringing a sense of motion and excitement to static websites.

While full-screen loops were common in the past, this year, you’ll find smaller animations scattered across intricate layouts. Cinemagraphs are a great addition to layouts. They grab the user’s attention and can help your viewers keep scrolling. Studio Grafik is one of the perfect examples of this, and this is one from Design and Technology. 

Parallax scrolling

Parallax scrolling allows background content to scroll at a different rate than the foreground content, giving the illusion of depth and a more exciting visual experience. This simple but effective design feature improves storytelling, directs users on their journey around the site, and boosts engagement through users with a unique and engaging experience.

Parallax scrolling is a somewhat innovative idea in the world of Design. It became extremely popular ten years ago. In 2024, it’s on trend again, but with an added twist. Instead of static Design and images, parallax scrolling will include more video and live content.

The resurgence of this trend isn’t just about revisiting an old trend but redefining it using modern technology. Incorporating live content, videos, and dynamic imagery in parallax frameworks meets the ever-growing demands for engaging and visually appealing web-based experiences.

One of our recent favourite examples of this type is Webflow Community member Mike Desling’s fawn-made Ghostbusters website. Thanks to the various animations, video clips, and gifs incorporated into the layout, its scrolling parallax is elevated to an entirely new level.

The contemporary parallax effect, enhanced with multimedia elements, increases the degree of involvement. It transforms static web pages into engaging narratives, making the experience of an online site not just informative but also fun and visually stimulating.

Storytelling and Interactive Web Design

Interactive web elements are becoming more popular, and user animation will continue to be at the core of responsive web designs by 2024. Users are likelier to spend time on websites with interactive and responsive features. However, UX design trends like these are costly and difficult to implement. The web design team would like more automated development methods to be developed, which could cut costs for clients wanting distinctive, interactive website features.

3D Design

This year, the focus of web design is a major factor in creating an immersive experience for the user. This is why 3D artwork is taking off.

Adobe’s 3D Modeler makes it simple for anyone to experiment with 3D Design. The most well-known 3D model is Maya; however, this one requires additional knowledge. Blender is a good alternative as it’s free 3D design software.

Suppose you’re looking to incorporate a 3D image on your website but are overwhelmed by the size of the task. There are plenty of freelance 3D modellers available on Fiverr or UpWork. 

Find a fantastic instance of user interaction. For example, on Magoz, the website of a Swedish artist, users can scroll through a video animation of their art before making an order. This responsive website design isn’t just visually appealing; it also lets the art live and starts a narrative for the user to complete and read on their smartphones or desktops.

Clean, Neumorphism Design Trends in 2024

Neumorphism graphic design emerged from the ashes of Web 2.0 design, skeuomorphism, and flat designs. It provides an elegant, subtle visual style uniform across the entire Design. It’s a monochromatic style focusing on shadows and a few colour variations. This will allow the user’s eye to concentrate on what’s important while reducing any chance of visual distraction.

While it is visually appealing, it can cause problems for users if not managed correctly since it lacks contrast in components such as buttons. Due to this, many UX experts recommend avoiding this Design. If handled properly, the Neumorphism web design could provide a beautiful design that feels fresh and crisp.

The web design style of Neumorphism is likely to gain popularity in 2024 and the upcoming years. 

Y2K Effects

Nostalgia is returning in full force. From large text to retro-inspired illustrations, a wide range of visual elements will return in the decade of 2020. UI/UX Design Services has been using graphics inspired by trends from the 90s and Y2K. Regarding web designs, you can anticipate Y2K effects taking over the world in the upcoming year.

Static background noise, neon colours, and matrix-style text are just a few features becoming increasingly popular. Because people react strongly to nostalgia when it comes to Design, it’s not surprising that Y2K aesthetics are used more often in the branding industry now.

Corporate websites can utilize these effects for marketing designs, design services, and portfolios. If you’re looking to draw inspiration from the latest web design trends, consider mobile responsiveness and only add the elements that keep users on the move.

Kinetic Or Dynamic Typography

This is another trend emerging within web-based Design. Kinetic typography, also known as moving type, creates animations in text that will grab the reader’s attention immediately. Many brands and designers are already embracing this trend.

