Progressive Web Apps Benefit Your Business

Today, when the customers do everything on their mobile devices, it is important that for businesses to provide a great mobile experience to their users. Progressive Web Apps (PWA) help brands improve their online presence and provide the right tools to engage the audience. Progressive Web Applications can be opened by users in web browsers and offer a native-like mobile experience with a variety of features such as:

  • Access application offline
  • Installing the app on the mobile home screen
  • Push notifications

As progressive web applications provide a great experience to mobile users, they have a UX optimized for mobile devices. Industry experts believe that Google will invest in this technology in the coming time. The content is made once, and it can be made available for a website, Android, and iOS devices. Hiring an expert progressive web app developer for building a feature-rich app can be a great idea to increase the conversion rate.

1. Cheaper than native apps

PWAs require content to be produced once, and it helps to save time and money. As there is no need to create content separately for a website, Android, and iOS devices, you will be able to save a lot of money as compared to react native app development. PWA is a financially attractive alternative to native apps for small and large businesses. It is essential to find a reliable Progressive web app development company to build the right solution for helping you achieve your business goals.

2. Seamless offline mode

Progressive web apps can be cached by web browsers even when the user is offline. PWAs can be a great option for eCommerce websites that have a large product catalog to showcase. Users can access all the products on your website even when they have a low or no internet connectivity. Such web apps help to increase user engagement and result in greater revenues. 

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3. Better performance

As PWAs cache and deliver text, images, and other content quickly and efficiently, they improve the running speed. They provide an impeccable performance that has a positive impact on user engagement and conversion rates. Progressive Web Apps enable a positive user experience as compared to mobile apps by improving customer loyalty and satisfaction.

4. No issues with updating apps

PWAs possess a specific feature that enables them to update automatically, without sending any notifications to the users. This prevents bothering the users quite often for asking for permission to update the apps. Each time the user visits PWAs, the apps update themselves without human participation, helping the users save efforts and time. Some progressive web app owners prefer to send push notifications to the users for notifying them about the new updates. Producers get complete control over the information and content with PWAs.

5. No App Store required

Progressive web apps are store-independent. This is great news for small business owners and startups who don’t want to pay Google’s lifetime fee of $25 or Apple’s annual fee of $99 to get their app published and be available for the users to download. Without the hassle of downloading the app from a store, visitors can buy the products or services online. One doesn’t need to worry about app store policies and limitations.

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6. Push notifications

Push notifications can be used by businesses in several ways to make the best use of content advertising. Push notifications provide you with great opportunities to promote your products or services. As such notifications are displayed on the screens of mobile devices, they attract more users as compared to blogs, email newsletters, and social media posts.

7. Enhanced Security

Progressive Web Apps rely on HTTPS to ensure the safety of the information and data. These apps reduce the risk of security issues, they are considered to be safe and secure. Without sacrificing security or performance, PWAs offer the app-like experience to the users. AddWeb Solution is a leading agency offering exceptional progressive web app development services to clients across the globe.

Final Thoughts

There’s no doubt that Progressive web apps have a bright future. This is the right time to capitalize on the extensive capabilities of PWAs and unlock the endless opportunities for your business. More and more agencies are choosing Progressive Web App development for their businesses to explore the advantages. Startups and businesses that do not have a native app should definitely build PWAs to improve customer engagement and enjoy the maximum ROI.

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