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eCommerce businesses are constantly on the hunt for ways to increase their customer engagement and conversion rates.

While many factors can affect a brand’s online sales performance, one of the most important factors is its website structure.

A poorly designed or functional website will do nothing but frustrate potential customers who may certainly not be willing to give your brand another chance. Fortunately, ecommerce PWAs have been specifically designed with your ecommerce business in mind, leaving you with little to no effort required to implement them.

Social samosa reports that PWAs help businesses improve their performance by 63% compared to mobile sites.

And with diverse VueStorefront PWA development services providers to seek help from, ecommerce businesses have been adopting this technology like never before.

But what makes this technology so value-adding?

This article explores why adopting eCommerce PWA technology is important for eCommerce businesses and why you should work with an eCommerce Development company if you have not done that yet.

Key Takeaways

  • eCommerce PWAs ensure better customer engagement and experience
  • Adopting eCommerce PWAs is a growth strategy for business
  • The advantages of eCommerce PWAs are too many to ignore
  • PWAs are essential from the customer, business, and development perspectives

What is an eCommerce Progressive Web Application?

An eCommerce PWA is a browser-based software application designed to increase conversion and engagement rates by providing a frictionless user experience.

Compared to their static, non-interactive cousins, eCommerce PWA Solutions allow you to build a richer, more interactive experience that guests may find more engaging and useful.

They allow you to keep your visitors on your website longer, improve their chances of conversion, and increase your sales.

There are many different eCommerce PWA types, each with its own set of advantages.

What are the features of eCommerce PWAs?

Although eCommerce PWA technology has been around for a while, it has only recently begun to gain traction in the retail industry.

It is likely due to a lack of awareness about the various PWA options available to eCommerce businesses and their benefits.

To put it differently, most retailers aren’t yet aware of the full potential of PWA technology in conjunction with the internet.

Once these retailers start exploring the possibilities, PWA technology will quickly become a critical part of their eCommerce strategy.

Many different features make up an eCommerce PWA extremely value-adding.

Let’s try to understand them all.

Features of eCommerce PWAs


The web application can be programmed to accomplish virtually any task possible, from creating an interactive map of your products to sending shipping notifications to tracking numbers.

Design opportunity

From a design standpoint, eCommerce PWAs allow the creation of modern websites that are easy to navigate and understand. This ensures that visitors to your site are content, motivated, and happy.

Easy to add to the home screen

Users who want to add a PWA to their home screen do it without going to a store and downloading the app. All they need to do is to go to the options and click on the ‘add to home screen’ option.

Works in offline mode

All PWAs use caching technology to collect new information whenever it is used. Hence, the apps can work even without an internet connection. It is also convenient for users as they don’t need to worry about a weak internet connection.

PWAs load instantly

Another integral feature of PWAs is that they load faster. In today’s age, when people are impatient, the loading speed of pages is crucial in ensuring the best user experience. And PWAs score an A+ right there without breaking a sweat.

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Why should eCommerce businesses adopt eCommerce PWA technology?

As the adoption of PWA technology continues to increase, so will the demand for eCommerce businesses to implement these technologies in their operations.

The main reasons that retailers and brands are now embarking on this journey with the help of reliable Vue storefront development services are the myriad ways PWAs help them.

Here is a list of reasons how eCommerce PWAs help online businesses:

eCommerce businesses adopt eCommerce PWA technology

Better user engagement with push notifications

Just like a native app, PWAs can send push notifications to users. These notifications help ensure better user engagement and provide the users with timely updates on new product arrivals, offers and discounts, and shipment details.

Improved user adoption via home screen installation

PWAs can be said to be an amalgamation of native apps and websites. It brings all the performance and value of a native app without the hassles that come with it.

As PWAs can be installed easily onto the home screen on mobile phones, it becomes convenient for users to access them even more frequently.

PWAs are undoubtedly easy to use

With the advent of the latest technologies, such as Vue storefront PWA development, PWAs have become increasingly light. This attribute makes these PWAs easy to use by the users.

People want a better user and shopping experience. They would love to come back to your site more frequently when you offer just that.

Quick and effortless development

When you develop an eCommerce native app, it takes extensive effort. On the other hand, with the latest technologies like Vue storefront PWA development, the development is quick, hassle-free, and timely. And businesses are all for it. All they have to do is to find and hire Vue storefront developers that are experienced and established.

PWAs ensure better conversion

Improving your website’s conversion rate is another important factor that retailers are looking toward when implementing eCommerce PWA systems. With PWAs helping with better performance, the conversions will be better as customers will be more frequent in visiting your site because you offer a top-notch user experience.

Shorter development time and cost

When a business wants to enter the eCommerce industry, they need to work with an eCommerce development company for many months. The development process is extensive and expensive. However, with PWAs, the development time is very less. And you can work with any established Vue storefront development company to get your PWA live.

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How eCommerce PWAs help businesses improve performance

For any business performing exceptionally well is the key to building a sustainable business. It is the same with an eCommerce business, as well.

Most customers want an excellent user experience and browse websites that load faster. Visitors will go straight to your competitor without a second thought if that does not happen.

And this is where eCommerce PWAs can help businesses. These fast, reliable, and engaging apps make customers enjoy impeccable user experience and value.

That speed and user experience can also help boost SEO. The benefits of using PWAs to the performance of a website are diverse, and they include:

Better customer engagement

By implementing an eCommerce PWA, you are in a position to improve your customer service and return-on-investment (ROI) rates.

This may not seem like a big advantage. Remember, these customers may also affect the purchasing behaviour of their friends and family members.

When a user has an exceptional user experience on a website, they are likely to share the same with others. Hence, it can bring in a snowball effect.

Improved traffic

As PWAs are quick and reliable, it tends to attract more users. This can, in turn, create longer browsing sessions and increased sales.

Google loves it when users have a great time on the website, and the search engine giant will surely push your site to the top of the ranks.

This is good for your business as you can beat your competition effectively.

Your conversion rates soar

Customers who have a great time on your website are likely to purchase more from your website. With increased sales on your website, you can easily optimize your conversion rates.

You will not have to worry about spending your money on more ads and promotions to attract sales and traffic.

Improved SEO

Google and Bing have become increasingly strict with their algorithms over the years, making it harder for brands to rank well for certain topics and keywords.

By taking advantage of PWA technology, you can improve your search engine optimization (SEO) by taking advantage of these algorithms’ added flexibility.

When your site constantly ranks for keywords, you get more high-quality traffic that converts quickly.


eCommerce businesses face significant challenges in increasing their visitors’ engagement and conversion rates.

A PWA solution is one of the most effective ways to do this. With more businesses entering the eCommerce business model, it is imperative to implement a strategy to encourage your visitors to return again and again. And developing PWAs needs to be one of the major strategies you have in the pipeline.

As eCommerce PWAs have been specifically designed with your eCommerce business in mind, they leave you with little to no effort required to implement them.

You can speak to our client support team if you want to work with a leading service provider in the field offering top-notch and customized Vue storefront PWA development support.

We can help you with the best Vue storefront development services and strategies to take your online business to the next level.

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