Flutter for App Development

Flutter has grown in popularity recently among mobile app developers and businesses thanks to its diverse features and benefits for cross-platform app development. As per Google Trends, the interest in Flutter has increased by more than 6 times from 2018 to 2023 thanks to various benefits associated with Flutter app development.

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And it’s clear that if you want to build a mobile app for your business, you must harness the power of Flutter’s cross-platform app development technology to stay ahead. This post explores all you need to understand about Flutter app development and its opportunities and drawbacks.

What Is Flutter?

Flutter is the open-source technology by Google that empowers developers to craft mobile, desktop, and web applications using a single codebase. It distinguishes itself from other popular solutions by being a complete SDK.

In a nutshell, Flutter is a comprehensive software development kit rather than a mere framework or library.

This is also one of the major reasons many business mobile app development agencies prefer Flutter for app development.

Flutter SDK

As mentioned, Flutter is also a comprehensive SDK or Software Development Kit. Hence, it has a range of pre-made widgets, a rendering engine, APIs for integration and testing, etc.

Let’s delve a little deeper into various components of Flutter and how it works.

An embedder

An embedder is an architectural layer that makes the app run on any Operating System preferred by the developer by using a language specific to the platform.

An engine

This is another architectural layer of the SDK that is written in C/C++. This helps with the low-level implementation of all core APIs of Flutter. This usually includes the following:

  • Accessibility support
  • File and network I/O
  • Graphics
  • Text layout
  • Plugin architecture
  • Dart runtime and compile toolchain

A framework

This is the last layer that’s based on the Dart language. While the implementation of the framework depends on the developer’s choice. However, it can offer a range of libraries that can be further divided into the following layers:

  • Basic foundational classes
  • Rendering layer
  • Widget layer
  • Material/Cupertino libraries 


Dart, a powerful and client-optimized programming language developed by Google, is at the heart of Flutter. Dart boasts the unique capability of compiling into native code for both mobile and desktop platforms and JavaScript. This results in better startup times and app performance.


These are the fundamental building blocks of Flutter SDK. It comes with various pre-built widgets, making customization and development of new widgets easier for developers.

Automated testing tool sets

The testing toolset is designed to carry out unit, widget, and integration tests. You can learn more about these tests from Google as it provides valuable tutorials for each test type.


Thanks to Flutter DevTools, debugging is made more effortless in Flutter. Also called Dart DevTools, these tools allow developers to analyze the app performance, inspect its layouts, and debug the same efficiently.

How Does Flutter Work?

Flutter helps you create top-notch native applications for both iOS and Android platforms. It is the primary means for crafting cross-platform apps alongside Google’s cutting-edge Fuchsia operating system.

In Flutter, the fundamental concept is “widget.” These widgets represent the building blocks of your Flutter app. There are two distinctive types of widgets:

  • Stateless Widgets
  • Stateful Widgets

As their names suggest, Stateless Widgets lack an internal state, making them ideal for straightforward components like buttons or text.

On the other hand, Stateful Widgets boast an internal state that can evolve, affecting the widget’s appearance and behaviour accordingly.

The Dart programming language helps create both Stateless and Stateful Widgets with ease, ensuring a seamless development process. You can harness various development tools, such as the Dart Analyzer and the Flutter Inspector, to optimize your workflow and refine your app to perfection.

Advantages of Flutter App Development

Advantages of Flutter App Development

Flutter has become the go-to option for cross-platform app development in the world. Here are the top pros of Flutter development that make it such a great framework for app development.

Speed and responsiveness

Flutter’s utilization of Dart programming language compiled into native code enables the creation of lightning-fast apps, eliminating the need for a JavaScript bridge. The result? Apps that are highly responsive and offer a seamless user experience.

Cross-platform versatility

With Flutter, you can build apps for both iOS and Android devices using a single codebase. This eliminates the need to switch between different platforms. This advantage also extends to web development, where Flutter can be employed to create web applications with ease.

Cost-effective solution

Flutter’s cost-effectiveness makes it attractive for startups and developers looking to create high-quality apps without significant financial investment. You can enjoy the benefits of Flutter without incurring any licensing fees or charges for app development.

Rich widget library

Flutter boasts a diverse and rich set of widgets, the essential building blocks of your app’s user interface. This wide variety empowers developers to craft beautiful and highly customized user interfaces with the utmost convenience.

Automated testing

Flutter and Dart support automated testing, enabling developers to create unit, widget, and integration tests effortlessly. This ensures continuous optimization and enhancement of app quality.

