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VueStorefront to Make eCommerce Even Better and Faster

Saurabh Dhariwal

Saurabh Dhariwal

Bigcommerce is integrated with VueStorefront

Changes are the norm in the eCommerce space. Everything evolves from the technologies that we use, the platforms that we depend on, and the development methodologies that we take advantage of.


Most businesses also go with the flow as it helps them better serve their clients and users.


Hence, it makes sense that eCommerce businesses and BigCommerce development agencies are excited to learn about the integration of BigCommerce with VueStorefront.


No matter how you look at it, bringing one of the biggest eCommerce platforms and impeccable headless commerce technology is beyond game-changing. The integration has long been in the making, and it will change the lives of BigCommerce development and how businesses will take advantage of VueStorefront services.


So, let’s understand more about this important integration update.

The Timeline of VueStorefront and BigCommerce Integration

The integration process was a rather long one since it has the potential to influence the business decisions of eCommerce companies around the world.


Here is an approximate timeline of how the process went about:


In November 2021, the initial process of integration began.


The integration team from BigCommerce and VueStorefront had been working day in and day out to release the first version, the Beta Version, in January 2022.


In February 2022, all the features of V1 were covered.


The QA team tested all the functionalities and features implemented in the Beta Version to ensure that it works perfectly for release. What made the entire process easier and streamlined was how BigCommerce and VueStorefront team worked together to take care of the constantly challenging challenges.


Since VueStorefront is all about quality and speed, the collaboration ensured the integration process's safety, security, and speed.


Finally, the process ended with a security audit, which helped eliminate all the vulnerabilities from a security perspective.


However, eCommerce businesses and companies offering VueStorefront PWA development services eagerly await the next batch of updates.


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What Was The Scope Of The Integration?

The following functionalities were implemented in the current VueStorefront and BigCommerce integration.


Scope Of The Integration


Let’s take a look at each of them:


Functionalities in Cart


  • Add/remove products to the cart
  • Prevent buying stocks that are out-of-stock
  • Change the quantity of products
  • Merge carts as guests log in
  • Guest and user carts support
  • Option to clear the cart
  • Save guest cart in the session


Functionalities in Wishlist


  • Add/remove products to/from the wishlist
  • Option to clear the wishlist
  • Add products to the cart from the wishlist
  • Save the guest wishlist in the session
  • Merge wishlist as guests log in


Functionalities in Search


  • Search products by name and SKU
  • Show related categories in the search




  • Display and switch between various languages available


Functionalities in User Profile


  • Create an account, log in and out
  • Change general user data, such as names, email addresses, and contact
  • Change password
  • Add new shipping addresses
  • View order history
  • Consent update to receive marketing communication


Category Page


  • List or grid view of products
  • Sort products by price (ascending/descending), relevance, or latest
  • Display categories
  • Add products to the cart
  • Add products to the wishlist
  • Navigation to the product page
  • Current category breadcrumbs display
  • Category page metadata set up


Product Page


  • Product information displaying like titles, descriptions, etc.
  • Display current product breadcrumbs
  • Default variant Display by default
  • All images Display for the current variant
  • Switch between different product variants
  • Average rating display
  • Reviews displaying
  • Pagination reviews
  • Add new reviews
  • Add product to the cart
  • Show related products
  • Product page metadata setting up


Functionalities for Checkout


  • Embedded checkout
  • Product count display in all checkout steps
  • The subtotal and total price is displayed in all checkout steps
  • Input display to enter promo code


Functionalities for Shipping


  • Display saved shipping addresses list
  • Add a new shipping address
  • Display form to guests to enter address
  • List and select shipping methods available


Functionalities in Billing


  • Display the list of saved billing addresses
  • Copy shipping address
  • Add a new billing address
  • Display form to guests to enter address




  • Display summary of shipping details
  • Display summary of billing details
  • Display products summary, subtotal, shipping cost, and total price
  • Select the method of payment
  • Make an order


Functionalities for Thank You Page


  • Display order information and number


Order History


  • Display the orders history of the user
  • Display the status of the order
  • Display details of the order


Others Functionalities


  • Meta tags on the home page


As you can see here, the changes and updates can make the VueStorefront and BigCommerce integration a force in the industry.


If you are looking to build headless commerce for your business, there is no better option than hiring VueStorefront developers who know how to work with BigCommerce.

How Can BigCommerce and VueStorefront Help Your eCommerce Business?

The competition in the eCommerce industry is higher than ever before, and it is only going to get stiffer. Therefore, businesses are actively searching for newer and more powerful technologies to make their eCommerce offerings better and more appealing to their clients.


This is where BigCommerce and VueStorefront can help you with their robust, quick, and efficient functionalities for headless commerce.


Headless commerce helps a business decouple various elements of an eCommerce platform in its efforts to make each element independent.


This ensures better speed, improved user experience, and the ability to bring changes to each aspect of the platform without affecting the same.


In today’s world of mobile internet, headless commerce has been making strides. And you must do well if you adopt headless commerce as quickly as possible. With the BigCommerce and VueStorefront integration, it is another healthy sign why you, as an eCommerce business, must take advantage of the same as well.


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Staying updated and current in the eCommerce industry is no longer just an option for businesses. It is expected from the business by the customers. Even if they are loyal to a brand, failure on the part of the business to stay updated and offer the customers top services, they are likely to migrate to another business. No business would like that.


Therefore, it is imperative that you stay updated and are always vigilant to adopt new technologies and deliver impeccable services and user experiences to your students.


The current BigCommerce and VueStorefront integration is a sign that big service platforms and businesses are leading the way. And you need to only join them.


At AddWeb Solution, we offer professional and top-notch VueStorefront development services for our clients as per their unique and customized requirements. We have helped thousands of businesses so far and changed their business.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the significance of integrating BigCommerce and VueStorefront for ecommerce businesses?

The integration between BigCommerce and VueStorefront holds significance as it combines the robust features of BigCommerce's e-commerce platform with the modern and fast frontend capabilities of VueStorefront, offering businesses an enhanced and accelerated e-commerce experience.

How does the integration enhance the overall performance and speed of ecommerce websites?

By integrating with VueStorefront, BigCommerce leverages the progressive web app (PWA) architecture, resulting in faster loading times, improved responsiveness, and a more seamless user experience. This contributes to enhanced website performance and customer satisfaction.

What advantages do the BigCommerce and VueStorefront integration bring in flexibility and customization for online stores?

The integration offers flexibility and customization by allowing businesses to leverage the headless commerce architecture of VueStorefront. This separation of frontend and backend enables easy customization, integrations with third-party services, and a tailored approach to meet specific business needs.

How does the integration provide customers with a better mobile shopping experience?

With VueStorefront's focus on progressive web app development, integrating with BigCommerce ensures a better mobile shopping experience. Customers can enjoy a seamless and responsive interface on their mobile devices, leading to increased engagement and conversions.

Can businesses of all sizes benefit from the BigCommerce and VueStorefront integration, and what scalability features does it offer?

The integration is designed to benefit businesses of all sizes. It offers scalability features, including the ability to handle high traffic volumes, adapt to growing inventories, and meet the evolving needs of businesses as they scale.

What are some real-world examples of successful ecommerce businesses that have benefited from integrating BigCommerce and VueStorefront?

Several successful ecommerce businesses, from minor to enterprise-level, have experienced improved performance and customer satisfaction through the integration. Case studies and success stories provide insights into how companies have leveraged the combined strengths of BigCommerce and VueStorefront.