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eCommerce is becoming an important part of retail due to the digital age. The rapid growth of eCommerce has changed how people make purchases and allowed businesses to grow globally.

All types of businesses are trying to build fantastic apps for eCommerce. The main reason for this is the increasing popularity of online shopping.

6th Street is a leading eCommerce app and one of the Middle East’s most popular platforms. It is a great online shopping platform and a source of inspiration for new entrepreneurs and startups.

The digital marketplace can be a fascinating experience. A digital hub such as 6th Street would be like inviting customers into a mall full of choices but still personalized. The journey from conception to execution is not without cost. How much does developing an eCommerce app such as 6th Street cost?

Virtual storefronts are irresistible. Understanding the financial landscape before you dive in is essential. Aspiring digital entrepreneurs can use the 6th Street app cost range, typically from $30,000 to $300,000. As we explore the world of eCommerce website development, let’s peel back the layers to see the costs.

Overview of 6th Street

6th Street is an online shopping app for fashion and lifestyle in the GCC. In 2016, entrepreneurs recognized a need for a shopping destination to cater to fashion-conscious consumers in the GCC. It is similar to other online shopping apps such as eBay and Amazon.

It has a wide selection of international brands, including Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger. This customer-centric app offers free shipping and easy returns within 14 days. This application provides a fast and secure online shopping experience, allowing customers to shop on the move.

Developing an eCommerce app such as 6th Street is a good idea. The cost of creating a 6th Street app may vary depending on the developer, complexity, and other factors.

Reasons to Build an App Like 6th Street

By 2026, the Middle East eCommerce market is expected to grow to $57 billion. A report also revealed that 91% (of the population) of the MENA region makes online purchases. This highlights the shift to digital commerce. Fashion and clothing were the most popular online purchases, accounting for 46% of the total in the MENA region.

Create an eCommerce shopping application like 6th Street, and you will be positioned favorably for this digital shift. 6th Street is an example of a vibrant digital marketplace. It has a large selection of products. It makes it easier for consumers to connect with brands. It’s about capturing the digital retail momentum by developing a similar platform. It’s all about creating a smooth shopping experience online. Adapting to the modern consumer is key. There are significant returns to be made. This smart move is to secure a piece of the growing online retail market.

Categorizing Types of eCommerce Applications

Four main types of mobile apps are available for e-commerce:

B2B (Business-to-Business)

E-commerce apps are designed to make transactions easier between businesses. These apps are designed to provide a platform that allows businesses to purchase and sell products or services from other companies. These apps often feature bulk ordering, custom pricing, negotiation tools, and inventory management and procurement systems integration. Wholesalers, distributors, and other companies use B2B apps to streamline supply chains, cut costs, and conduct business transactions efficiently.

B2C (Business-to-Consumer)

These apps are used to conduct transactions between companies and consumers. These apps allow businesses to reach end-users directly and sell products or services. B2C apps are typically user-friendly and offer personalized shopping experiences, multiple payment options, customer reviews, and product recommendations. These apps are used in various industries, including retail and entertainment. Companies interact directly with customers to meet their shopping needs.

C2C (Consumer-to-Consumer)

These apps allow individuals to sell directly to other consumers. These apps facilitate communication and transactions between users through profiles and reviews. C2C platforms like Airbnb and eBay create a virtual marketplace for different products and services. C2C apps must have user-friendly interfaces and secure payment gateways to ensure successful transactions.

C2B (Consumer-to-Business)

E-commerce apps revolutionize the traditional business model by allowing consumers to sell products and services to businesses. Platforms like freelance websites and user-generated content marketplaces enable individuals to provide products, creative content, and expertise for businesses. The model allows individuals to monetize assets and skills while companies can access a large talent pool. C2B apps for e-commerce require an efficient registration process, seamless communication channels, and secure payment methods to support the dynamic exchange of consumers and businesses.

All the e-commerce applications mentioned above are important in the digital world. They cater to various transactions and customers while providing features tailored to the nature of the interactions they facilitate.

Must-Have Features of eCommerce Apps like 6th Street

eCommerce platforms facilitate and improve the shopping experience. Including all the features you need when developing an app such as 6th Street is important. You need to add these essential features to your eCommerce platform.

User Registration

You should include a secure but simple registration process in your eCommerce application. Users can update their information, see order history, and manage preferences with a profile management system. You must, therefore, ensure that the app has a registration feature.

You can also contact an eCommerce app developer with a great team of professionals to create an eCommerce app similar to 6th Street.

Home Screen

You must consider this feature when developing an eCommerce application like 6th Street. This feature allows you to highlight featured products and special offers. This attractive feature gives users a sense of what 6th Street offers. This is an excellent way to promote sales, popular brands, or best-selling products.

You should include this feature in your eCommerce application. You can hire an on-demand company with years of experience and dedication in developing an eCommerce app.

Product Search and Filters

A robust search engine with filters is needed to help users navigate a large product range. Filters such as brand or eCommerce app development costs and filters like size, color, and brand make it easier to search for an eCommerce app.

You must implement this amazing feature into your app. It is a complex task, particularly for people who aren’t technically minded. You can hire developers who have years of experience with great skills if you are not a technical person.

Order Tracking and History

Order tracking is a great way to provide transparency for eCommerce apps such as 6thStreet. Customers will feel more confident and informed if they can track their orders in real-time and have a history of previous orders readily available.

You must include this feature when developing an eCommerce application like 6th Street. You can get help from 6th Street, a company that creates apps for you.


This feature is necessary when developing an eCommerce app such as 6th Street. This feature allows users to save items they want but do not wish to purchase simultaneously. This feature allows users to customize the shopping experience and offers valuable insights per their preferences.

