Upgrade to Flutter 3.0

Flutter has changed the game for app developers by making cross-platform app development quick and easy. Since its release in 2017, Flutter has become the go-to framework for businesses and developers alike for cross-platform development, with over 1 million apps developed with Flutter.

With many advantages and features, Flutter has transformed the app development industry. One major element that makes Flutter a popular cross-platform app development choice is the regular updates they release.

These updates help make the platform even more efficient and developer friendly. However, once you become familiar with a particular framework version, many do not upgrade to its latest version. This happens with Flutter 3.0 as well.

That’s why we discuss the advantages of upgrading to Flutter 3.0 in this post.

What’s Flutter 3.0?

Flutter 3.0 is the latest core version of Flutter, released by Google on May 11, 2023. It came with a variety of features and functionalities. And in January 2023, the latest version, Flutter 3.7, was released. With this latest release, Flutter became a feature-rich cross-platform app development platform with the much-awaited Apple Silicon, which still needs to be provided with the previous versions.

The current version of the platform is Flutter 10.0, released on May 11, 2023.

What’s New in Flutter 3.0?

Flutter 3.0 comes with a range of added features. Some of the most important ones are given below:

Material Widgets

With Material 3, Flutter 3.0 offers a wide range of widgets. You can also create custom menus using Flutter 3.0. The developers have also added native support for cascading new widgets and macOS menus. Another element worth noting is the Selection Area widget in the latest release.

With this widget, developers can easily select text from various widgets. This is a huge time-saving addition that Flutter developers would like as it can save them a lot of time.

They can simultaneously select the text from different widgets instead of doing it individually.

IOS Metal Support

As mentioned earlier, Flutter 3.0 has become native to Silicon technology by Apple. While Flutter already supported Apple devices running on M1, using Dart for any device has become easier. This ultimately makes possible faster compilation.

Flutter + Firebase Duo

In the app development industry, more than 1/3rd of Flutter developers use Firebase to develop the backend of their mobile apps. This can be easily attributed to the capabilities of Firebase, such as built-in analytics, authentication capabilities, audience segmentation, etc.

However, as Firebase did not have native integration features, it was hard for the developers to ensure quick integration. With the latest release, Firebase/Flutter integration has become a core aspect of Firebase. And this makes the integration between these technologies much easier and streamlined.

Advantages of upgrading to Flutter 3.0

Advantages of upgrading to Flutter 3.0

Upgrading to Flutter 3.0 offers a variety of advantages to businesses. You can enjoy the following benefits after upgrading to Flutter 3.0.

Faster response time

One of the major concerns of Flutter developers with the previous framework versions was its performance. However, with the release of Flutter 3.0, Google has fixed it now. Hence, with the latest version, developers can easily find a method to predict the picture’s complexity per the drawing operation it contains.

Easier development

Flutter has become much easier to use and develop applications with. With various pre-built widgets and tools, Flutter app developers can take full advantage of the platform to create impeccable and beautiful apps. One of the major elements that make this possible is Dart, the programming language.

With easy syntax and a shorter learning curve, Dart makes it easier for developers to use the same to create apps without spending much time learning a new language.

Improved picture format

Thanks to the latest version of Flutter, developers can now use high-quality graphics without worrying about performance. Impeller, the rendering engine of Flutter 3.0, makes this possible, which makes hardware-accelerated graphics ensure stunning visual performance.

Additionally, Flutter 3.0 now supports more image formats, such as WebP, which makes images smaller without negatively affecting their quality.

Better widget development

Within Flutter 3.0, various novel widgets take centre stage, underscoring the platform’s continuous evolution. The most crucial one among them is the Sound Null Safety widget. It is a feature that focuses on enhanced performance and security.

Along with them, the New Scrollable and Nested Scrollable widgets simplify, making impeccable scrolling experiences for users.

Improved Flutter desktop experience

With the enhancements brought forth by Flutter 3.0, the desktop experience has significantly improved. Flutter 3.0 fosters increased seamlessness and consistency across Windows, Mac, and Linux desktop platforms.

It also extends its compatibility to web platforms, allowing developers to create web apps that ensure smooth functionality and outstanding user experiences.

Flutter 2.0 vs Flutter 3.0: A Comparison

Here is a visualization of the comparison between Flutter 2.0 and 3.0.

Flutter 2.0 vs Flutter 3.0: A Comparison

How Can AddWeb Solution Help You with Flutter 3.0?

AddWeb Solution is an experienced Flutter app development company. Over the last few years, we have developed and delivered various Flutter applications for businesses from various industries.

The apps that we have developed have played crucial roles in helping our clients expand their user base on both iOS and Android platforms.

And how are the service traits that help us?

Team of expert developers

At AddWeb Solution, we have a team of expert Flutter development professionals with years of experience and qualifications. This ensures that all your projects are in the best hands to deliver on time. We leverage all framework capabilities to create flawless apps for our clients.

Affordable development

We work with diverse businesses. They range from small startups to large MNCs. Hence, we offer a range of service packages per the client’s requirements. As such, our packages are affordable and value-adding for all businesses looking for top-notch Flutter app development services.

Client-focused services

When we work on a project, we focus on our client’s goals. Different businesses want different things with their apps. Hence, the approach that we need to adopt also changes. This focus on meeting the clients’ end goals made us the market’s most reliable Flutter app development agency.

Years of expertise

We have been working in the technology vertical for over a decade. Ever since the release of Flutter, we have been using it. And we know the framework in and out, its advantages and limitations. We always use the framework to create seamless apps for all our clients.

Timely customer service

Providing the best service also includes supporting the client whenever they need it. We have this philosophy etched into our mindset. Hence, we have a dedicated customer service team primed to help you with all the help you need. Whether you need help before, during, or after the project, we will support you timely.

Industry-standard quality

AddWeb Solution is very particular about the quality of our services. Hence, we have multiple internal and external quality assessment systems and processes to ensure the quality of our services. Whether the client is a small business or a large MNC, this process plays out comprehensively.

Streamlined app development

We know that the quality and performance of the app depend on the quality of the process we follow to make the app. Therefore, we have a streamlined process that we have perfected over the years. Every app development project follows this process blueprint to deliver apps that deliver high performance and value to its users.

These service traits enable our team to build apps that help our clients impress their users and grow.


Flutter has made a significant impact in the app development industry. With the full support of Google, Flutter has been growing at an unprecedented rate. As a result, many businesses and web app development agencies have also embraced Flutter for their app development projects. While using Flutter to develop applications can add a lot of value to any project, having an experienced Flutter development agency to work on the project is essential.

AddWeb Solution offers customized Flutter 3 development services at the most cost-effective rates. We have helped various businesses from diverse industry sectors create Flutter 3 apps. Our developers understand businesses need the best app to improve their brand reach by delivering immersive user experiences. Our team strives to deliver impeccable work per the client’s needs every single time.

And if you are looking for a Flutter app development agency to help, look no further than us. We work closely with you, understanding your unique expectations and goals to deliver the best cross-platform app you need.

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