Full hardware and software utilization

Flutter apps can access a wide range of hardware and software capabilities, from utilizing the camera, GPS, and fingerprint scanner to leveraging platform-specific features like push notifications on Android or Face ID on Apple iOS.

Screen adaptability

Flutter applications effortlessly adapt to various screen sizes and aspect ratios, enabling seamless compatibility on phones and tablets and delivering a consistent and visually appealing user experience.

Seamless debugging

The Dart programming language offers excellent debugging tools, including the Dart Analyzer and DevTools suite, making identifying and resolving bugs in Flutter apps effortless.

Open-source community

Embrace the power of collaboration, as Flutter’s open-source nature invites contributions from anyone. A thriving community of developers continuously enriches the platform, providing an abundant source of helpful documentation and tutorials online.

Google’s backing

As a product of Google, Flutter receives robust support from the tech giant, ensuring continuous improvements and ongoing support. Developers can trust the platform’s reliability and steady growth.

Limitations of Flutter App Development

While Flutter boasts numerous advantages, it’s essential to acknowledge some disadvantages before deciding to use it for mobile app development.

Let’s delve into the following cons of Flutter app development:

Limited third-party libraries

Although Flutter offers a rich set of widgets, the availability of third-party libraries is less extensive than desired. These libraries are crucial for incorporating additional app features and functionalities, which may require careful consideration when opting for Flutter.

Tooling maturity

While Flutter’s tooling continues to improve, it may still need to match the maturity and robustness of other platforms like Swift on Xcode. Developers should be aware of this aspect when choosing Flutter for their projects.

Dart’s limited use

As a programming language, Dart is relatively new compared to more established languages like Java. As a result, there might be a limited pool of developers well-versed in Dart, potentially impacting project timelines or accessibility to skilled personnel.

App size concerns

Due to its built-in widgets, Flutter apps might have larger file sizes than those built with alternative frameworks. This aspect becomes particularly relevant when developing platforms with limited storage space.

Types of Businesses That Must Use Flutter for App Development

Explore the types of businesses that stand to gain significant advantages from adopting Flutter. Although Flutter offers numerous benefits, some projects may have better choices.

Here are a few businesses that can leverage Flutter to their advantage:


Flutter is an excellent fit for startups due to its cost-effectiveness and user-friendly nature. It is a free and easy-to-use platform with robust tooling and libraries. Therefore, startups can create high-quality apps without incurring significant expenses.

Businesses with limited resources

Flutter is an attractive option for businesses operating with limited resources, whether it be time or budget constraints. Its efficient development process minimizes both time and financial investment. This allows developers to create impactful apps without straining available resources.

Businesses in need of MVPs

Building an MVP (minimum viable product) is crucial for businesses looking to launch products quickly and test the market. And Flutter excels in this domain. It provides a swift and straightforward development experience that enables businesses to create MVPs in a short span. And the result is a speedy entry into the market.

Why Is AddWeb Solution the Best Flutter App Development Agency?

We are confident that you understand what Flutter is and how using it to develop your mobile app can benefit your business. However, you still need one more important question: who will help you with your mobile app development?

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We know that every business comes with a unique project and has its own goals. That’s why we offer tailor-made service offerings, so you can get the customized Flutter app development package you need to meet your requirements.

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With AddWeb Solution, you get to work with a team full of experienced and passionate Flutter app developers who can bring any project alive. Keeping up with the latest trends and best practices, they know the framework inside out.

Services at uncompromised quality.

For us, quality is the foundation of every project that we work on. Right from the beginning of your project, we ensure that every aspect of your app is perfectly developed and refined. This helps us deliver you an app that reflects your business goals consistently.

Sort your issues with our support.

As a client-centric business, we want to be by your side during and after your Flutter app development project. You can call our customer service for any issue you face, and we will help with any of your concerns to ensure that your app runs flawlessly.

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We know that you are developing a Flutter app to grow your business with a strategic investment, and we respect that. Therefore, we create an app that supports your vision to delight customers, grow revenue, and improve traffic. And that way, we deliver optimum value for each penny you invest in app development with us.


Creating a cross-platform Flutter is crucial for businesses to reduce app development costs in terms of time and money. Mobile apps offer a variety of advantages to your business. It helps you build better relationships, reduce time to market, and improve customer engagement. Hence, having a strong mobile app is essential for you. You must pick the best technology and app development agency to work on your project to ensure this.

A reliable and established Flutter development agency can help you build your app more efficiently with top-notch quality. And that’s exactly what AddWeb Solution offers to all our clients. In addition to being experts in the field, we also work very closely with each client to understand what they need. This enables us to design our services and plans as needed by you. This huge advantage made us one of the best in the market for Flutter app development.

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