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Are you a bootstrapper looking for the best cross platform framework for building your mobile app? Flutter development services can be the right option for startups wishing to roll out with a few features without breaking their bank account. Wondering why you should choose Flutter for your next project? What business advantages would you get by opting for Flutter development? We all have heard about Google’s open source cross-platform framework and software development kit that is called Flutter. There are several cross-platform frameworks, but Flutter is quite in trend these days. Whether you are a CTO or a developer, you may have to take the best tech decisions for your organization.

Progress made by Flutter so far

Flutter was released in December 2018 and has gained more popularity than React Native in the last few years. By mid-July of 2020, Flutter development has become the talk of the town. Let’s understand what makes Flutter development services a popular choice of several developers and business owners across the globe.

According to a Stackoverflow survey, Flutter is the third most popular and most loved framework.

With the rapidly changing market trends, business owners and decision-makers often look for quick mobile app development solutions. The cut-throat competitive market compels a lot of startups and small businesses launch their mobile apps faster. Flutter development offers a complete UI kit to build high-scale mobile apps with the best icons, typography, and scrolling behaviors.

Did you know that flutter has a large community for support and assistance? Mobile app developers can reach out to the community and get support during Flutter app development.

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What makes Flutter development the winner of all cross platform frameworks?

Dart Language

Dart Language

Being a clean and extremely powerful syntax, Dart facilitates strong architecture and design. It also ensures standardization, consistency, ease of maintenance, long life, and features that may be missing in several existing cross platform tools. Dart language is similar to other popular languages such as Java, C, and TypeScript. Hence, it becomes easy for experienced developers to get started with Dart for building feature-rich apps.


Widespread adoption by developers

Flutter has achieved greater popularity on both StackOverflow and GitHub as compared to React Native. We can expect this technology to mature faster than React Native. All you need to do is hire Flutter app developers to help you get future-ready mobile apps. Since the last few years, the use of other technologies to build cross-platform apps is becoming scarce.

It is easy to learn

How long does it take to learn Flutter? – This may be a question in the minds of developers and inspiring candidates who want to learn Flutter app development. Though there is no real production-level language or toolkit that is easy to learn, a few languages have standard design patterns and defined documentation. Flutter provides easy and straightforward documentation with a large number of high-quality examples for reference. Developers who want to learn a new framework or a toolkit can opt for Flutter as it is easy to use and user-friendly language.

When you hire a Flutter app development company to build an app for Android and iOS, you’ll be able to save money on development costs as a single code base can be used for multiple operating systems. Flutter developers need to write a single code base once for creating cross-platform applications that are similar to native apps.

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Why should startups consider Flutter app development?

If you still have a doubt about choosing Flutter development services for your startup, you should know that you can get high-performance cross-platform apps with minimal investment.

Here are some reasons why startups should invest in Flutter app development:

  1. Flutter allows you to build mobile apps for both platforms, including iOS and Android, with a single code base. Startups with a limited budget can spread their wings on all the major platforms with low development costs of Flutter apps.
  2. Hot reload feature helps to speed up the development process and allows the programmers to view real-time changes and updates.
  3. As Flutter has an efficient GPU rendering UI, your app can run on multiple interfaces without any hassles.
  4. Flutter framework supports various IDEs including Xcode, Android Code, and Visual Studio code.
  5. Flutter app development requires less time for testing the apps as the developers and quality analyst team needs to review and test only one single codebase. Hence, there are lesser chances of bugs with Flutter app development.

Ending Note

With millions of enterprises launching mobile apps annually, it is clear that you need an out-of-the-box idea to build your app with unique features. If you want to launch your app without pinching your pocket, you can choose AddWeb Solution for Flutter app development services. Hire Flutter app developers and develop your app under a limited budget.

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