Kinetic typography could be the highlight of your website and a standalone component on the homepage. Using moving text for headlines and subheadings makes it easier to keep visitors entertained and off the site. There’s no need to fill the spaces with images or patterns to improve the user experience. Also, it doesn’t cause slowdowns on the website and is attractive even on mobile devices.

This web design trend is sure to have a significant impact in the near future. To create a larger effect, you can incorporate the kinetic typography of websites for portfolios, digital marketing services and agencies, and SaaS platforms. 

Interactive Storytelling

The designers of 2024 will need to dig into their tools to connect people by using storytelling to enhance web design. I’m sure it will become a trend across the globe! The power of storytelling can establish a distinct brand voice and identity even in the highly competitive marketplace.

As it has dominated the design world for a time, how does it not become one of the hottest trends in web design? This is where innovation can take place. By using interactivity in stories, you can impact your readers and get them to keep reading longer.

Interactive storytelling incorporates elements that move viewers from one place to another without affecting flow. 

Through gamification, videos, and immersive 3D images, you can create the most memorable experience for your website users. However, this doesn’t mean you must go all out using interactive storytelling. Simple animations with three or two visuals or dynamic text are also effective. For websites that sell e-commerce, this design trend could provide just the right design inspiration.

Cartoon Characters Trending in Web Design

Character illustrations will remain the most popular choice for your homepage in 2024. Individual characters unique to your website Design will allow for flexibility thanks to thoughtful Design and placement, giving users an unforgettable experience. Who doesn’t like an adorable cartoon persona?

Incorporating cartoon characters into a web design can add value to a website, draw important call-to-action statements and visuals, and showcase relationship-oriented values visually.

Additionally, since clear illustrations tend to load faster than photos and photos, this Design can be ideal for speedy page loading.

Broken Grids

Grids are the most effective way to display images and text. However, broken grids can still be used on popular websites and can offer a break from the usual.

Visit the HealHaus website. Their homepage is filled with pictures and text blocks interspersed. It’s visually appealing and easy to read, and it adds the feeling of motion to pages without the slow-loading animations.

Modern Website Design Showcasing Scroll-Triggered Animations

An intriguing UX design trend that has become increasingly popular in recent years has been scroll animations. This web design style demonstrates graphic design talents and front-end development abilities and also improves the amount of time spent on a page. 

Nasa Prospect is an exciting and unique example of scroll-triggered animation. While scrolling along, you’ll follow an astronaut through space. If the animations do not detract from your objective or distract users, this design trend in 2024 could be a very effective way to help users remain interested and convert into leads. We expect such features to be part of responsive designs and UX fashions in 2024.

Handmade Illustrations

This is yet another web design trend you are likely to see more of in the near future. Although Mailchimp might popularize website illustrations, they haven’t often been seen in recent years. This has changed in the last few years. Throughout my life, I have gone through various websites with intriguing hand-made illustrations that keep viewers interested and encourage them to continue scrolling until the very end.

Using these images, stories can be told, businesses can explain how they solve a consumer issue or various options can be highlighted. Illustrations made by hand don’t have to be elaborate; they can communicate the correct message using a simple style.

Illustrative images can be incorporated into any website to create a memorable visitor experience. Because they’re very adaptable, hand-made illustrations are expected to become a major design trend for websites in 2024. They can be used with various layouts, themes, and components and are a significant factor in website design, which helps businesses endure for an extended period.


We are nearing the end of our top trends in web design for 2024. You will likely see most of them dominate the market in the coming year. Digital Design’s future will be about creating engaging, meaningful, and enjoyable experiences that look amazing. It doesn’t matter if you incorporate the different combinations of 2024-based projects or simply keep track of the trends that become the norm in web design before adding them to your designs. 

We’re excited to see how the web and Design will continue to change in 2025. If you want to revamp your website from scratch or want minor modifications, Hire UI/UX Designers that make your website design appealing and elegant. In that case, it is essential to keep the web above design trends in mind and help to keep ahead in the competitive marketplace. 

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