Vue Storefront or Magento

Technology has made life quite easy compared to when we think of the lives our forefathers lived. What initially were considered to be laborious tasks, are now done with just a click of a button. Let’s take shopping, for example. No longer are people required to push around big trolleys and walk around different isles to search for what they need. Now all they need to do is take out their Smartphone and either open the mobile app or web app, type what they need, and select the items they want to be sent home. This is possible through online stores and store applications that can be installed onto the phone.

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What is PWA?


PWA brings the best of both worlds: mobile app and regular websites. One can even say that they have reinvented the way people interact with the web. Imagine getting the speed you get while going through an app, but you don’t have to install anything. That is exactly what PWA does. The feel remains exactly like that of an app but has more advantages than it.

People nowadays prefer to not download apps as they tend to take up space in their phones. Therefore the need for PWA arises. There are more chances of people reviewing what’s in your store if they don’t have to download any particular app per se. 

In fact, according to a study done by Quettra, a mobile app loses around 77% of its users just within the first three days. In fact, here’s a table that shall help you understand the difference between a native app, responsive websites, and progressive web apps.


To state more examples, a leading UK clothing brand called George resorted to enhancing mobile customer experience through PWA and witnessed a 31% increase in mobile conversion. Another example is that of Starbucks. When they adopted PWA, their number of daily active users doubled.

Starbucks PWA

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Vue Storefront or Magento?

Vue Storefront or Magento

With this, it becomes evident how important a role PWA plays in our lives. Now, the next question that invariably bothers people is which PWA to opt for. While the concern is understandable, allow us to help you guide in the right direction. Vue Storefront and Magento PWA Studio are the two major competitors when it comes to PWA.

Vue Storefront came into the scene to fill the gap of PWA that was left in eCommerce. The best part about Vue Storefront is that it supports various eCommerce platforms like Shopware, Magento, Spree, Coreshop, etc. Magento PWA Studio is used by developers to build a new storefront through a contemporary frontend framework.

Vue Storefront is considered to be the most popular and fastest framework compared to Magento PWA. And this is one of the main reasons why AddWeb Solution can also be considered as a Vue Storefront Development Company. Our approach being customer-centric, we serve to provide the best and the fastest in the market. Vue Storefront Development helps us deliver our clients better as it can work on various platforms, thus making everything flexible. With Magento, one cannot work on different platforms given the constraints of the particular PWA. As an agency, when we deal with various kinds of clients, we prefer to work with something which helps us work on multiple platforms and therefore opt for Vue Storefront.

To help you understand better, here’s a table on the difference between Magento PWA Studio and Vue Storefront:

Magento PWA Studio and Vue Storefront

There are many pros and cons of both PWAs, but we don’t wish to bore you with too many technical details. A major drawback that Magento has is that it lacks quite a few features that are otherwise seen in Vue Storefront. With more features and a well-equipped toolset, Vue Storefront helps us provide better-customized solutions to our customers. Hence, while comparing the two, one could say that Vue Storefront has the edge over Magento.

We hope this clears your doubt and helps you understand why opting for Vue Storefront is more advantageous than going in for Magento. Plus, if you are on the lookout to hire a Vue Storefront Developer, you can always contact AddWeb Solution. Our team of experts would love to help you create your own PWA, which would be instrumental in taking your business to the next level.


So if you are wondering which PWA would suit your business best, we would suggest going in for something that shall help your business run long and also stay strong. Vue Storefront PWA is a stronger contender that shall tick all your boxes of requirements and ease in the entire process of shifting from a native app or a responsive website to a PWA.

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