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In 2020, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, mobile applications have become as popular as ever since people avoid going out and prefer contactless transactions. Several platforms are available in the market that can help retailers or business owners develop their mobile apps quickly to catch up with the market. Several options exist, from a native app, Java, and Objective C, to Kotlin for Android, Swift for iOS, etc.

However, with each passing day, new and more advanced frameworks are coming to rescue businesses from mobile app development challenges. And one such framework is Flutter! It has gained immense popularity in recent years.

So, what’s Flutter? Why should businesses opt for Flutter App development in India or Hire Flutter app developers? Let’s dive into the world of Flutter to get the answers to all your queries!

UNDERSTANDING What Flutter is About

It is an open-source mobile UI framework designed and developed by Google in early 2017. With the help of Flutter app development in India, business owners can create a native-like mobile application that will run smoothly on all mobile devices, including Android and iOS. In other words, only a single codebase can cater to different mobile OS and eliminate the need for various mobile apps for various mobile devices. It consists of an SDK and a Framework to help the developers design and develop cross-platform apps on the go.

POSITIVES about Flutter

  • Helps you save TIME and MONEY

Since it is a cross-platform tool, the organizations are not required to have separate mobile apps for Android and iOS. You can hire Flutter app developers, and that’s it! They will build a single app that will work smoothly on all the devices. This way, organizations can save time and money on developing separate apps to cater to different devices.

  • Lightning PERFORMANCE

Flutter uses Dart language, which makes it easy for the developers to compile in native code. On the other hand, Flutter brings its own widget set, eliminating the need to access OEM.

  • FASTER development

One of the main reasons why Flutter app development in India is so popular among developers is its hot reload feature. It helps developers get insights on code changes and reload the new code in a few seconds, which makes development faster.

  • Out-of-the-box COMPATIBILITY

With the help of its widgets, applications developed using Flutter face very few issues in terms of compatibility. It requires very little time to test the application on different OS versions. Moreover, it guarantees that the application will work seamlessly on future versions.


It is an open-source technology empowered by a huge community of developers supporting or contributing to developing useful resources.

LEADING BRANDS use applications built with Flutter

The success of any technology or framework is gauged by how many leading brands worldwide use it for their own purpose. Flutter has shown some interesting statistics in terms of its usage by the leading brands across the world. Here is the list of leading global brands that have used Flutter to build their apps:

Brands That Use Flutter to Build Their Apps

WHEN to use Flutter for App Development

The Flutter app development company can help to create multifunctional apps suitable for beginner or experienced developers. However, it has a few glitches, which need to be understood by the developers to help them know when Flutter could be the best choice and when to avoid using Flutter.

  • Unfamiliar native libraries are supposed to be used. Of course, Flutter has a vast set of supported libraries, and new libraries are being added frequently. However, if you plan to use some rare or unfamiliar native libraries unavailable in the repository, it is advisable not to use Flutter.
  • If you are planning to go for progressive web or instance apps – Apps developed using Flutter are bigger than native apps, even after performing proper optimization.
  • Trying to have hardware connectivity over Bluetooth – In such a case, you must either develop a customized feature separately for iOS and Android or try creating the feature for iOS and Android using the FlutterBle plugin.
  • Planning to create AR/VR apps – It is not a good fit for creating AR/VR apps.

FACTS & STATS about Flutter App Development

  • According to Google Trends, Flutter is the leading programming language in 2020 after React Native to build customized mobile apps.
  • According to the survey from Stackoverflow, Flutter is the third most loved framework by the developers.
  • According to Wikipedia, Flutter is the most robust cross-platform app development framework and the most popular one for developing Android and iOS applications.

Flutter is one of the most innovative and flexible frameworks helping developers design and develop robust cross-platform apps. What’s your take on this? Want to know how the Flutter app development company can help you gain maximum benefit from it? Get in touch with our experts now!

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