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Have you noticed the changes happening in the eCommerce industry? The websites look fresh and feel incredibly different from what they used to a couple of years back.

The options are endless when a person goes online to buy a product or service.

You do not have to install a native app to browse seamlessly on a shopping website—you have PWAs or Progressive Web Apps offering an immersive user experience.

It is not difficult to find advertisements where you can purchase a product or service in the advertisement itself.

Let us tell you that these are here to stay.

But what is making all these possible? The answer is headless ecommerce. While it is being actively adopted by eCommerce businesses now, it has been around for a while.

If you are a brand looking to revamp your eCommerce business and hire an eCommerce development company to help you with it, don’t do it until you have read this post.

You will love the insights we share here.

Key Takeaways

  • Customer experience is the focus of headless commerce
  • Headless commerce helps businesses improve their ROIs
  • More businesses are adopting headless eCommerce technology
  • Headless commerce is touted to be the future of eCommerce business
  • It can solve most challenges that eCommerce business faces now

What is Headless Commerce?

Headless commerce is a novel and inventive approach to eCommerce development, where the front end of a website is kept separately from the backend, and both are connected via an API.

The website’s functionalities are limited to smaller applications and services that can be managed separately without affecting each other.

Headless Commerce

With headless commerce, businesses can experiment and work on one element of the site without compromising the performance of other tethered entities.

Businesses use headless commerce to ensure better website performance, speed, user-centric experience, and ease of maintenance—everything an eCommerce business covets.

Challenges Faced by The Current eCommerce Industry

Before we delve into understanding how headless commerce can help businesses, we must first understand the challenges that current eCommerce businesses face.

It will put the importance of headless commerce in perspective.

Here are some of the most pressing challenges that the eCommerce industry is facing now:

Challenges Faced by The Current eCommerce Industry

Consumers Do Not Want to Be Sold On Their First Impression.

If people want to buy something, they would like to be able to learn extensively about it before making a decision. Only the mighty Amazon is the master exception to this rule.

Therefore, creating a personalized and immersive experience is essential to survive in the online market.

An eCommerce business needs to build a customer journey around their first-hand experience with their website.

Intense Competition in The eCommerce Industry.

Many businesses are trying to get in on the eCommerce trend, which made the competition in the field even fiercer.

It would be best if you were a well-oiled machine that can be agile enough to adapt to your customer’s needs and expectations while still delivering what they expect from you.

In addition to this, every technology is also available to your competition. How businesses take advantage of the available technologies can make all the difference.

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Not Just About Selling Products Online But Also About Customer Experience.

When it comes to shopping online, the customer journey is not just about the purchase; it is also about the after-purchase experience and all the other steps along the way.

The friction and pain points you need to remove from each step in your customer journey will determine whether or not you can retain your customers over time.

Ensuring a frictionless shopping experience for users is particularly challenging for most eCommerce businesses as user expectations keep mounting.

Consumers Have Way Too Many Choices.

Especially about mobile devices and apps, consumers have a wide variety of options for purchasing products online. But they do not always know which one will best suit their needs and interests at any given time.

For example, there are so many different types of shopping carts available that it can be overwhelming for consumers to choose from them all.

You must educate them about what makes your business unique and why they must buy from you.

eCommerce Customers are Not Loyal to Just One Business.

Yes, that’s true. With diverse options, customers are not particularly loyal to any particular store or business.

Therefore, it is difficult for businesses to identify their most important customers.

It also makes it hard for businesses to create adequate marketing and promotional strategies that appeal to their customers.

Customers Cannot Find Your Product Online When They Search.

Customers will often search for products and services online using keywords or phrases related to what they are looking for.

They are then directed to an entirely different website that sells the same product as yours – but with different prices and packaging options.

This can hurt your business a lot more than you expect.

Even though people want to buy the products and services you offer, their journey is diverted to your competition.

Security Concerns Of The Clients When Paying.

One of the biggest challenges that eCommerce businesses face is accepting customer payments.

Despite the availability of many secure payment gateways, customers still are wary about sharing their payment details. Further, there are times when the payments fail to go through for various reasons.

When a business takes extensive effort to lead customers to the payment gateway, it is hard on the industry when it loses customers due to a technical glitch or failure.

How VueStorefront Headless Commerce Helps You Face Ecommerce Challenges

When these challenges are effectively addressed, eCommerce businesses can be on their way to being more profitable and successful.

But how? This is the most crucial question of the hour.

Well, in short, headless commerce is the answer. The following advantages of headless commerce make it easier for businesses to face these challenges.

How VueStorefront Headless Commerce Helps You Face Ecommerce Challenges

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It Improves Customer Experience.

The chief advantage of headless commerce is that it puts the customers in the driver’s seat. The user experience with headless commerce is nothing short of impeccable, and customers seem to love it.

When the customers can navigate comfortably and interact with the website, they tend to stay longer and make the purchase.

This experience and ease of use can help businesses create loyal customers.

Customization and Personalization.

When a business thinks of eCommerce development, they usually hire an eCommerce development company. As per the requirements of the business, they use diverse technologies to create a website with frontend, backend, and everything else.

With headless commerce, they are developed separately using technologies like VueStorefront development. It gives ample room for customization and personalization.

Higher personalization means customers constantly interact with the website more personalized way.

Speed Of Development.

Whether you hire a global eCommerce development company or a local business to work on your eCommerce project, it takes time.

The front end, backend& integrations will take time.

However, with headless commerce, the time to market is significantly reduced, and you can make changes to the site quickly without affecting the entire system.

With a reliable VueStorefront development company to help, the process can be completed without any strain.

It Brings Better Conversion Rates.

Another way headless commerce can help your business is by improving your conversion rates. Headless commerce is all about creating the most immersive and personalized experience for each of your visitors.

When you constantly deliver such exceptional experiences to customers, they tend to keep returning to your eCommerce site.

Recurring traffic means more sales, which will positively reflect your conversion rates.

Should You Adopt Headless Commerce?

That’s the biggest question that most aspiring eCommerce businesses have now. From our experience as a VueStorefront development service in the field, we say that it is high time you tried to hire VueStorefront developers and begin the development process.

There is no doubt that eCommerce is the future of retailing. As technologies advance at lightning speed, the way users interact with eCommerce stores and buy products is changing.

If you are serious about developing a sustainable business, you must get on with the trends. And the trend now in eCommerce is headless commerce.


As you have seen, the eCommerce industry has been under strain lately with constantly changing customer requirements and preferences. The fact that eCommerce businesses cannot ignore the demands of the users makes it all the more agitating.

That’s where headless eCommerce can play a huge role. By adopting the latest technologies in headless ecommerce, such as VueStorefront development, businesses can address these pressing issues they face.

The growth and sustainability of businesses depend on how well they can serve their customers and satisfy them.

And now, there is no better option than headless commerce that helps businesses do this while ensuring exceptional and user-centric experience and performance.

If you are a business looking to hire VueStorefront PWA development services to start your eCommerce journey or make that transition, we can help you.

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