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When deciding which technology to invest in when launching a new website or redesigning an existing one, vague details will make it challenging to decide. If you are going to use Drupal for developing your website, you might have questions like, is Drupal worth the money and efforts? Will I be able to design a highly intuitive website using Drupal?

All these questions keep puzzling in your mind whenever you want to get started with Drupal web design. In today’s blog, we will be answering all these questions in this blog and help you with some Drupal website design ideas in brief. Before that, let us see what Drupal offers and why it is more suitable than other CMS in the market.

Drupal more suitable than other CMS in the market

Drupal Offerings

Get More Control

Drupal is a content management platform rather than a content management system. Meaning, you can create any form of a web application, such as a website, intranet, or secure portal, as well as a content management system. Simply put, you name it and you can get it built with Drupal.

Safe And Secure

Since Drupal is an Open Source Content Management System (CMS), its codebase gets closely scrutinized. The code that runs it is open source, which means that you can look at, use, change, and add to it for free. When you make your source code accessible in this way, you must ensure that it is of high quality.

Since everyone can add to it, you end up with code that has thousands of pairs of eyes on it at all times. Proprietary code manufacturers cannot provide this assurance; when using closed source software, you have no idea what possible security bugs are present; which is not the case with Drupal.

Search Engine Friendly

Drupal websites have been search engine friendly since the launch of Drupal 7 in 2011 with RDF support. Drupal code gets very semantically written, and its ability to use alt and title tags for photos and other uploaded media gives it a significant SEO boost. You get a ton of modules like SEO Compliance Checker, the SEO Checklist, the global redirect, metatag, Search 404, the XML sitemap, and more.

Cutting Edge

Drupal was the first to release responsive (base) themes, ensuring that every site could benefit from the improved user experience of a mobile-friendly website. Perhaps the most significant feature of Drupal 8 is the configuration in the code part, which means the format will no longer get stored in a database , the only thing that it should put in your content management system’s database from now on is content!


Language handling assistance offers localized digital products while saving time and money. Drupal 8 core includes four core modules that allow for the translation of all content on the web. Meaning, you don’t need to write separate code for each website’s language.

Drupal provides workflows for configuration and content translation and provides an interface language for administrators and content creators. As a result, it allows business organizations to communicate in the language of their customers. We can install drupal 8 in over 90+ languages without the need for any external components.

As soon as you install Drupal, you can download the language packages and install them securely and automatically, without interfering with your customized translations. So, whether you need to quickly create customized sites in any language of your choice or an elaborate multilingual web application with interactive, language-based displays, Drupal is an excellent choice.


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Drupal Content As A Service

If you want your front-end developers to be able to build engaging user interactions, Drupal’s content-as-a-service approach allows you to think beyond the page-based box. By decoupling the back and front ends where possible, Drupal’s CaaS solution delivers infinitely reusable, future-proof material. Separating the back-end from the front-end also allows front-end developers to quickly adjust the look and feel of the pages.

Furthermore, front developers can build better experiences by leveraging Angular, Ember, Backbone, and others and Drupal’s presentation-neutral content and RESTful API. Ingestion of content from third-party sources, such as aggregators and syndicators, can carry range into your Drupal environment, which it can then push to any channel. Content can get conveniently accessed by other websites and applications using Drupal’s CaaS capability.

Online content gets no longer delivered to a web page for use in a desktop browser. If you want content versatility in your pursuit of offering the ultimate digital experience, go with Drupal’s content as a service approach.

  • It Is Free

Drupal is free means that anybody can use it to build a website as complex as The Economist’s, The White House’s, or Harvard Universities. You will learn new things and have some fun. If that fails, you should contact the Drupal experts who have already been through this learning curve (that’s us, Annertech!).

How Will It Upgrade Your Business?

The Drupal Values and Principles emphasize the culture and behavior that each group member gets expected to follow. These principles direct both technical and non-technical decisions, and they demonstrate how contributors and thought leaders can help the Drupal community and the project.

The example below depicts the ideals and principles that Drupal has given to businesses worldwide over the years.

Impactful Website

Drupal values have been instrumental in impacting business enterprises that serve a significant role in their development. It gets forced to be reckoned with when creating easy, open, and safe software for all to use. Choose Drupal if you want to make an impact!

Fostering Togetherness

Drupal has committed to creating a learning atmosphere that fosters community. It accomplishes this by elevating everyone in the group by collective decision-making and encouraging others to get involved.

In this endeavor, everyone is encouraged to take on leadership roles to move society forward. For a shared business workflow, Drupal is your best bet.

Targeting Excellency

To achieve excellence in a web development project, Drupal helps you to constantly reassess and welcome improvements as they occur, making your project the best it can be. If you want to succeed in your project endeavors, Drupal is the way to go.

Better Treatment

The Drupal group works hard to eliminate any intolerance toward others. It is committed to understanding each other and providing positive animation to remain hopeful. Choosing a CMS that claims to treat people with integrity and fairness is a wise choice.

Relishing What You Do

No doubt everybody wants to have a good time when working on a project? Drupal strongly believes in allowing its group to enjoy themselves while tinkering and innovating something new with Drupal. Do you want to integrate an element of both creativity and fun into your project? Drupal is the solution.

Integration an Element

What’s New About Drupal?

Drupal group introduced a significant update to Drupal 8 in its efforts to make Drupal more wonderful and easy to use. Drupal 8.6, the latest version, provides a better user experience for digital marketing and content editing teams and easier installation and more reliable updates for technical teams. Considering Drupal will provide your content writers with an entirely new experience to update content.

This latest version includes remote media type support, which simplifies the embedding of YouTube or Vimeo content in your videos. Furthermore, it has made rapid progress in terms of usability as well.

Workspace is an experimental Drupal module that provides sophisticated content staging capabilities. Another experimental Drupal module, the Layout Builder, is a lifesaver for site builders by enabling layouts with dynamic parts, thus expanding the possibilities for custom layouts.

Before Drupal 8.6, downloading and installing it was a complicated and time-consuming method. However, using the latest Umami demo profile, you can now have an out-of-the-box experience by installing Drupal in minutes. It is beneficial for demonstrating Drupal’s enormous capabilities right out of the box to prospective clients.

What’s New About Drupal


Choose Drupal for what it does best so that it can be a valuable asset to your business. You can build one-of-a-kind and practical solutions in the right hands. Many Drupal development agencies around the world work hard to tailor Drupal to the needs of their clients. Choosing the best platform for managing the plethora of content on your website can appear to be a difficult job, and why not? After all, it is the public-facing website that requires the utmost attention.

Let’s Talk Solution

Despite increasing market demands to boost workflow by integrating new technology, Drupal has remained essential and valuable, and it is still growing to be even better. Choosing Drupal as your CMS of choice can be a sign of progress for your future endeavors. We have fostered a strong culture with our partners and are always ready to help you create a great digital experience with Drupal growth.

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