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Building Successful Websites that We're Proud Of. Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. In our case, a web site is worth a million. We'll let our work speak for itself. We are bound to follow the confidentiality agreement we've signed with our clients and hence cannot display majority of our work here. You can still go ahead and check the beautiful work that made our clients happy.


A personal website built in Drupal8 with responsive and device friendly which shows the work and expertise of Saurabh Dhariwal.

Seniors Matter

Wordpress powered Website

SeniorsMatter.com is dedicated to bring Caregivers, family members, readers and followers authoritative and unbiased information about building a quality and safe life for our beloved and treasured senior population.

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Photo Acamedy

Drupal 7 Based Responsive Multilingual Website

ThePhotoAcademy is a multilingual educational website. It gives you freedom to choose your difficulty level, your availability, your topic & even your camera type!

THE PHOTO ACADEMY is an organization that offers courses taught by knowledgeable photographers and provides its students with a variety of new photographic experiences. In France, Belgium, Switzerland, the UK, the US, Canada or Finland, workshops are taught in French, English or Dutch, by their team of over fifty teachers.

BeautyDash - Fashion Industry

A clean Wordpress Powered Responsive Multilingual Website

This is a website for selling makeup & beauty services. Here's both service provider and service taker can register. You can find your artist, book your artist and get yourself prepared.

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M1 Order

A Clean Wordpress Responsive Website

Idea behind this website is to change the way retailers receive orders from their customers. Imposed concept of Digital menu. A tidy single page website which incorporated an Appica2-iOS theme.

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Elingora - Learning languages redefined

Drupal 7 Power-Driven Website and Device Friendly Website

Elingora is a Drupal 7 responsive Multilingual website which provides learning for different languages. User can listen, record and download language of their own choice and provide ratings.

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Report Maker

Yii Power-Driven Website and Device Friendly Website

Report Maker is a web-based application to provide as an internal productivity tool for filling out and submitting standard report forms for insurance purposes.

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[Username: johnnyharpertesting@gmail.com, Password: m*HQyFbF]​


Yii Powered Responsive and Device Friendly Application Software

Auto-Fi, an online software designed to manage vehicle loan for the finance companies. This software can be used from anywhere through smart phones, laptops at your convenience from multiples places and platforms.

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[Username:admin, Password: admin123]

DMV Permit

iOS App Development

DMV Genius brings form, function, and fun to the dreadful task of studying for your driver’s license exam. A fantastic way to study for that pesky written DMV test, especially for teens or anyone who's taking the test for the first time.

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G1 Genius Ontario G1

iOS App Development

Finally, you can prepare using the questions that are VERY similar (often identical!) to those you'll be asked on the actual G1 written test! G1 Genius contains 200 questions and is super effective - you will be surprised how close it is to the real thing!

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Apple Healthkit

Yii based Responsive Web Based Application

Healthkit is a web based application which provides mapping between patient and physician. Patient store health details from third party api, physician can review patient health details and handle patient according to the respective health details.

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Wedding Gifts Outside The Box

Drupal-based Website and Device Friendly

Instead of receiving fine China you won’t use, or kitchen gadgets you don’t need, a Wedistry gives your guests an easy way to contribute money towards the things you really want—like a full-range gas BBQ or a honeymoon in Paris.

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