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invest in Progressive Web Apps (PWA) in 2020?

Ashish Jain

Ashish Jain


Brands using PWAs notice an increase in the page views by 134%. Improved technology and design result in delivering an enhanced shopping experience. Mobile eCommerce is expected to reach $338 billion in 2020 in the USA. According to Gartner, mobile app leaders should plan for PWAs for digital commerce solutions.

Mobile retail eCommerce sales in the US from 2013 to 2020 (in billion U.S dollars)


Let’s take this example. James came across an ad showcasing a trendy jacket. He clicked on it and a website popped up on his mobile phone. It promoted him to download the app.


As he had been using an old mobile that ran out of space, he left the website and got indulged in his routine tasks.


This can happen to any eCommerce vendor who owns a native mobile application for selling products or services online. Progressive Web App development services can resolve such problems and help eCommerce business owners increase their profits. PWAs work well on all the major devices, browsers, and operating systems to deliver an immersive shopping experience to the users.

PWA – The future of eCommerce

The future of eCommerce

In our busy lives, we need easy access to all things. There’s no secret that mobile devices have become an inevitable part of our daily lives. Mobile commerce is changing the online shopping habits of users. Progressive web apps (PWAs) deliver native app-like experiences and functionality along with amazing digital experiences. Without downloading a mobile app, users can browse the content on the web and complete a purchase too. PWAs offer features to send push notifications, deliver sleek user experience, and speedy caching.


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Some history about brands that adopted PWAs

  • When Flipkart replaced their mobile website with a Progressive web app (PWA), they noticed an increase of 40% in user engagement.
  • Pinterest experienced tremendous lift across ad clickthrough rates.
  • AliExpress, eCommerce platform from Alibaba, witnessed an increase in their conversion rate by 104%.

Why should eCommerce businesses use PWA?

We all know that there’s a cut-throat competition in the eCommerce industry. Most of the eCommerce websites have a native app to make it easier for users to shop with their mobile devices. Though native apps allow users to purchase products easily and quickly, they have some drawbacks. Native applications require some space and a good internet connection. Users who don’t have enough memory in their mobile devices may not be able to download native apps for shopping online.


On the other hand, PWAs don’t need to be downloaded on mobile phones and tablets. Users can access progressive web apps even when they have a poor internet connection. Shoppers relying on 2G, 3G, and low bandwidths would be able to purchase without any hassles with PWAs. If you own an eCommerce business, you should start looking for the best progressive web app development company for increasing conversion rates and revenues.

Top 5 Reasons why your business needs a PWA

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) use modern web technologies to create unique mobile web experiences. Users can add a link to the home screen and enjoy great benefits.


1. Wider market reach

With the growing use of mobile devices for online shopping, PWA is a blessing for eCommerce businesses. A pair of hands always holds a 5 or 6-inch screen and so, your potential to reach masses increases when you hire progressive web apps developers to create an app for your business. Such apps need low space and can operate offline or in low bandwidths also. The offline capability of a PWA doesn’t test the patience of mobile users who have internet issues. In short, PWAs deliver a unique experience to the buyers.


2. Customer engagement and reengagement

As users do not have to register in an app store, Progressive web apps reduce the time to market. Such apps enhance the users’ reach and engage them more. These apps use push notifications and don’t require updating apps like native mobile apps.


3. Higher conversion rates

Did you know that you can spike higher conversion rates with progressive web app development? We all come across some websites that have slow transition times, payment failures, or network issues. This may frustrate the users and result in an increased cart abandonment rate. Progressive web app development services can help eCommerce business owners get rid of such issues and ensure smooth user experience.


4. Cost-effective

PWAs eliminate the need of developing a separate mobile app. The business website installs itself on the mobile device of the user via special files known as Service workers. Every business that owns a website can develop a progressive web app for generating better ROI. You can hire progressive web app developers from AddWebSolution and save a lot of dollars on mobile app development.


5. Secured

A progressive web app is secured by default. As such apps are HTTPS-enabled, users are protected. Online payment transactions, customer information, and other confidential information can be secured with PWA.


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In a Nutshell

Whether you are a startup or an established eCommerce business, PWA can help you deliver a sophisticated and smooth browsing experience. Giants such as AliExpress and Flipkart use PWAs to increase their conversion rates.


AddWeb Solution has spent thousands of hours building perfect mobile app development solutions for clients across the globe. We focus on tailored solutions using the best practices in the industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Progressive Web App (PWA) and how does it differ from traditional websites or native apps?

A Progressive Web App (PWA) is a type of website that provides a native app-like experience to users. PWAs combine the best features of websites and mobile apps, offering fast loading times, offline capabilities, and push notifications without the need for installation

Why should eCommerce businesses consider investing in Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) in 2020?

PWAs enhance the user experience by providing fast load times, offline functionality, and a seamless experience across devices. For eCommerce, this translates to increased user engagement, improved conversion rates, and overall customer satisfaction

How do PWAs contribute to improved mobile responsiveness for eCommerce websites?

PWAs are designed to be mobile-responsive by default. They offer a consistent and engaging user experience across various devices, ensuring that eCommerce websites perform optimally on smartphones and tablets.

What role do fast loading times play in the success of an eCommerce platform, and how do PWAs address this?

Fast loading times are crucial for retaining user attention and reducing bounce rates. PWAs utilize service workers and cache mechanisms, allowing them to load quickly even in low network conditions, providing users with a seamless and enjoyable shopping experience.

How do PWAs support offline functionality, and why is this beneficial for eCommerce businesses?

PWAs can function offline or in low-network conditions, ensuring that users can continue browsing products, accessing information, and adding items to their cart even without a consistent internet connection. This feature improves accessibility and user engagement.

Do PWAs contribute to increased conversion rates for eCommerce businesses?

Yes, PWAs contribute to increased conversion rates by providing a smooth and app-like user experience. The fast loading times, offline capabilities, and push notifications encourage users to spend more time on the platform and complete transactions.

Can PWAs be integrated with existing eCommerce platforms, and is the implementation process complex?

Yes, PWAs can be integrated with existing eCommerce platforms. The implementation process varies but is generally streamlined, especially with the support of frameworks like Vue Storefront or Magento PWA Studio. Skilled developers can efficiently integrate PWAs into existing systems.

How do PWAs contribute to improved SEO for eCommerce businesses?

PWAs can enhance Search Engine Optimization performance due to their fast loading times and mobile-friendly nature. Search engines prioritize websites that offer a better user experience, and PWAs, being optimized for performance, contribute positively to search engine rankings.