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Cloud Computing Solution

Cloud Computing Company India

What is Cloud Computing?

Everything that you share, store or even surf on internet today has cloud at its core. Whether you’re sending a mail, editing a document online, watching a series online or even searching something over a search engine - everything is a part of cloud computing. Cloud computing is nothing but creating and developing services like softwares, programming languages, networking and server solutions. Without cloud, the world of web goes non-functional. And since the web-world is growing immensely, the role of cloud computing is also widening.

Benefits of Cloud Computing:

1) Reduces the cost of purchasing and maintaining any hardware/software

2) Quickens the process of searching and shares resources on the cloud

3) Shuns out the geographical boundations

4) Increases the overall productivity of human resources

5) Strengthens the security of the data

Cloud Computing Services

Cloud Computing Company India

At AddWeb Solution, we ‘add’ value to the ‘web’ world with our experience and expertise in Cloud Computing solution and an extensive range of other such web solutions. Explore more about our Cloud Computing services and Get in touch today to request a free quote.

Types of Cloud Computing Services.
  • Infrastructure as a Service(IaaS)

An infrastructure/Server that you can rent and pay only for what you use. It includes data storage, web hosting, big data analysis, et al.

  • Platform as a Service(PaaS)

A platform purchased to be accessed on a secure internet connection. It’s made to support the entire web application process of developing, testing, deploying and maintaining.

  • Software as a Service(SaaS)

A complete software solution where your user connects to you over internet. The service provider manages hardware and software, along with securing all your data and the app.

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