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Ecommerce is big and growing.

There is no doubt about that. As of now, ecommerce businesses account for USD 5.5 trillion in sales in 2022.

Companies of all sizes are contemplating the potential of ecommerce in their businesses to push it even further.

It has become an essential part of business marketing strategies, allowing them to reach a broader audience quickly and efficiently. The ease with which businesses can offer products and services via ecommerce sites is the major reason why it’s become a top priority for marketers today.

Of course, you need an ecommerce development company to set up the website and maintain it. But there’s more to how ecommerce is changing the business landscape than meets the eyes.

In this post, let’s try to understand how the ecommerce industry is racing forward and changing the definition of doing business and conducting trade.

ecommerce industry

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Key Takeaways from the Blog

  • The ecommerce industry is here to stay for the foreseeable future
  • The industry will hit a gargantuan figure of USD 7.4 trillion by 2025 
  • Businesses that hesitated to go online are doing it due to the pandemic  
  • The ecommerce industry will keep changing the way business is done 
  • How the ecommerce industry is changing the way business is done

How eCommerce is Changing the Ways of the Business

A majority of people like us prefer to purchase online. Over 2.14 billion people, to be exact, purchased services and goods online in 2021.

Compare that to the figure of 1.66 billion in 2016.

That’s quite the jump.

It shows that people have been embracing the convenience offered by ecommerce, which set the path for the ecommerce industry to change how business is done.

But is that all?

Let’s find out.

It is relatively easier to start an ecommerce business.

Ecommerce is an easy business model to start. It doesn’t require any huge investment, and you can begin with a $100 investment. Within a few months, you can have a full-time source of income.

Many people have begun their ecommerce business with just $100 and now earn $15,000 a month. One can start your business from anywhere in the world.

You can sell anything from a pair of shoes to a house. You do not need any prior experience to start your ecommerce business. There are ecommerce development companies to help you with everything you need.

You can learn everything about ecommerce from the internet.

Many websites will show you the exact step-by-step process to start your ecommerce business.

Headless Ecommerce helps businesses cut down costs.

Contrary to popular belief, ecommerce does not bring down the cost of goods. The infrastructure needed to support it does, which means there are always cost savings when selling products online.

The overhead costs of running an ecommerce business can be significant, but there are opportunities for businesses to bring down the cost involved.

In addition, advanced technologies, such as VueStorefront services, help businesses offer flawless user experience, improving the ROIs significantly.

All these, in turn, reduce the price a customer has to pay for a product and create a win-win situation for businesses and customers.

It works even during challenging times like the pandemic

When the pandemic hit us, everything came to a halt. Even some of the biggest industries essential to our lives, such as retail, transportation, construction, etc., came to a standstill.

The only industry that still kicked was the ecommerce industry.

ecommerce industry

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To put that into perspective, when every major industry registered negative growth, Amazon’s sales in the third quarter grew by 37% YOY in 2020.

Despite the current state of affairs, there are still several reasons why you should be enthusiastic about the ecommerce future.

The fact that ecommerce industries grew even when essential businesses have fallen short of their estimations and goals made people more confident in the industry’s potential.

This has prompted many businesses to take part of their businesses online to be safer should another pandemic happen.

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Ecommerce ensures a personalized experience.

When consumers buy from a website that offers a user-centric experience, like an online store with advice or a social feed with recommendations, they are more likely to purchase.

This leads to more sales and more traffic which, in turn, leads to more conversions and more income. Personalized advertising, where businesses generate leads and sales through user-specific content and ads, is big in ecommerce.

Ecommerce ensures a personalized experience.

Ecommerce brands can partner with social feed extensions to generate leads, sales, and leads through personalized ads.

All these are made possible by advanced technologies that keep getting better. Storefront management was a headache for ecommerce businesses when the industry was at its infant stage.

But now, with VueStorefront PWA development services to help them manage online stores, business stress less and sell more.

Customers can purchase products and services on the go.

No matter where you are, you can buy your favourite product and services. That’s the magic of ecommerce.

Thanks to the proliferation of the internet and smartphone, shopping on the go is a given. Most ecommerce websites are optimized for mobile devices to allow customers to buy from anywhere.

Customers can shop and check out efficiently, get instant results and even track their delivery and merchandise condition via the browser or mobile app.

Many ecommerce development companies offer this as part of the package as customers expect to shop on their mobile when they want. Imagine the possibility of that happening with a traditional business, which is limited by its location.

However, as ecommerce development technologies have become extremely affordable and ubiquitous, traditional brick-and-mortar businesses have also been entering the ecommerce industry of late.

It brings a wide range of product choices.

When you log on to an ecommerce website, the sheer number of products across multiple categories and subcategories displayed on the site is staggering.

It is unimaginable for an offline business.

As a result, more people are likely to purchase from that business and return, which ultimately benefits all parties.

From baby clothes and housewares to electronic devices and books, customers have many options with ecommerce websites.

And people love this ocean of choices as they do not have to spend entire weekends looking for their favourite shoes, cellphones, or laptops, hopping from one shop to another.

If you are unhappy with the products on one ecommerce site, log out and go to the next one without moving a muscle.

Well, you may have to use your fingers, but you get the idea.

Automation of business operations

Like all other businesses in the world, ecommerce can be automated extensively. Perhaps even more so now than ever before.

With the latest ecommerce development technologies on the rise, automation has become one of the first things businesses want for their ecommerce website.

Automation of business operations

AI and ML can now make decisions independently while still retaining the ability to make human judgments. Hence, businesses can save time and money while maintaining a high level of customer care.

Automation also allows for exceptional innovations, and with companies offering Vue storefront development services, inventive and feature-rich websites have become very common.

Data-based decision-making.

Data-based decision-making is possible when businesses apply old-fashioned logic to new-age technology.

Consumers are increasingly choosing online shopping over in-store shopping, and companies are investing in technology to respond to customer needs.

This is possible when businesses collect customer data and use it to make informed choices. Ecommerce businesses can use data to decide which products and services to offer their customers.

This can help them make decisions based on the data they have. These data clusters would be customers’ past purchase history, purchasing behaviour, and other data. This is impossible with traditional businesses as there is no way to collect customer data.

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Suppliers can sell to customers anywhere in the world

The Internet has created a global marketplace where products are bought and sold virtually. This means that suppliers can sell to customers anywhere in the world without setting up an office or warehouse in a different country.

It helps businesses expand their operative ground everywhere. It gives suppliers more business from all over the world.

This ensures that customers can buy from anywhere and get the same product. It opens up a new opportunity for businesses to grow and expand their customer base.

While additional requirements like international shipping must be taken care of, it is extremely worth the trouble.

Headless commerce is leading the change

Despite all the benefits and value-addtions that ecommerce businesses bring to the forefront, the industry is constantly being changed and transformed within itself, thanks to the latest emerging technologies.

One such notable technology is headless commerce, where the frontend and backend of an ecommerce website are separated and interact with each other via an API.

This opens up immense opportunities for ecommerce businesses, such as increased performance, exceptional functionality, and user-focused performance.

In recent times, Vue storefront has championed the concept of headless commerce via its capabilities for extensive native integrations, impeccable features, and mobile-first presentation frontend.


Ecommerce is a key part of business strategy that helps to bring more customers, leads, and sales to a brand. It can also be a great way to bring customers into your brick-and-mortar location and sell to customers far away from you.

But the most important thing you must have is a robust, intuitive, and user-friendly website. Without an excellent website to impress the audience and deliver an unrivalled user experience, growing in the ecommerce industry is tough.

Hence, if you are planning to do that, the first thing you need to do is to hire Vue storefront developers who can help you set up the store.

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