Why React Native Is Better than Hybrid App Development

The debate of hybrid apps vs. React native has been raging for a long time, especially in the startup community. While there are people supporting each mode of development, there are people who advocate for native development at the same time.

The discussions of what’s better— react native development or hybrid development—can be tabled for another discussion.

That’s why we are discussing today why it is important for startups to embrace React Native development over hybrid app development.

So, without further ado, let’s start.

Limitations of Hybrid App Development

Of course, there are diverse advantages to hybrid app development, such as:

  • Faster development process.
  • Easy to get to a wider audience.
  • Lower development cost.

But all these advantages come at serious compromises. And this can be a grave concern for startups that want to create a unique identity and brand.

The following are the major limitations of hybrid app development that startups need to keep in mind.

Hybrid apps perform poorly

When hybrid apps and native apps are compared, hybrid apps cannot even hold a candle against native apps in terms of performance.

In hybrid apps, the source code is given an additional layer of code depending on the mobile platform.

The result? A huge drop in performance.

While the degree of drop can be different from one app to another, the drop is apparent across diverse apps.

We all experienced the difference when Facebook migrated their app from HTML 5 to React Native.

They are hard to debug

The additional layer that hybrid apps bring to the mix complicates everything, including the debugging process. App developers must spend a lot of time and effort to debug hybrid apps.

Further, finding the reason for the bug can also be challenging.

Factors like these can prolong the release of the app and its overall development cost.

Compromised user experience

Hybrid apps are notorious for poor user experience. Hybrid apps cannot take full advantage of the capabilities of the platforms as the apps are not specifically designed for them.

As a result, they cannot rely on the platform’s unique capabilities to render the design for better user experiences.

This can happen when apps are developed following one platform’s guidelines, which makes the app ill-suited for the other platform.

Failure to render graphics

Hybrid apps are unable to render high-quality graphics to the users, unlike native apps.

Even if you have designed any 3D or intuitive graphics, your users will not be able to take advantage of it as the app lacks the capability to support it.

This can compromise your user app’s user experience further, making the app nothing more than an ordinary app.

Difficulty in adding new features

Adding new features to hybrid apps is a headache for mod hybrid app development companies, as it is extremely hard.

As a startup, you must be able to add new features as needed by your users to make yourself different from the rest of the players. Unfortunately, that’s going to be hard if you are moving forward with a hybrid app.

Therefore, always consider these elements before you develop a hybrid app for your startup.

Why Should Startups Go with React Native Development?


The advantages of the React native cross-platform development are numerous. And each of these benefits helps startups more than any other business.

Here are the benefits.

Reusable code

The biggest advantage of using react native for mobile app development is that it is reusable. As such, startups need to develop the code only once.

They can use the same code for another platform, which saves them a lot of time.

Hence, this allows businesses to deliver a uniform and excellent user experience on multiple platforms without having to develop separate codes for each of these platforms.

Efficient code

React native development happens in JavaScript, which is more efficient and easier to use than other similar languages. The code lines are short and smaller in number.

This crisp and short nature of the code makes it easier to make changes, debug any issues, and reduce the testing time.

Reusable react components

In react native development, app developers can use the components of both Android and iOS platforms. The apps can thus deliver a more native app-like experience and performance for users.

Hardware compatibility

Unlike hybrid apps, react native apps do not rely on WebView for their functions. Further, react native apps can take advantage of hardware features of the device, such as cameras, GPS, maps, etc.

As a result, these apps can render better performance and user experience on multiple devices.

Why Hire AddWeb Solution for React Native Development?

To create the best cross-platform, choosing React native is only the first part. The second and one of the most critical parts is to hire React native developers who can deliver the top-notch solutions you need.

And you can hire AddWeb Solution to work on your reactive development project.

You may be wondering if we can deliver the top-notch React native development services you need. And here is what makes us the best.

An experienced team of developers

When you hire React native developers from AddWeb Solution, you are also hiring their experience, qualifications, and insights in the industry. They help you bring alive your app ideas with perfection since they have profound knowledge and skills to make that happen.

Custom app development help

Every startup is trying to do something different. They are looking to deliver services and experiences that no other business is doing.

And we understand that. This is also why we work with our clients to create custom services as our clients need. Our React native app development team looks at your goals and crafts a customized package for the best offering.

You get the best value and ROI with us.

Affordable react native app development

For many startups, cost is a major element when developing an app for their business. We make it a point to deliver affordable react native development services for our clients.

This will also depend on the development budget you have, your requirements, and the industry that you target.

Impeccable quality

The quality of the apps we develop is another integral part of the services we deliver. The commitment to uphold global benchmarks has made us a reliable name as a react native development company in the market.

We also rely on agile development strategies to develop, evaluate, and test the apps on the go to deliver the best apps for all.

Apart from this, we also have internal quality guidelines to adhere to right from the beginning.

Timely delivery

We know that the timely development of apps is important for every startup. They are trying to reduce the time to market and bring their services to the public.

And we do not cause any delay to that in any manner.

We have smart systems and processes in place to speed up the development process without cutting corners.

Latest technologies

AddWeb Solution has an extensive and advanced technology infrastructure for each of the projects we undertake. We plan the react native development services we offer based on these technologies.

The technologies help you get the best React native app that will delight your customers while converting them to be your loyal followers.


As a startup, your success depends on how good of a user experience you can deliver to your early users on multiple platforms. And React native is naturally the best technology you can use to develop cross-platform apps in less investment and time. While that’s a great strategy, another essential element is to hire React native developers with knowledge and expertise. And AddWeb Solution is your best choice.

Being an established react native development company, we have already worked with diverse startups from numerous industries. Hence, we know what you are looking for and how to deliver the services exactly as you need.

Speak to our client service team and learn how we can work together to develop an app that renders the best experiences to your users and creates a strong impression for your brand.

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