Web Design Using The Fibonacci Sequence

Fibonacci Sequence belongs to the world of mathematics and trading, whereas designing is all about creativity. So, it’s natural to doubt the connection between the two, forget the influence of the former one on the latter. But yes, Fibonacci Sequence do have an age-old connection with and influence on the world of visual arts. And hence, the modern day designing also borrows wonderful dimension from Fibonacci Sequence. But before we dive deeper to decipher this connection between the two, let’s first understand what Fibonacci Sequence really is!

What is Fibonacci Sequence?

Fibonacci Sequence of numbers created with the pattern of every number after the first two is the sum of the two preceding ones, – is called Fibonacci Sequence.

Fibonacci Sequence

Fibonacci sequence starts with 0 and 1. The previous two numbers are added together to produce the next number in the sequence: 0,1,1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, so on and so forth. The Greek letter Phi(ϕ) shows the ratio which is approximate similar to 1.618033987 : 1.

It is also known as the golden ratio, divine proportion, golden mean and so on.

The Origin:

Early Indian mathematics has a mention of Fibonacci sequence in a relation with Sanskrit Prosody. The concept was later on introduced by Leonardo of Pisa, who was also known as Fibonacci and hence became popular by his name. It was Leonardo who introduced this concept of Fibonacci to the western European mathematics, in the year 1210, by writing about it in his book named ‘Liber Abaci’. In the book, he explained the Fibonacci Sequence by citing the example of the growth of biologically unrealistic rabbit population.

Other Names of Fibonacci:

Fibonacci sequence is also known by the name of ‘Golden Ratio’ and ‘Devine ratios’. The mathematical logic of Fibonacci, when applied on the proportion of rectangles, a geometric spiral if formed. This spiral is called ‘Golden Spiral’, which creates a very visually appealing form. The rectangles formed are known as ‘Golden Rectangle’.

Fibonacci Sequence & Designing

Fibonacci sequence is a tool to elevate and bring balance to the design. The Golden Ratio is a proven formula to make the logo design look more appealing.

An appealing and effective design is where even the smallest of design elements is in maintaining balance and complete harmony. This is the reason why web and graphic designers make the use of ‘Golden Ratio’ for creating designs. Especially, the logos, icons and infographics because they require more detailed attention.

‘Golden Ratio’ is also adapted by visual designers. Because it helps in creating a visual presentation that gives the user clarity of the products. The ‘Golden Ratio’ helps right from creating the wireframe to designing every single design element required for designing the website.

How does the ‘Golden Ratio’ helps in improving the design?

Mathematics and Creative Design might sound like a mismarriage to you but it has been in sync with each other since years, when it comes to the ‘Golden Ratio’. Be it the age-old method of visual arts, sculpture making or the modern day web designing and other branding related designs – Golden Ratio has proved success throughout.  

Let’s explore this side of the ‘Golden Ratio’ and know how it helps in improving the design.

  1. Helps in creating a visual symphony
  2. Balance out the proportion of all design elements
  3. Creates harmony amongst all the design elements
  4. Balanced content which contributes towards an effective web design
  5. Enhances the typography by making proper use of various typographic values in proportion
  6. Adds weightage to the blank space of the design rather than making it look ‘empty’

Let’s review some of the popular designs created using the ‘Golden Ratio’ across the worlds of art, web and nature.

1) Art – Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa

Art - Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa

2) Web – Facebook


3) Web – Twitter Logo (Divine Proportion is Used)

Web - Twitter Logo

4) Web – Website of AddWeb Solution Pvt. Ltd.

Web - Website of AddWeb Solution

5) Nature

Fibonacci Nature

6) Mobile App


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