You can hire mobile application developers to add this feature to your app. They have a wealth of knowledge and experience in taking projects to the next stage.

Push Notifications

You must integrate push notifications into your eCommerce app, such as 6th Street. These can be used to engage users directly. This feature lets you notify users of updates, special offers, or products they may be interested in. This can help increase engagement and sales.

You must include this feature to ensure that your project is successful.

Chat Support and FAQ

Our customer service and FAQ services are well organized so that we can answer any questions from users instantly. It is essential to ensure client satisfaction and establish a positive brand image. These features are needed to create an eCommerce app like 6th Street that seamlessly resonates with users and functions. Implement this functionality when you decide to turn your idea into a reality.

Steps to Develop an App Like 6th Street

To be successful in the eCommerce marketplace, eCommerce website development services like 6th Street require correct strategies and techniques. We will discuss a step-by-step guide for developing an eCommerce app similar to 6th Street.

Identifying Market

It is important to have a strategy before developing an app such as 6th Street. This step helps you identify the market and the latest trends and create user personas and competitor research. It helps in determining your target audience and key performance indicators. For this reason, you must follow the steps to build an eCommerce app such as 6th Street.

Selecting the Platform

You must now choose the platform you will develop your eCommerce app, such as 6th Street. Select whether you want to go with iOS, Android, or Cross-platform. Android and iOS require more effort and time. Once you cross-platform your app, you will save a lot of money.

Remember that the platform you choose will always affect your overall development costs. Selecting the right platform for the target audience is crucial.

Features and Functionality

Next, you will need to add features and functionality. Your application will stand out if you have amazing features. You have to pay less to include your app’s main feature. You must spend much more to add advanced features to your app.

UI/UX design

UI/UX are essential to the success of a new project. You must create a responsive and cutting-edge design to attract and retain users. The application interface should also be intuitive, accessible, and responsive to ensure a great user experience. Professional design teams can help you create a stunning UI/UX for eCommerce applications.

Tech Stack

The tech stack is another step in developing an eCommerce app similar to 6th Street. Your app’s specific requirements will determine the technology you use to build eCommerce apps. The right tech stack can help you take a project further.


It’s time to create an eCommerce application. Developers begin the coding process, integrate the front-end, back-end, and functional features, and then move on to the development phase. This stage is crucial for professionals as it determines how well the app will function. You must, therefore, develop an eCommerce application like 6th Street.

Testing and Launching

Test the application after it has been built. Your eCommerce app is tested both manually and automatically. This phase ensures your eCommerce app operates smoothly and securely without errors, lagging, or other problems.

You must then launch your application on Google apps or Apple stores. This will make your application available to everyone.

Cost of Developing an App Like 6th Street

Selecting an eCommerce app developer is an important factor in this process. The cost of developing an eCommerce app such as 6th Street depends on the number of components. Scalability and design are important factors when determining how much money a project will need to be successful.

Businesses can make decisions according to their goals and budgets by ensuring that all of these factors are considered. It is important to know the factors that can influence the cost of eCommerce app development. 

Platform Selection

The platform choice will determine the cost of developing an eCommerce app like 6th Street. Both iOS and Android platforms significantly impact the prerequisites for development and expenses. Each platform has its coding environment.

You will pay different prices depending on the platform. iOS apps are more expensive than Android applications.


Integrating a payment gateway and a shopping cart are essentials of an eCommerce application. You can improve your application by incorporating these features. A basic shopping cart, for example, may take less time to develop than one with advanced features, such as a wishlist, save for later, or real-time stock checks.

Simple features are different from more complex ones. You will have to spend a lot of money to create an eCommerce app like 6th Street once you add advanced features, like real-time inventory checking or saving for later.

You must know the mobile app development cost before you hand over your project. You can make wise decisions and ensure your business’s success.

Backend Infrastructure

The backend infrastructure is crucial for order and inventory management. The cost of developing an eCommerce app such as 6th Street is subject to fluctuation. A robust backend infrastructure facilitates integrating and using important eCommerce features such as shopping carts, payment Gateways, and customer accounts.

Therefore, getting detailed information on Android app development costs is advisable. You can take your business to another level with detailed information on the price.

UI Design

The user interface and experience are crucial for ensuring users are satisfied with an eCommerce application. Well-designed applications look attractive and appealing to users. When developing an eCommerce application like 6th Street, ensure the design is beautiful and eye-catching.

Imagine you have yet to determine what the design will be. You should consult an eCommerce software development firm that can handle all the tasks easily and securely. 

Geographic Location

Geographic location also impacts the cost. The eCommerce website developer hourly rates in different regions vary due to differences in market rates and living costs. North America might have higher hourly rates than Eastern Europe and Asia. You must hire developers to create an eCommerce app similar to 6th Street.

Developers charge differently depending on where they are located. The cost of developing an eCommerce app like 6th Street depends on many factors. These include the project complexity, features and functionalities, UI/UX, tech stack, and more. A basic eCommerce app, like 6th Street, will cost between $25,000 and $50,000. You can expect to pay $80,000 for advanced features.

The Key Takeaway

Over the years, demand for eCommerce apps has increased. When you create an eCommerce app such as 6th Street, you must know the budget needed to build a user-friendly and functional eCommerce application.

You can use the information above to estimate the cost of developing an eCommerce app like 6th Street. Despite its meteoric rise, the eCommerce domain is still profitable for investors and entrepreneurs. Thanks to the huge user base and constant technological advances, it is the perfect time for entrepreneurs to hire an eCommerce website development company to venture into the space industry. This guide has given a basic understanding of the e-commerce application development process, like 6th Street. Contact us if you want to learn more about the space or seek ways to gain an edge.

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